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Tin Dab Kit

Tin Dab Kit

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The Tin Dab Kit is a small container lined entirely in silicone and contains two separate compartments for two silicone wax containers, as well as a dab tool. The tin-coated stainless steel case offers added protection for transporting different concentrates by helping to prevent silicone containers from separating or squishing together. What that means is that you can slip the Tin Dab Kit into a jam-packed purse or backpack, or even in your back pocket without ever having to worry about squishing it and creating a sticky mess.

🥫 STURDY METAL CASE - Tin-Coated Stainless Steel

🥫 SILICONE LINING - Mess-Proof, Easy to Clean

🥫 DOUBLE WHAMMY - Two Containers To Store Different Waxes

🥫 DAB TOOL INCLUDED - With Convenient Slot

🥫 ULTRA PORTABLE - Pocket, Purse, Backpack Ready

This container – like many items called “tins” – uses a tin coating over stainless steel which helps prevent corrosion and makes it shiny, but is highly durable. The two silicone containers allow you to increase the variety you carry around while the dab tool lends a hand in dropping a dab into a nail or banger.

Don't let your dabbing plans get foiled... buy the Tin Dab Kit now!

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Tin Dab Kit

Small mess-proof metal tin-coated stainless steel dab kit lined entirely with silicone in rich colorful swirl designs