Lil' Zip Pouch

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The Lil’ Zip Pouch is perfect for the stoner on the go to keep wares safe from harm. Though your pipe might fit perfectly in your pocket, ash or resin can make a mess and the smell can trigger unpleasant conversation when in the company of the wrong crowd. In addition to the small profile and simple design, the inner padding keeps glass from breaking.

The Good

Accidents are bound to happen every so often – maybe a piece gets dropped on night while you slipped into an alleyway to take a couple hits? Other times, a great bong meets its demise after being dropped on the floor. You can’t prevent these mishaps all the time, but you can protect your small pieces while in transit. The padding inside each of the three zipper pouches secures small pieces from shock. It’s also spacious enough to stash your herb in as well.

The Bad

It doesn’t completely mask the smell of resin or your supply of herb so use some extra baggies to help keep the odor of Mary Jane to a minimum.

The Ugly

You leave this case out in the open with some of your wares and your mom opens it to see it's not a trendy new pair of glasses.