Glass Jars - Stylish Airtight Storage

Properly store and preserve your flower in an impermeable glass.

When you spend hard-earned dollars on herbs or tobacco, it is important to store it properly to keep it fresh. The most important thing is to keep the air off of your flowers. Glass is the best choice because it is not permeable. We carry the perfect glass jars in sizes ranging from 2oz to 4oz, so you can find the right jar for your stash.

We have a variety of clear glass jars with classic and cool styles. Check out this jar with a beautiful Illuminati with all-seeing-eye design. This jar is all glass and this one has a Magnifing lid. All of our glass jars seal out air and other contaminants and also help seal in odors. Overall, for as little as $24.20, you’ll have the perfect container to keep your stash fresher longer. For that price, you can buy a collection of jars to store a variety of different buds and more.