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420 holiday gift guide
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The holidays are creeping up and after a whirlwind of a year, celebrations are looking a little different but we are still here to spread the stoner holiday cheer! In the cannabis community, gifting smoking accessories is the purest form of love. If you are not the best at gift ideas and not sure whether to get a bong, dab rig, vape or 420 stocking stuffers, we’ve got you covered! Whether you want to ball on a budget or go ahead and splurge this year, here is the ultimate 2020 holiday glass gift guide to get the perfect pieces for you and your stoney loved ones. 

Top shelf glass gift guide (over $100)

If you are looking to spend a little more for your new bae or a homie that really needs a new smoke setup, here are a few of the pricier bongs and dab rigs that are well worth the extra coin. 

Kandypens Oura

kandypens oura

The Kandypens Oura is pretty and she packs a mean punch too! This is a popular choice for anyone that wants a portable dab rig setup and one that is extremely functional as well. Lightweight and very easy to use, the Oura Kandypens has four different temperature levels to control the hit strength and cloud size of your smoke sessions. With a touch sensor to turn the device on and off and change the temperature settings. This is a fast heating electric dab rig that any dabber will love. Check out this Kandypens Oura review to learn more.

Puffco Peak

puffco peak

Just like its rival competitor, the Puffco Peak glass e-rig delivers powerful and potent hits in a compact, handheld smart rig setup. With four unique heat settings, the Puffco Peak heats up in just 20 seconds! There is a quick charging battery that can deliver up to 30 dabs with the super charger. Check out this full Puffco Peak review and the Puffco Peak vs Kandypens Oura review.

Marley Natural Smoked Water Pipe

marley natural smoked water pipe

The Marley Natural Smoked Water Pipe is a classic beaker-style setup but this glass bong hits different! This 13-inch Bob Marley bong is sleek and stylish with a reinforced base, custom diffused downstem and built-in splashguard making this the perfect water bong to take large hits from. The thickness of this glass increases the quality of your smoking experience and overall Marley Natural always comes through with impressively done glass pieces to get you high like Bob himself. 

Center Gravity Tree Perc Bong

center gravity tree perc bong

The Center Gravity Tree Perc Bong is the beast of big bongs so don’t be gifting this to just anyone! At 16 inches tall, this huge bong has two percolators to filter each hit and send you straight to the moon. It is a breeze to clean with its simple build and setup to avoid splashback so you can take as many hits as you want without worrying about spilling or making a mess. There are a lot of color options with this glass percolator bong too so it is a great gift for any (experienced) stoner.

Gifts under $100

Maybe you want to spend a good amount on a gift for someone but not too much, if you know what I mean. There’s a fine line of just overdoing it so here are a few gifts under $100 that your stoner friends and family will love and put to good use!

Stone Smith Slash Vape Pen

stone smith slash vape pen

Sometimes gifting glass can be fragile and stressful especially during the holidays and various gift exchanges. The Stone Smith Slash Vape Pen is a portable wax pen that has a sleek design and made of quality materials to deliver a smooth smoking experience. With a detachable magnetic mouthpiece there is a built-in dab tool to load your pen and toke. The Stone Slash vape has a rapid USB-C charger to keep this weed vape pen up and running to make sure your bud or bae is high at all times. 

Wooden Pipe Vape Battery

wooden pipe vape battery

Step up someone’s vape game with the Wooden Pipe Vape Battery to make it really feel like a traditional tobacco pipe! If someone you know doesn’t care about the discretion of smoking a vape pen and wants to bring back the old school feel of smoking, this BeLeaf pipe battery gets the job done and in style. This vape battery fits just about any 510 thread battery cartridge that can be found at most local dispensaries too!

Pink Bubblegum Dab Rig

pink bubblegum dab rig

Never judge a gift by its size and this holds true for the Pink Bubblegum Dab Rig. This 7.5-inch small dab rig is a fun throwback to gift to someone that wants to feel all the nostalgia. With removable marbles that act like gumballs, this is a pretty impressive mini dab rig that comes with a quartz banger nail and built-in matrix percolator for filtered and smoother hits. A great choice for someone who likes to double up their bong use as table decor too. 

Grippers Bong

grippers bong

Another petite but powerful bong, the Grippers Bong ain’t here to play! A great gift to get someone that absolutely loves filtered hits, this mini bong acts as a dual-chambered recycler that moves each hit through the tubes and chambers to remove unwanted debris. This is a nicely made glass bong and was made for both dry herbs and concentrates with a removable bowl to switch out with a dab nail. 

V Syndicate Pink 420 Shatter Resistant Glass Rolling Tray

Every stoner needs a cool rolling tray to stay organized and on top of things. The V Syndicate Pink 420 Shatter Resistant Glass Rolling Tray will keep your ganja in order instead of watching someone roll a joint in their lap and risk spilling precious buds everywhere. Rolling trays are a great and inexpensive way to let a stoner friend now how much you are thinking of them. 

$4.20 Holiday stuffers

If you are tight for cash this year, don’t even worry about it because there are still a ton of great gifts at the fabulous price of $4.20 so you can let someone know they are special to you without having to spend your entire bank account on presents. Here are a few $4.20 holiday stuffers that are useful that every stoner must have!

Glass Ducky Carb Cap

glass ducky carb cap

All dabbers must have carb caps and luckily for you these make excellent holiday gifts! Perfect for low-temp dabbing, dab carb caps act as an insulated handle while the bottom part caps of the banger. Buy this for your bestie if they like to dab, it is a small but thoughtful gift that goes such a long way!

EF420 Grinder Cone Filler

EF420 grinder cone filler

The EF420 Grinder Cone Filler isn’t glass but is the perfect stocking stuffer that does it all and in record time! This is the epic weed grinder that also is a filler to prep joints in a fraction of the time giving perfectly rolled joints. This grinder for weed is an incredibly easy way to prepare joints and makes a great gift because who wouldn’t want to simplify the joint rolling process? 

EF420 Gift Card

EF420 gift card

Still unsure of the perfect stoner gift to get your friend? EF420 gift cards are the gift that keeps on giving, delivered by email and ready to be used ASAP! Let your bud choose their glass of choice and know that you’ve made another stoner very high and happy. 

Gifts can be tough but with a holiday glass gift guide there are so many options at different price points to make sure everyone can have something! What is your favorite on this list or what has been your favorite stoner gift to give?

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