Best Birthday Bongs for Stoners

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best birthday bongs for stoners
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Nothing screams treat yo self more than ringing in your birth month with a cool new bong that can be used all year long! Regardless of what sign you are, when it is a stoner’s birthday it is only right to shower that person with all things weed. Here is a list of the best birthday bongs to get the party started and celebrate another trip around the sun!

Glow-in-the-dark Royal Unicorn Bong

glow in the dark unicorn bong

No better way to jumpstart the birthday vibes than with unicorns that get lit too! The Glow-in-the-dark Royal Unicorn Bong is an absolute must-have to ring in a birth year no matter when you were born. Standing at 13 inches, this glass beaker bong is decorated with a unicorn’s favorite things like rainbows and hearts. With a diffused downstem and built-in ice catcher, this glass glow in the dark bong gives nothing but smooth and filtered hits every single time. 

Grav Large Gravitron

GRAV gravitron bong

The Grav Large Gravitron bong is a sleek option for a birthday gift and when not in use, why not use it as a table piece? A sophisticated 16-inch glass bong is everything you imagined an adult glass gravity bong experience to look like. GRAV made the world’s first glass gravity bong smoking system over 15 years ago and this big bong shows just how much the cannabis community has evolved! Here’s how to use: fill the outer chamber about 10 inches high with water (just under the decal). The bottle will stay inside of the water while lighting up the bowl, slowly pulling upwards to fill the bottle’s inside with smoke. When ready to inhale, remove the bowl and put your mouth on the opening part of the bottle. When inhaling, push the bottle down so the smoke pressurizes and will give those fiery hits! This Gravitron gravity bong is very sturdy and offers a smooth and classy smoking experience for any age.

Ooze Clobb 4-in-1 Silicone Pipe n Nectar Collector

Ooze Clobb silicone bong

As versatile as it gets, this silicone bong is here for all of the birthday shenanigans! The Ooze Clobb 4-in-1 Silicone Pipe n Nectar Collector can be used in many different ways. Use this piece as either a bong or a dab rig since a bowl and a banger is also included. This silicone piece can be used with both dry herb and wax and the best part is the nectar collector piece that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of! This is a compact, mini bong that is easy to carry around and virtually unbreakable. This would be a great gift when celebrating a birthday in nature and needing a piece that is an all-around gem.

Colored Coil Chiller Beaker Bong

coil colored bong

If you are a fan of cool and filtered hits, this glycerin coil bong  is for you! Looking like a lava lamp ready to light up your world, the Colored Coil Chiller Beaker Bong is actually an incredible piece that brings all the ice and spice. Featuring a detachable neck made of glycerin coil, pop it in the freezer before smoking to ramp up the intensity of your bong rips to the fullest. Available in neon green, blue or red, set the birthday vibes off with a different kind of glass bong that is sure to turn heads.

The Extraterrestrial Bong

large glass bong

Blast off to another world with The Extraterrestrial Bong and hold on tight! There’s a lot going on with this 13-inch glass percolator bong and that’s exactly why it is birthday worthy. Able to switch between quartz bangers and glass bowls, the birthday babe should not have to choose! With double multi-diffuser percolators and a coil recycler chamber, this is one of the best percolator bongs, all about cooling hits and ultimate filtration. A 3mm quartz banger is included which is just icing on the cake! This is definitely the type of glass bong to use on celebratory occasions and we wish you a wonderful day of getting way too lit for your own good.

Two Tone Mini Bong

cheap glass bong

This cheap mini bong is for those that are tight on a budget but still want to get something nice for their bestie! The Two Tone Mini Bong is a six-inch small bong that is under $15 but delivers a top-quality smoking experience. This cheap bong is as simple as it gets but don’t underestimate how lit this baby can get you! If you have a friend that breaks every glass bong they have, this should definitely be their next birthday gift and for under $20 this is a no brainer.

Birthdays are a special time in our lives to celebrate a loved one being born. There is a bong for everyone and especially on their special day, every stoner needs to be on their best birthday behavior and that is with their favorite birthday bong in hand! What is your favorite way to celebrate your special day?

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