Electric vs Regular Dab Rigs

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Long before the dance move, dabbing was a lifestyle for the 710 community. With the introduction of advanced smoking devices like vaporizers, e-nails, and portable dab rigs, dabbing has never been easier. With so many options out there, you may be wondering what’s the best way to dab. We’re breaking down the differences between regular dabs and electric dabs so you can decide for yourself.

What is a tabletop dab rig?

Traditional glass dab rigs are the classic way to smoke concentrates and are still popular for their unbelievably tasty dabs and hands-on smoking experience. Though there’s a slight learning curve when first starting out, tabletop dab rigs offer superior vapor quality. It’s easiest to use these devices at home since they require quite a few dab tools like a butane torch, dabber, carb cap, and silicone dab mat, however silicone dab rigs and mini dab rigs are newer creations that make dabbing with a traditional rig much more convenient when on the go. However if it’s portability you’re after, an electric dab nail or portable dab rig is the obvious choice.

Rick and Morty Mini Dab Rig

What is an electric dab rig?

Both glass dab rigs and electric dab rigs are used for smoking concentrates by heating them just enough to vaporize and inhale. The electric versions are advanced machines that automatically heat up the material to a specified temperature. There is no need for an open flame or butane torch and heating up concentrates takes mere seconds. Portable dab rigs are often smaller, hand-held devices that are made of durable heat-safe materials, allowing for dabbing on the go. Since these are high-tech electronics, they rely on a fully-charged battery to work, which may be a downside to some smokers who require multiple long sessions away from an outlet. Most electric dab rigs for sale are compatible with cannabis concentrates, oil, or dry herb, which makes the options endless.

Electric vs Regular Dabs

  • Flavor - After some trial and error with a regular dab rig, inexperienced smokers will be able to create consistently tasty dabs every time (but it does take practice). With an e-rig, it’s easy to get great tasting dabs on the first try, however some smokers say electric dabs just never reach the quality of a classic dab.
  • Vapor quantity - In the early days of vaping and e-rigs, some devices had trouble producing thick clouds of vapor. With the latest technology available, it’s not such a big issue today, however regular maintenance and cleaning is needed for these devices to run their best. Glass dab rigs have no problems with vapor quantity as everything is controlled by the user and will produce large plumes even when not the cleanest.
  • Heating - Since heating and cooling cycles are automatically programed, electric dab rigs are much easier and faster to heat up than doing it manually. E-rigs are also safer since they don’t have an open flame or exposed elements that may cause burns.

Glass dab rigs

Grappa Dab Rig

This mini dab rig is just six inches tall, but don’t be fooled by its stylish exterior and small size, you’ll get some giant, flavorful dabs. Though extremely lightweight, the glass dab rig has a thick base and minimal fragile features making it durable and a great piece for traveling when a portable dab rig just doesn’t cut it. The Grappa is a cheap dab rig that’s easy to clean and comes with a 90° quartz banger that heats up quickly and can handle the extreme temperatures needed to vaporize concentrates.

Grappa mini dab rig

Electric dab rig

Puffco Peak

The sleek design, potent dabs, and amazing vapor quality is what stoners love about the Puffco portable dab rig. With just a single button and haptic feedback, this e-rig is very simple to use so you can start producing tasty dabs from the first time you try it. The Puffco portable electric dab rig heats up in just 20 seconds and reaches a maximum of 600°F, which is plenty hot for all varieties of cannabis concentrates. Puffco has partnered with glass artists to create unique attachments so you can fully customize your dab rig to match your personality. Head to the blog for a full review on the Puffco Peak dab rig.

Girls dabbing Puffco Peak

Focus V Carta

Because of its affordable price relative to similar brands, the Focus V Carta has quickly become one of the most popular portable e-rigs. The high-tech device is one of the best dab rigs on the market, letting users easily switch between smoking concentrates and dry herb so you won’t ever need more than one smoking device. The four preset temperature settings can be controlled remotely via the Carta app and range from 600°F to 940°F to get the most from each type of smoking material. Check out the Focus V Carta review on the blog to see if this electric dab rig is right for you.

Focus V Carta Electric Dab Rig

Portable e-nail

For the best of both worlds, pick up the Airis Dabble 2-in-1 electric dab nail and turn your glass dab rig into a powerful vape. This small, 4-inch device replaces your quartz banger and will heat up concentrates in seconds using a preset heat setting. If you’re heading out and want to ditch the glass, the Airis Dabble also works like a normal vaporizer by removing the 14mm male joint glass attachment.

Airis Dabble 2-in-1 Vape

Are you looking for an enail dab rig or some brand new glass? Check out our online headshop for a wide selection of cheap dab rigs for sale.

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