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New smoking products are constantly hitting the market, but nothing has been as big of a success as vaporizers. The introduction of vapes came at the perfect time since our lives are becoming increasingly fast paced and high tech with smoking innovation following suit. Vape pens are geared towards the modern stoner who may want to take a few quick hits after work before heading to dinner with friends or those who want a healthier way to smoke that doesn’t require an external heat source. The ultra portable, discreet, and user-friendly quality of vaporizers has helped to skyrocket the device’s popularity. Now there are 2 in 1 vaporizers and even 3 in 1 options that can switch between oils, concentrates, and dry herb. Whatever type of cannabis you’re looking to smoke, we’re here to help you narrow down the options.

Storz n Bickel Hybrid Volcano

Storz n Bickel Hybrid Volcano

Everyone has heard of (and probably smoked out of) the legendary volcano vape, but the new and improved Storz n Bickel Hybrid Volcano takes the classic to a whole new level. It may look similar on the outside, but the reinvented volcano has been given a modern upgrade including a quicker heat up time and bluetooth connectivity. After pairing the vaporizer with the Android app, you’ll have the option to adjust settings remotely instead of using the buttons on the large display. This luxury vape is named the hybrid because in addition to the iconic balloon, you can also smoke your favorite bud or concentrate using the new rotating tube system.

Kandypens Oura Pink

Kandypens Oura

This miniature e-rig is so popular with the 710 community, that you’ll be lucky to find it in stock. With large vapor clouds, a quick heating time, sesh mode, and an auto shut off feature, it’s no wonder the Kandypens Oura is still one of the best vapes out there. At just seven inches tall, this vaporizer is small compared to others that offer the same number of features. The Oura has four temperature settings ranging from 620 up to 1090 degrees fahrenheit depending on the type of concentrate or oil you’re using so you’ll always have flavorful dabs.

Storz n Bickel Mighty

Storz n Bickel Mighty Vape

This German vape brand is known around the world for long-lasting products thanks to their use of only the finest materials plus high-quality craftsmanship. With powerful dual lithium batteries plus patented hot air convection and conduction heating technology, the Storz n Bickel Mighty vape lives up to its name. The extra large fill chamber allows you to get huge plumes of vapor whether you’re smoking dry herb or concentrates and the mouthpiece folds away when you’re finished so it can slide easily into your pocket or bag. The powerful heating technology and excellent choice of materials makes the Mighty one of the best 2 in 1 vapes available.

G Pen Roam

G Pen Roam

The G Pen Roam was designed specifically for use with concentrates and features a durable aluminum outer core that protects the quartz tank and glass hydro tube. That’s right, this portable vaporizer has a spill-proof water filtration system that minimizes harmful contaminants such as ash that is responsible for those coughing fits. Frequent vape users know that the only way to make your piece last and to get the best quality dabs is to keep it clean. Luckily, the Roam comes apart in seconds and has a max heat setting specifically for burning off residue, so you’ll never experience a clog again.

Storz n Bickel Crafty Plus

Storz n Bickel Crafty Plus

When it comes to portability, the Storz n Bickel Crafty Plus was built for adventure. This heavy-duty dry herb vaporizer has a compact, ergonomic design and measures in at just four inches tall. Just because it’s pint sized doesn’t mean that it lacks quality. Before hitting your lips, your bud is vaporized using a dual convection and conduction heating system, then the smoke is cooled with a specialized unit made from medical grade heat-resistant plastic so it’s a comfortable temperature when inhaled. The vape heats up in just 60 seconds and has a super boost function for an extra punch of heat at 410 degrees fahrenheit.

Custom Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak

The sleek aesthetics and award winning engineering of the Puffco Peak makes it one of those toys you’ll want to show off to your friends. There are also tons of accessories, customizations, and limited edition glass attachments to truly make this concentrate vape your own. The Peak features haptic feedback, four preset heat settings, a swift 20-second heat up time, and sesh mode–what more could you want? With just one button, the device is so simple to use, even a novice smoker can produce tasty dabs. You’ll enjoy a clean, healthier smoke without toxins since the dab pen has no wicks, glue, or plastic anywhere along the airway.

Storz n Bickel Classic Vape

Storz n Bickel Classic Volcano

The Storz n Bickel Classic Volcano is the OG of vaporizers and taking a giant rip from the hazy balloon is still a rite of passage for potheads around the world. It took over a decade of research and development to construct the ultimate table top vaporizer and it’s so well made that it’s considered a medical-grade device. The Classic Volcano is extremely user friendly with just an air and heat switch alongside a basic temperature knob. It takes the desktop vape three minutes to heat up and you’re ready to start collecting smoke in the improved easy valve balloon and start puffing away.

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