Best $4.20 Store Steals

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420 smoking accessories

At EverythingFor420, our mission has been to provide the best and most affordable smoking accessories. A cannabis lover’s favorite holiday is 420, and why not provide our favorite group of stoners with cheap smoking accessories for $4.20? Here’s a list of the best $4.20 store steals that will really enhance your smoking experience and accessories you can feel good about without breaking the bank. 

Mini Elephant Pipe

elephant pipe

How cute are these Mini Elephant Pipes that you can take with you anywhere you go? Only three inches high and wide, this mini glass pipe fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and is an adorable piece to add to any collection. This cheap pipe is perfect for quick hits and will have you feeling good in a hot minute. You’ll have to get one in every color to share with friends or just keep for yourself! Because who doesn’t need multiple cute mini pipes like this?

Fast Weight Fusion Digital Scale

fusion weed scale

As an organized stoner, the Fast Weight Fusion Digital Scale is a must-have. This cheap digital scale has a capacity of 500g with .1g readability! You can count on accuracy and precision with this scale so you know just how much bud you really have in your stash. With a 30-second turnoff and 10-year manufacturer warranty, how can you go wrong? 

Infinity Glass Pipe

infinity glass pipe


Isn’t this one a beauty!? The Infinity Glass Pipe speaks for itself and looks like a luxurious piece sans the expensive price tag. This excellently crafted glass pipe has a twist design through the handle to resemble the infinity symbol. Available in different colors, choose your vibe and enjoy this unique cheap glass pipe and all it has to offer. With a deep bowl and its portability, this piece will be your forever friend. 

Pika Dab Tool

pikachu pokemon dab tool

Gotta catch ‘em all with the Pika Dab Tool, and look cool while doing it! This Pokemon dab tool is meant to help distribute wax evenly throughout your banger to get the best hit. With a non-slip grip, you have full control over your dabbing experience like never before. You’ll be the real MVP and set the scene with your RPG friends - make sure to tell them where you got it from!

Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick

bee line hemp wick

If you are looking for a quality smoke session, Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick will always deliver. A carefully curated mix of organic hemp and beeswax, you’ll never have to be concerned about the harmful effects butane and lighters contain. Just light the open end of the hemp wick and apply it to your bowl or joint. All products are packaged with recycled materials so not only can you save your dollars but you’re helping out the environment too! It’s a win-win. 

RNM Wood Lid Glass Stash Jar

rick and morty weed stash jars

Calling all Rick n Morty fans! The Rick and Morty Stash Jar is essential to your smoking collection and fan memorabilia. Keep your stash discreet with this jar as it will mask any kind of weed, no matter how dank it is! Not too big but not too small, we recommend buying more than one so you can really organize your stoner self if you’re carrying more than one strain on you. This cheap stash jar is great to carry with you on the go or tuck into your nightstand, no one will notice!

Mini Swirl Glass Bubbler

glass bubbler

The Mini Swirl Glass Bubbler is a sight to see, standing at only four inches tall but brings all the heat. This cheap bubbler is compact and easy to take on the go so you can enjoy a nice day outdoors without lugging a heavy piece around. You wouldn’t believe the price after taking a hit because it packs a punch just like an expensive (and bigger) piece would. With fun designs and several color options, this mini glass bubbler makes for great gifts! We highly recommend gifting one to yourself for being so thoughtful, too. 

There are so many more $4.20 steals the list could go on! From glass pipes, bubblers, dab tools, and more there is something for everyone at EverythingFor420. You can grow your glass collection without depleting your bank account so you can save your moolah for some top-shelf bud. What is your favorite $4.20 store steal?

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