How To Roll A Blunt

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smoking a blunt
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If you’ve ever rolled a blunt you’ll know that it takes a few tries to get it just right. Blunts are much different than a typical joint and require a bit more precision and practice, but nonetheless it is doable! Here are all the tips and tricks on how to roll a blunt so you can get a perfect blunt going every single time. 

What is a blunt?

A blunt comes in the form of a cigar or blunt wrap. Cigar-type blunts, or cigarillos, come with tobacco that can be taken out or added with your cannabis, and others are standalone blunt wraps. Most cigars that are used to roll blunts are often stiff and easier to roll as a newbie, but if you prefer no tobacco then standalone blunt wraps are the way to go. Many prefer blunts over joints because of its heightened effects as well as a slower burn which is perfect when wanting to take your time. 

What do I need to roll a blunt?

There are a few tools that can help you perfect your blunt rolling experience:

  • Cannabis
  • Cigar or blunt wrap
  • Something sharp like scissors or a knife (if using cigarillos)
  • Grinder
  • Filter (optional but recommended)

How to roll a blunt step by step

Grind your weed

Blunts are often longer than joint papers so you’ll need more cannabis to grind. Some offset this by adding tobacco from the cigarillo (or any tobacco of choice) to save on bud and also enhance your high. Make sure to grind your weed well so that you can roll a nice and even blunt that will burn smoothly. 

Prep the blunt wrap

If you are using a cigarillo blunt wrap, now is the time to use something sharp (like scissors or a knife) to cut down the middle and empty out the tobacco. Cigarillos are stiff so be careful when cutting so it can be an even slice down the blunt wrap as a guide for when it’s time to roll it up. Keep aside some tobacco if you choose to so you can mix this in with your ground weed to put into the blunt wrap. If using a blunt wrap with no tobacco, take it out of the packaging and shape it to create a pocket for where your smoking material will be added. If you are a few puffs in and too high to roll anything remotely close to a blunt, try a blunt roller or a Glass Blunt.

Wet the blunt wrap

Since cigarillos are stiff, it is recommended to wet it a bit to help with shaping and closing up any tears or holes from prepping the blunt wrap. Standalone blunt wraps are often looser and do not already have a cigar-like shape so there is no need to wet a standalone blunt wrap.

Fill the blunt

When your blunt wrap is prepped and ready to roll, insert your smoking material evenly throughout the length of the blunt. Again, most blunts are longer than joints so typically a blunt can contain at least one to two grams, give or take if adding tobacco to the mix. Most stoners that smoke blunts do not add a filter, but if you want to keep the itty bitty pieces of ground weed out of your mouth, you can roll a filter to add to the end like you would when rolling a joint. 

Roll the blunt wrap

When you’ve put your smoking material into the blunt, now it’s time to roll! This is the tricky part but the previous steps of preparation will pay off. Make sure to pack the material of your blunt, then start rolling from one edge of the blunt wrap and work your way to the other. Take the bottom edge of the blunt wrap with your thumbs towards the other edge of the blunt. Push down on the edge you tucked in and wet with saliva, or water if smoking in a group because smoking considerately is important since no one wants a wet blunt full of spit. 

Dry the blunt before smoking

You’re almost there! The last step of rolling a blunt is to dry it before smoking. Drying a blunt right after rolling it helps to seal everything together and burns more evenly and smoothly. Make sure to only heat up the wet and sealed side of the blunt without actually applying fire to it. You just want to dry the blunt not burn it yet! Once you do this, wait a minute or two for the blunt to cool off and you are ready to take one to the dome!

Blunts are heavy hitters and take a bit more preparation. Rolling a blunt takes time, patience, and practice but the reward is very much worth it. Blunts are an excellent choice when wanting to light up with more than one person because they hit hard and there’s plenty to go around. If you want the best vibes at your next kickback, become a blunt rolling machine and impress your friends! What’s your favorite trick when rolling a blunt?

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