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420 Glass 

If you’re looking for your new favorite glass pipe, glass water pipe or glass jars you’ve come to the right place. At Everythingfor420, we have a selection of heady hand pipes, bongs, bubblers, and water pipe parts that are beautiful, functional, and more affordable than you might believe.
Spoons, one-hitters, and chillums are great pipe choices for smoking on-the-go. They are small, easy to use, and don’t require water, making them perfect for the ski lift, around the campfire, at a concert, on the beach or even just on your friend’s couch. Spoon pipes have a straight stem with a bowl for dry herb. The carb on a spoon pipe is located on side of the bowl.  One-hitters and chillums are straight pipes where one end is the mouthpiece and the other end holds a small amount dry herb. There typically isn’t a carb on these smaller pipes. All three varieties of hand pipes are very small and portable- the spoon pipe holds the most herb, followed by the chillum and the one-hitter.

Water pipes are well loved for their ability to deliver a smooth smoke by drawing the vapor through water to filter and cool it. Water bongs can be used for smoking dry herb, flowers, tobacco, and dabbing concentrates. We have both tabletop bongs and smaller, portable water pipes that will deliver a pleasant smoking experience for a great price!

If you want a pipe that splits the difference between a hand pipe and water pipe, the bubbler is a great choice because bubblers can function as either. If you’re looking for a smooth smoke that uses the filtration of water, a bubbler will serve you well. If you don’t have water available, a bubbler can function without it. This versatility makes bubblers an essential part of any smoker’s collection. Our bubblers are also beautiful glass pieces that you will enjoy displaying on your shelf or coffee table as much as you enjoy smoking them.

We carry a variety of bowls and accessories. We have both male and female bowls and downstems available in both common sizes 14mm and 18mm so you can match parts to your current pipes. A downstem carries smoke from the bowl to the water chamber and helps to cool and filter a hit. Percolator downstems have multiple holes to increase the surface area which maximizes cooling. To be sure your new downstem will fit your pipe, measure from the very bottom of the sandblasted segment to the end, past the diffuser. Be sure you know which type and size bowl your current pipe has if you’re looking for parts to use interchangeably with it.

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