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A one-hitter is exactly what it sounds like, a small hand pipe that holds just enough herb for one hit, so you can smoke discreetly on-the-go.


The one-hitter is a classic that every smoker needs in his or her collection and we have a wide variety of one-hitters from glass to metal to High End wooden dugouts that store your herb on one side and act as a pipe on the other. Whether you're at a concert, on the beach, or just chilling at home, a one-hitter is a smoker's best friend.


What is one one hitter pipe?

A one hitter pipe, sometimes referred to as a oney or bat, is a special type of smoking accessory that has a very small bowl which holds the equivalent of just one hit (sometimes two) of dry herb at a time. These small dry pipes are typically made from heat-safe borosilicate glass or metal, but can also be crafted out of ceramic, silicone, stone, or wood. They have a slim, cylindrical shape and are usually around the size of a cigarette, making them great for when you need to be discreet. One hitters can be separated into two categories, chillums or dugouts. Chillum style one hitters were used in the Americas and India in ancient times and date back thousands of years. This type of one hitter pipe was traditionally smoked vertically, but today modern stoners hit them horizontally. Dugouts are two part contraptions that consist of a one hitter pipe and the dugout itself, which is a type of case that holds ground dry herb in one compartment and the pipe in another. This makes it very easy to carry while on the go, plus loading the pipe is quick, organized, and mess free.

What are the benefits of using a one hitter pipe?

It may seem strange that a 420 enthusiast would want to own a pipe that literally just offers one hit at a time, but there are several advantages that one hitters have over other types of smoking accessories like water bongs, vaporizers, and other styles of pipes. First, they are ultra discreet when compared to other methods of smoking legal dry herb. Their petite size makes them easy to conceal in a pocket or even just in a closed fist. One hitters also resemble a cigarette, not just in their shape and size, but also because of the way they are lit. Some pipes are purposely painted to resemble a cigarette and blend perfectly into the crowd when trying to remain low key. Smokers who microdose flower for therapeutic purposes often gravitate towards a glass one hitter since they are able to easily calculate the number and quantity of each hit, which will be the same every single time. One hitters are also a great option for people who want to be mindful of how much cannabis they are consuming, either because they want to save flower and money or because they want to be intentional about each time they light up.

How do you use a one hitter pipe?

One hitters are one of the most basic smoking accessories and very straightforward to use. If you’ve ever used another type of dry pipe, you already know what to do. The only thing to remember is that since the glass one hitter doesn’t have a bowl on top and instead is packed on the opposite end of the mouthpiece, you’ll need to angle the pipe a little towards the sky so the dry herb doesn’t fall out of the bowl while you’re smoking and lighting it. Some people find it easier to put the pipe between their fingers and make a fist with the mouthpiece facing down and the bowl facing up, which ensures the device remains vertical. If using a dugout style one hitter pipe, fill the compartment with ground dry herb before you leave the house. When you’re ready to toke, remove the bat and press it down into the compartment that contains the flower. This packs the bowl for you, so all you need to do now is point it upwards and light it up! When loading a glass one hitter by hand, be sure to pack it a little tighter than you would when packing a bong bowl or spoon pipe.

How do you clean a one hitter pipe?

Every cannabis enthusiast can agree on one thing; cleaning glassware is an absolute pain. But no one wants to take a hit from a black, gunked up pipe. Luckily, due to their basic design and small size, one hitters are some of the easiest types of smoking accessories to clean! To clean a glass one hitter, you’ll need a sealable plastic bag, isopropyl alcohol, coarse salt, and a cotton swab. Empty out any loose ash from the bowl and put the oney inside the plastic bag. Pour in enough rubbing alcohol to cover it completely and add a heaping spoonful of coarse salt. Seal the bag well and start shaking it vigorously for about five minutes. The salt acts as a mild abrasive, scrubbing off any sticky build-up on the inside of the pipe and other hard to reach places, while the alcohol helps to dissolve the residue. If you’ve been slacking and haven’t cleaned your glass one hitter in a while, you may still see resin or gunk after the five minutes of shaking. If this happens, let the pipe sit in the alcohol solution for roughly an hour or so, then dip the cotton swab in alcohol and begin tackling the stubborn spots like in the crevices of the bowl. Rinse with fresh water, let it dry out completely, and it’s as good as new!

What is the best one hitter pipe material?

The material that makes up a one hitter depends on what you prefer. One hitters can be made of metal, plastic, silicone, glass. If you're looking for something more durable, or if you're a bit clumsy, a silicone or metal one hitter would be perfect for you!

Is your shipping discreet?

If you’re browsing the one hitters, you probably enjoy low key smoke sessions, covert toking, and wouldn’t be caught dead in a smoke shop or dispensary just in case you bump into someone you know. If this sounds like you, the EF420 online smoke shop has got you covered. We understand that not everyone wants to wear red, yellow, and green cannabis leaf socks and make the sticky icky their entire personality (kudos if you do though). Stoners come from all backgrounds and living situations that may not be ideal for lighting up and we respect your discretion by providing quick, reliable, and ultra discreet shipping. Most orders are packaged the very same day at our Dallas, Texas headquarters and will reach your doorstep in just 2 to 7 days within the U.S., so you can light up in no time. Since each box and mailer is purposefully nondescript and very plain looking, it won’t matter if your grandma, little sister, or roommate accidentally picks up the package before you get home. We also use an unassuming business name on the shipping label as well as your credit card statement to throw nosy nancys off the scent even further. You’ll find no mention of cannabis, marijuana, or 420. Whether you’re dealing with landlords that don’t allow smoking, overbearing parents, straight laced roommates, or neighbors that love to snitch, our discreet shipping program is well-thought out to make ordering dab pens, water bongs, rolling papers, glass pipes, vaporizers, one hitters, and more quick and worry free.

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