8 Cool Glass Pipes

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glass pipes

From the iconic Sherlock to a sassy steamroller, pipes range from one-of-a-kind works of art to simply an affordable and easy way to get baked. Pipes have always been a sought after way to smoke because they are portable and require virtually no additional elements to use. Choose the right piece and smoking from a pipe will quickly become your new favorite way to get high (if it isn’t already).

How to smoke a pipe

Many people choose to smoke out of glass pipes because they are often simpler, quicker, and more discreet than bongs or rolling. Pipes are comprised of three main parts: the bowl, which holds the weed; a carb to control airflow; and a hole to inhale the delicious smoke. Smoking out of a pipe is very simple and straightforward. This is how to do it.

  1. Packing the bowl - The first step is to prepare your dry herb of choice by evenly shredding it in a grinder. This ensures a smooth burn. If you like to use a pipe screen, add one to the bottom of the bowl to filter out ash and burning herb. Next fill the bowl by pressing down slightly, but not too densely that air flow through the pipe is restricted. Remember to think about how many people are smoking and choose your pipe and pack your bowl accordingly. Nobody wants to be left with an ashy hit! 
  2. Taking a hit - Cover the carb with your finger while you light the bowl and inhale. After you’re done inhaling, remove your finger and clear the pipe by inhaling one last time.
  3. Cleaning a glass pipe - No one wants to rip a grimy pipe. After each session, simply wipe down the bowl and mouthpiece with alcohol. When the inside of the glass pipe becomes too encrusted, give it a deep clean by soaking it in a mixture of 100% isopropyl alcohol and salt. Just place everything in a bag and give it a good shake, then let it soak.

Now that you know all the ins and outs about pipes, it’s time to find one that makes your heart sing. Here are just a few cool glass pipes that will get you lit real quick.

Hobbit Glass Pipe

You may not be as wise and powerful as Gandalf, but you can still act like you are with this multi-colored glass pipe inspired by the epic tales of Middle Earth. The extra large Hobbit Glass Pipe is eight inches long so the smoke will have a chance to cool before being inhaled. It also has a very deep bowl, which makes this pipe perfect for parties or sharing. Just like the Hobbits who love their pipe weed, you too can break out of your comfort zone and go on a magical adventure—with smoke breaks of course.

Hobbit Glass Pipe

Scaled Steamroller

Like all pipes made in this style, the Scaled Steamroller produces direct hits thanks to the carb, which sits directly behind the bowl instead of on the side like other pipes. This special construction improves airflow through the piece for bigger, better rips. An eye catching design of red, green, and teal winds up and down the thick stem, creating a fun look that you won’t get tired of. This piece is made from very sturdy, heavy glass and is easy to tuck away into your pocket or bag due to its simple cylindrical shape.

Scaled Steamroller

Golden Rhino

This adorable Golden Rhino functions as a beautiful glass art piece that can also get you blazed. It’s a ton of fun to pack the large bowl on the animal’s back and inhale through its mouth. Plus, the pipe is made from shiny yellow heat-safe glass and stands up on its own so you don’t have to worry about losing any ash or herb. The Golden Rhino pipe will quickly become your pipe and home decor piece of choice.

Golden Rhino Glass Pipe

Mermaid Pipe

Navigate the depths of your high with the stunning Mermaid Pipe complete with hand blown, raised bubbles for grip. This pipe’s simple design is elevated by the mesmerizing blue, green, and gold swirls that mimic the dynamic colors of the deep sea. Crafted from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, this five-inch pipe is durable enough to survive your next day at the beach. 

Mermaid Pipe

I’m a Pickle

Fashioned after the iconic scene from Rick and Morty, the I’m a Pickle pipe is always a crowd pleaser. This high-quality glass hand pipe is five and a half inches and handmade by skilled glassblowers, so no two pieces are exactly the same. From the creepy pickle face to the raised bumps, any Rick and Morty fan will enjoy hitting this hilarious pipe. Call up the homies, reenact a few scenes from this cult favorite T.V. series, and have fun passing around the pickle.

I'm a pickle glass pipe


Is brunch your favorite meal of the day? Then the Empire Glass Avocadope pipe has your name on it. Reminisce about last weekend’s avocado toast while you get lit with this pipe shaped as the trendy green fruit. This beautiful glass pipe is expertly crafted down to the textured avocado skin and various shades of green. At four inches long, the pipe fits comfortably in your hand and still has enough interior volume to produce huge rips. Don’t forget to hit the Avocadope before your next brunch date.

Empire Glass Avocadope Pipe

Florence Flask Glass Oney

If you’re not into sharing, then you should always have this little one hitter pipe on hand. The tiny Florence Flask Glass Oney has a small bowl designed for a single hit and is very discreet. At just three inches, this pipe is small, but the three dome design adds additional interior space for the smoke to concentrate so you can still enjoy the normal sized rips that you’re used to. This cheap glass pipe at just $4.20 comes in six different color combinations so you can easily match your glassware to your outfit, nails, or mood.

Rasta Florence Flask Glass Oney

Bubble Pipe

The four and a half inch Bubble Pipe is perfect for everyday smoking and sharing with groups. Created in the classic spoon pipe style, this hand pipe has thick glass walls, so you can trust even your clumsy friends with it. Tiny glass bubbles run up and down the stem, adding to the unique aesthetics of your next favorite smoking accessory. Choose from one of three beautiful designs—dark blue with turquoise accents, ultramarine, or neon green.

Green Bubble Pipe

Glass smoking pipes for sale

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