Collection: Bongs & Water pipes

A bong, also known as a water pipe, is an efficient method for consuming legal dry herbs, tobacco or other herbs that can be smoked. Typically delivering an intense high, water bongs work their magic like no other filtration device and is considered a classic when you pull one out at a smoke sesh. Using a specific water filtration process involving a water chamber, downstem, and sometimes percolators, each part of a bong works cohesively to filter each hit to deliver a strong high almost instantly.

Ranging from mini bongs & small bongs to huge bongs, there is a water bong for every occasion to achieve an optimal high. Whether you are a newbie to using cheap glass bongs or a veteran looking to grow your bong collection, EF420 bongs hit like no other and will somehow find their way into the smoking rotation more and more. Before deep diving into buying bongs online, it is essential to understand how bongs work, the maintenance requirements for bongs, and how to best utilize water pipes.


Even if a bong looks pretty straightforward to use, and you might have watched Cheech and Chong light it up a few times, any newcomer might get that overwhelming feeling of not knowing how to rip a bong properly. While no question is a stupid question, no one wants to feel like they have to ask for a play by play on how to smoke some herbs. Luckily, we are here to answer the questions no one wants to ask because we got your back like that! A step-by-step guide on how to use a bong will become easier and easier with more experience and finding the right cheap bong for you.

Checklist for bong preparation

There are some things that must be prepared before properly hitting a bong, and a prepared stoner is the best stoner because who wants the stress of looking for a lighter after all the hard work is done? A few things you might need for an epic smoke session:

  • Dry legal herbs of choice
  • Grinder
  • Bong
  • Water
  • Lighter or hemp wick

1. Prepare water bong material

The process of preparing a bong does not take much, but an absolute must-have are herb grinders to cut down prep time. Imagine having to cut a nug into itty bitty pieces with scissors or even by hand? We have all been there and done that, and times are tough when you’re in a pinch and you gotta do what you gotta do. Avoid the trouble and make sure you have a grinder on deck at all times, you will save yourself the headache, stretch your weed further and set yourself up for a seamless and smooth smoke session.

2. Add water to water chamber

Adding fresh water, preferably cooled or ice water to your bong will help to cool down each bong hit quickly and efficiently. Filling up a bong to make sure the downstem hole is covered is crucial to get the water filtration process flowing. If using a bong with percolators, make sure all holes of each percolator are covered in water so that they can do their job properly, too. Adding too little water will cause the bong to malfunction and be unable to perform, and putting too much water will cause splashback when inhaling and the bong water starts to bubble. This can be extremely uncomfortable, especially when dealing with dirty bong water so making sure your water is fresh every time is an easy step in making it a habit. Frequent bong users might switch it up and add flavored water, some fruit to the water chamber, or flavored ice cubes to their ice catcher. Feel free to get creative and come up with some unique combinations!

3. Pack the bong bowl

The last major step of preparing a bong is to pack the bong bowls with freshly ground dry herbs. The grinder step is important because if your smoking materials are not finely ground and tightly packed into the bowl, it might cause an undesirable smoking experience. Using finely ground dry herbs is a good way to ensure that your bong sesh is set up for success, the sky is the limit!

4. Light up the water bong

Now it’s time to smoke! While lighting the bowl of the bong with a lighter or a hemp wick, place your mouth on the mouthpiece and start to slowly inhale without fully inhaling. This will take some practice for beginners but you’ll understand once you get the hang of it. Taking a drag in a slow and steady manner will give your bong a chance to create a thick cloud of smoke that will sit in the water chamber and travel up the neck when you’re ready to take a pull (inhaling the bong rip).

5. Clear the water chamber

The term “clear the chamber” when smoking a bong means you will remove the bowl and/or downstem from the bong and inhale simultaneously so the smoke travels upwards to your mouth. The bowl must be removed from the bong or lifted slightly so that when you take a full pull the direction of the smoke stream will go towards your inhalation. Not removing the bowl will cause friction and a difficult time clearing the chamber.

That’s it! Wasn’t that pretty easy? After you’ve smoked, it is best to clean out the chamber in the water bong so that all tar and other particles are not sitting in the bong waiting for your next use. This also helps with the longevity of a bong and keeps it looking brand new! Pick up a bong cleaning solution to make it easier on yourself, place it on your shelf for safe keeping and enjoy that post bong high.


Both beginner and experienced bong users will need the 411 on the best 420 accessories, and we are not stingy or gate keepers when it comes to giving life hacks for smokers. In true stoner fashion, here is a quick FAQ to reference for all bongs before buying.


If you are a newcomer or a daily user of bongs, there are probably many parts of a glass water bong you might not know about - but you should! Regardless if you call each part by your own nicknames or really don’t care what you’re smoking out of, it is most helpful to know the anatomy of your bong to get its maximum performance each and every time. While one bong can dramatically differ from the next, the general structure of a bong is the same and the most essential pieces to perform a bong rip will be the same across the board.

Different parts of a water bong

While there are several components that make up a water bong, it is vital that there are at least the following parts of a bong for a basic performance. Consider the makeup of a bong to be similar to the parts of a car: without one essential component, your entire experience can be affected. Even though you can’t try before you buy, you can learn what to look for before adding to cart when buying bongs online.


Easily one of the most important parts of glass water bongs is the bowl, where ground flower will be packed and lit to start the bong rip process. Most of the time, bongs will be accompanied by a compatible bowl but if not, making sure you grab the right joint size bowl matters more than the size and attractiveness.


The joint of a bong is what holds the downstem and where the bowl will be placed. The joint is what connects the bowl and downstem to the base, and it is essential to have the correct joint size or the bong sesh is not happening! A nice stoner hack is to grab a dime coin for easy measure: if the joint size is the same size as a dime, it is a 14mm joint. If the joint is smaller than a dime, it is a 10mm joint and anything larger than a dime is an 18mm joint.

Confused about a male joint and a female joint? Similar to human anatomy, a female joint has a cup-like shape and tends to be wider than a male joint that is smaller. If accessories fit over the joint, that means the joint is inserting itself into the accessory and will be a male joint. If accessories are inserted into the joint that means you are working with a female joint. Remember that when buying bongs online, if it does not include a bowl you will have to get a compatible bowl for the specified joint. If you buy a bong online that is a female joint, you will need male accessories and vice versa.


It is pretty much impossible to take a bong rip without a functioning downstem to connect your bowl and water chamber to create and carry smoke. Without a downstem, everything would stop at lighting the bowl with smoke that has nowhere to go! Some downstems are built into bongs, whereas other bongs have removable downstems which can make things a bit easier when it comes to cleaning a bong.

Water Chamber

While the name is self-explanatory, there is so much more going on when it comes to the water chamber stage. The water chamber not only holds water but starts to perform the filtration process once the bowl is lit and smoke travels through. The water chamber can also house multiple percolators, which contributes tremendously to the filtration process. A water chamber will help in removing resin, toxins, and other debris before it moves through the rest of the bong.


Also known as tubes, the neck of a bong can determine how cool each filtered hit can be - the longer the better! The tube of cheap glass bongs is especially handy when it comes to big bongs because it also doubles as a handle to provide extra sturdy comfort. The neck is where other features of a bong are located, like splash guards and ice catchers for extra cooling smoke sessions.


The mouthpiece, for obvious reasons, is where you put your mouth and start to slowly inhale when lighting the bong bowl. A mouthpiece can range in size, but most prefer a larger mouthpiece to inhale bigger hits and more comfortably. A mouthpiece can go straight up and down like a tube but with a slightly rimmed finish, or it can be curved which makes bong rips much easier to inhale.


While percs are optional and might not be available with all bongs, it is one of the MVP parts of a bong that must be mentioned. Percolators provide extra filtration and can live anywhere in the chamber and lower neck of a bong. A lot of times, downstems of a bong can have a slitted downstem which is a little percolator feature at the end to quickly start the filtration stage.


What are the best bongs you can buy?

One bong is not better than another, but each type of bong does serve specific functions based on its build. There are mini bongs, silicone bongs, straight tube bongs, percolator bongs, huge bongs - the list goes on! The best bongs differ from budget-friendly picks to heady glass bong options for the ultimate bong connoisseur. Check with yourself and ask, “what features would I like most in my next bong?” If the answer is maximum filtration, percolator bongs would be an excellent option. If you are wanting to make a statement, huge bongs or heady glass bongs are right up your bougie alley. Don’t care about the features and need to pay attention to your bank account? Bongs under $50 are just as lit as their expensive bong counterparts, trust! The best bongs you can buy are the ones that serve purpose for you, and as long as you can identify what you are looking for the most in a bong you will be well on your way.

Are glass bongs for sale better than plastic?

Glass bongs are by far better than plastic and for a variety of reasons. While plastic bongs are still a great option for budget bong buyers, investing in a glass water bong will stretch the lifespan of your accessory. Users that are looking for maximized performance, functionality and quality will prefer glass bongs over plastic bongs. Healthwise, it is more harmful to smoke out of plastic bongs because of its materials, whereas glass bongs will deliver a smoother, high quality hit without inhaling plastic components. While glass bongs are more fragile than plastic bongs, glass water bongs are a classic and most economical option for long term bong users. Plastic bongs, on the other hand, are highly durable and should not break on you as easily. Overall, there are several cheap water bongs options that are comparable in price to plastic bongs, so if it is in your budget opt for glass water bongs instead.

Smoking inside and outside bongs

Do you prefer to smoke inside or outside? While everyone has their preference, some might not have a choice, and others simply like to smoke inside and outside. It is important to note that smoking inside and creating the “hot box effect” will definitely intensify a smoke session thanks to the recycling smoke that fills up the space. However, be mindful that if anyone is in the hot box space that is not smoking, they will most likely receive secondhand smoke similar to tobacco users. It is possible to get high from secondhand smoke so to be safe, smoking outside in an area with open airflow will solve this problem easily. If you have a porch or backyard, or want to go to a park or get your hike on, toking outdoors can help sync yourself with nature even if for a little while. The best inside bongs are the more fragile devices like glass water bongs, heady glass, and huge bongs. The best outside bongs would be the more travel-friendly options like silicone bongs, mini bongs, and bubblers.

Does the type of weed matter when you use a bong?

The type of weed does not matter so much as the consistency of it. If you can only afford reggie level weed, who are we to judge? But what you can do to help your situation is buy a grinder to turn it into freshly ground dry herbs. Smoke enough of something and you will definitely feel its effects! If you do not have a grinder, it is essential to dice the dry herbs as finely as you can, whether with scissors or using your fingers to shred each nug. Packing a loose and lumpy bowl can cause your buds to fly out, more residue getting sucked into the water chamber and just an overall unpleasant smoke sesh experience. No matter what, even a cheap plastic grinder is better than nothing so having a grinder on hand will prove this device is worth every penny within just a few uses.

How many accessories do you need to use a bong?

There are only a few accessories you actually need to use a bong, but there are other accessories that help to enhance a smoke session from an average to an extraordinary experience. The most vital accessories of a bong are the bowl and joint/downstem, as you cannot perform a proper bong rip without the necessary airflow that a joint and downstem provides by connecting the bowl and water chamber. There are other accessories that can make a bong smoke session more seamless and smooth, but without the gimmicks you will be just fine with the basics of the bong you have. Making sure you have the correct joint size for the bowl and downstem is also important since you never want to pair incompatible accessories because they will probably break upon use. The best part about buying bongs online is that you pretty much get all the accessories you need delivered to your door without you needing to do much besides add to cart and purchase!

What bongs are easiest to clean?

Silicone bongs are probably the easiest to wash and clean since they are typically made of medical grade silicone material. Durable and nonstick silicone bongs make it almost impossible for ash and resin to stick around inside of the bong, and a quick rinse with soap, water and isopropyl alcohol should do the trick. Glass bongs are pretty easy to clean, but when percolators are involved it can get tricky. But nothing a simple cleaning solution can’t fix! Straight tube glass water bongs are a nice option as they are pretty straight forward (no pun intended) without the small crevices percolators create within the water chamber. Bongs are generally pretty easy to clean and maintain as long as you do it consistently, so whether you create a homemade bong cleaning solution or buy from our website, making it a habit to clean out your bong after every use will contribute greatly to the longevity of your bong collection.

What is the difference between a bong and a bubbler?

While bongs are technically bubblers, water bongs are usually much bigger than bubblers. That does not mean that bubblers deliver any less quality, and in fact bubblers can produce more intense clouds of smoke since it is often made in a compact build. On the other hand, heavier bongs with bulk will take more time and effort to produce a thick cloud of smoke. It all depends on your preference and desire for a travel-friendly water bong. If you want to produce thicker clouds of smoke, bubblers are always reliable in delivering exceptional highs. If size does not matter and you are bonded to the bong, for obvious reasons you will stick with what you know and that’s fine too. Overall, bongs and bubblers pretty much deliver the same experience so think about price as well. If cost matters to you there are usually more budget bongs available. To each their own!

Does the size of the bong matter?

Water bongs are a testament that size does not matter! Even if you are ripping mini bongs on the daily, you won’t need to worry about the quality of each hit. Water pipes are especially reliable in delivering perfect hits every time, so truly any bong will get the job done as long as the proper components are in place. As long as you are loving the dry herbs you’re smoking, does it really matter the size of the bong? The quality of the buds you’re consuming is what’s really important here, and a fully functioning bong (no matter the size) will always get the job done. Of course you’re reading this because you’re in the market for a new bong, so if you want the best travel-friendly water pipes you will rely on the compact size of a mini bong or bubbler. If you want a statement piece, huge bongs can really be an eye-opening experience even for advanced bong users.

What type of bong hits the smoothest?

There are many bongs that hit the smoothest, but ones with percolators are commonly known for a top notch performance. Percs in water bongs contribute greatly to filtering and cooling each hit to provide that smooth delivery upon inhaling. Straight tube water pipes with percolators will allow for streamlined airflow once the smoke is filtered, so think about this when you are buying bongs online and need some quick guidance. There are also recycler bongs that do exactly what its name suggests and recycle the water during each hit which in turn delivers massively filtered hits to create a smooth and easy smoking experience. Filtration is the main reason for smooth bong rips so this feature is definitely a requirement if smooth hits are a top priority. From mini bongs to huge bongs, users can get a smooth experience from their water bong use by properly packing the bowl with finely ground dry herbs. This heavily contributes to the quality of a hit that some stoners tend to overlook.


When you buy bongs online, there are several categories to choose from that makes shopping at our head shop a lot easier. With several types of bongs to sort through, how are you supposed to know where to even begin? For starters, consider the following factors when it comes to the types of bongs:

  • What design are you looking for in a water pipe?
  • What size water bong do you want?
  • What type of material do you prefer to smoke out of?
  • Do you want extra filtration?
  • How much are you willing to spend on a water pipe?

After answering these pertinent questions, you can start to get an idea of the kind of water bong that is best for you. Let’s break it down a little further so you can fully understand all of your options. Showing you just how easy it is to buy a bong online, you can start to build your bong collection once you are equipped with the correct information and know what’s right for you!

Bong size - The size of a water pipe only matters when it comes to the user, because it truly depends on how and where the bong will be put to use. If you are an avid road tripper and need a durable bong that doesn’t take up too much space in your weekender bag, a travel-friendly water bong will be the top priority when searching for a bong online. On the other hand, take the homebody that wants to have monster sessions or a statement piece, these customers should be focused on big bongs or heady glass bongs of that sort since aesthetic and performance are important factors.

Bong cost - There are many different price points for buying a bong online, like bongs for under $50 can get you a very reliable bong that’s been masterfully crafted to fit your aesthetic and deliver top quality smoke sessions. Other bongs over $50 typically have percolator features, are heady glass or contain some special component to add to the quality of a bong.

Different bong materials

There are several different materials that water bongs are made of, and this is an essential part in determining what kind of bong you are going to use. Here are a few bong materials you’ll commonly come across:

  • Glass
  • Silicone
  • Ceramic
  • Acrylic
  • Metal

Heat stable borosilicate glass is one of the most widely used bong types and is the top recommended material to smoke out of in terms of health and quality performance. Smoking out of glass allows for a clear smoke stream and users are not inhaling any toxins or chemicals from the glass material. Glass water bongs have a ton of compatible accessories, come in various sizes and designs and can be found easily. Glass material also adds a sense of sophistication so it can double as decoration around the home, just gotta keep it nice and clean!

Silicone is another commonly used bong material, and water bongs are usually made of medical grade silicone. An extremely budget-friendly device, silicone is also nonstick and the preferred material to use to avoid a mess post smoke session. Silicone is extremely easy to clean and does not need extra tools to scrape out the less than desirable substances that are left behind in a bong after use.

Ceramic is an old-school material that is tried and true in consistent quality performance and top of the line aesthetic. The art of pottery making has been around for thousands of years, so imagine how good us smokers have gotten at perfecting the bong making process?

Beaker bongs

One of the most common bong designs is a beaker bong, which features a wide and sturdy base that is in the shape of a beaker and typically features a long neck. Beaker water bongs are great for clumsy bong users that need more stability and rely on a flat base, and can come in various sizes leaving a lot of room for options. Beaker bongs can also feature percolators, an ice catcher and splash guard to really ramp up its functionality. A beaker bong might be simple in design, but the way it functions can range based on its additional features. You can find beaker bongs at pretty much any price point and in several different materials, and beaker bongs can deliver quite large hits. Pro tip: beaker bongs are some of the easiest to clean, so you can have your setup looking brand spanking new whenever you get the time.

Straight tube bongs

Like the name states, straight tube bongs are pretty much a straight tube of glass, so the water chamber and the neck of the bong are the same. Typically, straight tube bongs are thicker and taller to allow for better durability and boy does it deliver a rowdy time! A straight tube bong might look basic but the girth of the bong can usually hold more smoke than most bongs, just ready to send you off to space.

Percolator bongs

The bongs that create a whole smoke show are the ones with percs in them! Percolator bongs will filter and diffuse smoke for smoother hits, and there are so many different percolators within a bong. Check out a beginner’s guide to percolator bongs for the various types of percs.


Just like bongs, bubblers work with filling the water chamber and mixing your favorite smoking material into the bowl to ignite. Bubblers are similar to mini bongs with their compact build but are much more mighty than their size!

Mini bongs

Need a travel-friendly bong to use while on the road? Mini bongs are where it’s at, and with so many different designs you will find a reason to grab at least one since they are too cute to pass up!


Owning a bong is a privilege but should definitely be a right, and EF420 aims to supply at least one bong to every bong user in the world. But why stop there, at just one bong? Similar to clothes, if you can get good use out of different bongs then the cost justifies the spend. While it might sound weird to speak to your accountant about your bud budget, once you know you have the funds to treat yourself to multiple bongs this is the absolute place to be. Beyond the cost, there are several factors that contribute to wanting to cultivate a bong collection.

Bong build and size

The build is one reason why users like to have different bong options on deck. Bong builds can range from beaker, straight tube, etc. so mixing it up every now and then also allows users to switch up how they’re smoking without having to abandon their bong to do so. Build also directly correlates with size, and sometimes we all just want to rip from a monster bong while other times we just want cute bong rips from a mini bong. Build type and size when it comes to bongs can deliver a completely new experience when smoking out of a beaker bong one day, and a straight tube percolator bong the next. Different builds of water chambers also make a difference in delivering different highs, so daily users definitely switch it up to avoid feeling stagnant.

Always have a clean bong & Water pipe

One of the best feelings a stoner can experience is having a clean bong to come home to, but when it comes to actually cleaning it? The energy is not there. When it comes to having a clean bong, when you own multiple bongs you can keep a solid rotation of clean bongs around the clock! Using one bong for a few days, then another bong for just the weekend can be a great way to know which bong is freshly cleaned and gives you time to figure out when you will actually clean the dirty bongs. Pro tip: if you clean your bongs regularly, the build up created in a bong won’t be as bad! Frequently maintaining your water bongs are essential if you want to extend the longevity and lifespan of your bong collection.

Different bongs for sale for different reasons

Have you ever had a friend with an extensive bong collection but you could never figure out why? Or are you that friend? One thing us stoners will always do is find a reason to smoke, and when that becomes frequent then switching it up is a fun way to keep your smoke sessions from becoming mundane and repetitive. Having different bongs for different reasons gives the owner full range to get creative with their smoke sessions and use what they feel for that moment. Need some time to unwind after a long day? A monster bong will really get your mind in the clouds and quickly. Don’t have too much time before dinner with your in-laws and need a few bong rips to calm your nerves? A mini bong or bubbler will deliver just the right amount of courage in a few hits without completely overwhelming you and getting you too high.

Bong breakage

Especially when dealing with heat safe borosilicate glass, it is inevitable that at some point an owner will break or damage one or more of their bongs. If you have ever been victim to losing a bong, you unfortunately understand the devastating feeling that overcomes you when trying to figure out how to put the pieces back together (literally). For those that have never experienced this type of heartbreak, let’s hope you never have to submit yourself to this sad situation in the future. So instead of salvaging a bong that’s long gone, having other water bongs on deck is a full-proof method to make sure the smoke show goes on. Regardless, one thing a smoker will do is find a way to smoke so set yourself up for success and grab a back up if you are prone to clumsy accidents.

Advanced bong users

At some point it just becomes a habit to buy more water pipes, especially if it is a device you are using everyday and can get great use out of. Advanced and everyday bong users will want more bongs simply because it is fun to collect and becomes part of your habits. And why shouldn’t you treat yourself? Once you know exactly how a bong works and how it can greatly contribute to your life, expanding your bong collection will become a hobby that will keep you high and elevated at all times.

Similar to owning different pipes, vape pens and dab rigs, each delivers a different type of high. Bongs are so extensive when it comes to range and functionality, and one size does not fit all even on one individual. Just like how you would buy multiple shoes for different occasions, buying bongs online for different occasions is a vibe and totally necessary. While you don’t need to have a bong for every wedding you attend, you can have your celebratory bong, the bong you use when you’re down in the dumps and need that extra elevation, or a quick bong rip that will get you high enough for errands but not high enough to keep you couch locked!


There are countless benefits when it comes to smoking from a bong, and it really depends on the individual and who is asking. In terms of process, smoking from a water bong can produce highly intense hits and definitely lift you straight to the moon a lot quicker than a dry pipe would. When the build of a bong combines with water and dry herbs, all the magic comes together to deliver the ultimate filtration for a smooth smoking experience. Especially when percolators are involved, buying bongs online gives you the freedom to choose your level of filtration and what matters most to you. One of the biggest benefits of smoking from a bong is the ability to creatively cultivate a collection of devices that can serve for different purposes while simultaneously functioning the same as the next. The beauty of smoking from a bong is that a user can get as little or as high as they want and use the appropriate bong to do it. Need a fast hit that will elevate your mind quickly but not completely have your head in the clouds? A mini bong or bubbler is the perfect moment to take a hit and keep it moving. If you are wanting to lose your mind and eventually become couch locked, huge bongs and percolator bongs are your best bet to send yourself to the moon. Water bongs offering such high levels of filtration allows for better control and higher quality clouds of smoke for consumption. Not to mention, buying bongs online can really bring a friends group together or can be a way to create a new friends group to have a smoke session with. Bringing people together via water bongs is a beautiful thing to witness, and the magic of bongs uniting diverse individuals who love to smoke dry herbs is an age old pastime. Water bongs offer camaraderie amongst different groups and we can guarantee some of the best conversations have come from gathering around a bong. Whether you are kicking back and creating core memories with the homies or having enlightening discussions with a group of strangers at a party, bongs offer endless benefits to a user’s personal life which directly contributes to our well-being.


Once buying a bong online gets to your door and becomes a rotation amongst your smoking accessories, what happens when it is time to clean and maintain your device? Depending on which water bong you are trying to clean and tidy up, it is important to be prepared with the necessary materials in order to properly clean out your bong. Sometimes it can get complicated when cleaning out percolators and mini bongs because each has crevices that can make it frustrating to clean without the appropriate tools. Luckily at EF420 we have everything you need to get your bong to look brand new! For the users that don’t make cleaning a priority, you’re probably wondering why it is so important to keep your bong clean. While a water pipe is totally usable even in its dirty, it is considered to be in less than ideal condition at a certain point. The built up tar, resin, and possibly dirty bong water will eventually cause wear and tear on any bong device if not taken care of. So what can you do to extend the longevity of your water pipe and alleviate a headache for yourself in the near future? Follow these simple steps with these products you can quickly add to cart with your next water bong purchase.

Typically using a bong cleaning solution you can find on our storefront is the easiest and most hassle-free way to go about cleaning a bong. All bong cleaning solutions are able to get even the toughest resin out of a bong and with just a few shakes! You’ll need a bowl or bucket to mix the cleaning solution into, or you can omit this and pour it straight into your bong. Removing all detachable pieces from your water pipe prior to applying the cleaning solution will help any accidental breakage or damage to the bowl, downstem, etc. Adding your chosen cleaning solution to every bag that holds each piece will make your job much easier since you’re going to soak all pieces in the cleaning solution for however long the directions recommend. Whether you are using a homemade cleaning solution with salt and isopropyl alcohol or one of our trusted brands of bong cleaning solutions, having a cleaning and maintenance routine for your smoking accessories is crucial to keeping all water pipes in pristine condition while practicing good hygiene as well! No one wants to smoke out of a dirty bong, and especially out of someone else’s dirty bong. Before someone stops by to smoke with you, performing a quick clean will do wonders for the success of the smoke session. While real friends don’t judge, they’ll also tell you straight up when it’s time to clean your bongs out so don’t be that person and make your friend sit you down for a truth session - cleaning regularly will remove the hassle out of spending a longer time cleaning if maintenance is few and far between.


At EF420, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products and for a great deal. Not only that, did you know we always ship discreetly and directly to your door? In case you live with your mom or a nosey roommate you want to hide your stuff from, even our best big bongs will come straight to your door without looking like a big a** bong. And we choose to keep going and take things a step further when it comes to securing the bong! When you open your package, each bong or other fragile item you order is always neatly packed in bubble wrap a few times over. Why? Well, we all know things happen while in transit and to avoid our customers' disappointment with a damaged bong delivered to their door, we take the necessary steps to eliminate any and all possible risk of breakage or scratches that can potentially occur. All pieces that are included with each water pipe are also packaged perfectly and tightly secured to avoid any rattling going on. Thinking ahead is our job so all you have to worry about is replenishing your stash. We wouldn’t want you or your friends to have to deal with someone else’s mishandling, and our best solution is to package each bong like we are delivering it to our own door! This means our warehouse family handles each bong with a ton of TLC and doing their best to set you up for a successful smoke session upon arrival.


If you have any questions about our glass bongs for sale feel free to contact us with your questions! Now, it's time to turn up Hits from the Bong and get blazed.


Is bong shisha?

While a bong might resemble a hookah, or shisha, they are in fact not the same device. Both bongs and shisha devices use good ole H20 to create massive clouds of filtered smoke, but they do not operate the same. A bong typically has the bowl on the side at the bottom of a bong, and must be lit up each time in conjunction with slightly inhaling to jumpstart the water filtration process. A hookah, or shisha, on the other hand, has the bowl located on the top of each hookah device and must be lit at all times to keep the process going. If there is no hot coal on top of the shisha, you won’t get any smoke! Depending on what your preference is, hookahs typically use flavored tobacco as their material of choice to smoke, while bong users normally have legal dry herbs on deck with the occasional tobacco to mix in dirty bong bowls.

What is the perfect ratio of water to prevent any nasty bong surprises?

Unfortunately, we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve gotten the nasty splash back of bong water. Hopefully not too dirty, even one hit from a bong can produce some pretty gross tasting water and can actually make a person sick. The last thing you are expecting is some tar-flavored water to go with your citrus smelling dry herbs, so to avoid a nasty mess there is always a nice ratio to follow when using any bong. When using percolators, it is best to fill the bong up to the last covered hole of a percolator. There can be many percolators in a bong, so if a perc is at top of the chamber then you’ll have to cover it but try not to add more than that. Any bong that does not have percolators, as long as the downstem slit is covered you are good to go! Some have a preference and just get better hits with more water, so finding the perfect ratio on your specific bong is a trial and error experiment you’ll have to try on your own, but the reward is a nice high and no nasty gulps of bong water!

Percolator - what is his mission?

Like the terminator, a percolator’s mission is to protect you and a perc will do that by filtering each hit and eliminating any contaminants that you should not be consuming. Who wants to take a large bong rip of resin, dirty bong water and burnt herbs? Without a percolator, some users can feel like they are not getting enough filtration so it is a must-have for those that want the highest quality bong hits. A percolator’s job is to provide filtration and deliver a smooth smoking experience, which is why percolator bongs are considered to be some of the smoothest water pipes around. A percolator is only there to enhance a bong user’s smoke experience, and the more the merrier! The fun part with percolators is there are so many types to choose from and each puts on its own water magic show, especially when paired with a translucent glass so users can watch the magic unfold.

Male vs. female bongs

There is absolutely no difference when it comes to the functionality of male vs female bongs, but it is important to know the difference between male and female bongs to make sure you have the compatible parts for a successful smoke sesh. Similar to human anatomy, a bong will have accessories that can either fit over or in the joint. If a bong fits over the joint, this means it is a female joint and male accessories are needed. If a bong has accessories that insert into the bong joint, it is a male joint and is most compatible with female accessories. All bongs have a gender so you’ll want to be aware of what you’re working with to avoid buying extra accessories you can’t use with your favorite bong. We’ve all done it out of habit, so mixing up your bong collection with male and female water pipes is a nice way to keep your accessories balanced out and able to use any and all accessories you wish to treat yourself to!

How can you tell if a bongo is of high quality?

All bongs sold at EF420 are made with quality and trusted materials by well-known brands and artists, but how can you tell on your own if a bong is of high quality? For starters, if using a glass water pipe there are a few telling signs that speak to quality when it comes to top shelf products. The thickness of the glass can be a sign of high quality, although borosilicate glass is typically high quality no matter how thin it may be. Looking at the welding job between the joint, the base and the mouthpiece are great signs in determining the full functionality of a specific smoking accessory. If the welding job is well done and usually looks smooth and professional, it is most likely high quality and reliable. But if the welding job of the joint and other connecting parts are undone or have blemishes and imperfections, there could be increased chance for breakage and is best to return before use. Inspecting a bong prior to first use is important and you’ll thank yourself later now that you know what to look for.

What is the perfect joint size to use with a bong & Water Pipe?

There are a few joint sizes that are featured in water pipes, but the most common joint size in a water bong would be the 14mm joint. Besides a 14mm joint, there are smaller and larger joints available too. There is no such thing as the perfect joint size, but you must know what joint size your bong is in order to buy additional compatible accessories in the future. Need to figure this out quickly? Grabbing a dime and comparing to the joint size will show that the size of a dime is 14mm joint, anything smaller is a 10mm joint and anything bigger is a 18mm joint. To be on the safe side, most bongs will offer a 14mm joint but it is always best to check if you are specifically buying a bong online to use with a certain accessory. Once you have the perfect joint size made just for your bong, you are ready to rip as many hits as you can handle.

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