What’s the Healthiest Way to Smoke Weed?

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Today there are numerous ways to consume your cannabis. Whether it’s smoking weed, vaping, eating, or applying it to your skin, each method gives the user a unique experience that is not one size fits all. But with numerous options that are out there and not much research on newer technologies like vaping and e-nails , which is the healthiest way to consume marijuana? If you’re one of the many health conscious marijuana enthusiasts out there, you probably want to understand the health risks and benefits of each.

What’s the most efficient way to consume cannabis?

The most efficient way to get high is not necessarily the healthiest way. If we’re just talking about efficiency, the winner is clear. Dabbing is by far the quickest way to get a very high dose of THC with immediate effects. Cannabis concentrates like shatter, rosin, and butane hash oil can be over 90% THC, which is four times more potent than your average flower. Unfortunately, the high potency levels means habitual smokers can quickly build up a tolerance making other methods of ingesting cannabis less effective. Below we touch upon the health risks and positive aspects of using an e-nail or tabletop dab rig to get your marijuana fix.

What is the healthiest way to consume marijuana?

Smoking and dabbing


  • Know exactly what you’re putting into your body - You choose the cannabis strain, brand, and potency while being able to visually see the product. Official brands also get their bud tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants and put that information right on the label for consumers.


  • Inhaling toxic compounds - It’s impossible to avoid this since whenever combustion is involved, harmful byproducts are produced. One study found over 111 toxic compounds in cannabis smoke, while THC vape pens produced trace amounts of just three compounds.
  • Noxious butane gas - Regular lighters like Zippos and dab torches use butane, which is inhaled when lighting blunts, joints, and bowls. Butane lowers the oxygen levels in the blood, so frequently smoking with a lighter can wreak major havoc on the body over the long-term. To avoid inhaling butane when smoking, switch to a hemp wick, which stays lit and doesn’t affect flavor.

    Smoking joint

    Vaping and e-nails


    • Less carcinogens than smoking - While there may be less toxic compounds in vapor, this is only true for high-quality brands of vapes and e-nails with no internal components that can release toxins. For example, any wick based vape or e-nail will produce harmful byproducts that enter the lungs. Before purchasing, do some research into the heating mechanism of the vape and choose one with no wick, plastic, or glue in the airway or heating element such as the Puffco Peak .
    • No smell - The vapor doesn’t smell as strong as actual pot smoke and it won’t linger for long if you’re smoking in a confined space like your apartment or car.
    • Less byproducts - Since vapes and e-nails use batteries, they always heat concentrates only until vapors are produced which is below the point of combustion. Always using this exact temperature generates fewer toxic byproducts.


    • Not enough research - With vaping cannabis being a relatively new way for smoke inhalation, there haven’t been many studies yet that research the potential long-term health risks for smokers.
    • Potential for lung damage - There has been a growing number of hospitalizations and even a few deaths linked to vaping (though most are from nicotine vapes). If you’re choosing to vape, always buy official cartridges from a dispensary, never second hand or off the street and make sure it lists all ingredients. Cartridges should only include THC oil with absolutely no additives like Vitamin E acetate, which may be the culprit for the surge in vaping-related illnesses.

      Puffco Peak Black

      Edibles, drinks, and capsules


      • Save your lungs - Edibles are a great choice for those adverse to smoking or who have asthma or other breathing issues.
      • Longer lasting - The effects of edibles and capsules last hours longer than smoking.


      • Late onset- Edibles are notorious for kicking in an hour (and a second brownie) or more later. This is where inexperienced users get themselves into trouble. But if this happens don’t worry, you don’t need to go to the hospital, just sleep it off.
      • Unreliable dosage - Since cannabis plant is still illegal under federal law, edibles are highly unregulated. The dosage on a package may sometimes be very inaccurate and THC can be unevenly spread out throughout the product.
      • Calories - Though you probably won’t be stuffing your face with pot brownies , you do have to eat edibles to achieve the effects. A typical edible cookie is around 100 to 200 calories each.

        Transdermal patches and topicals


        • Perfect for medical patients - No need to swallow or weed smoke with these two convenient options. You also know exactly how much product you’re getting.
        • Discreet - It’s easy and discreet to stick on a patch or rub some balm on your sore back.
        • Slow release dosage - These products are long lasting with a slow release of medicine over quite a few hours. This makes it a preferred option for those who are microdosing.


        • You won’t get high - When absorbing your cannabis through your skin, you will not get the psychoactive effects of THC. This may actually be a very desirable quality for certain types of medical patients.

          Marijuana tea

          Full spectrum oil and tinctures


          • Accurate dosing - You know exactly how much cannabinoids you’re getting with each drop. This is the most precise way to consume cannabis and if you’re a medical patient, you’ll be able to calculate your minimum effective dose.
          • Very discreet - Just place a few drops under the tongue or in your morning smoothie and your coworkers will be none the wiser.
          • No smoking - There’s no need to worry about your lungs.
          • Long shelf life - Oils and tinctures in dark glass bottles that are not left out in the sun can last years. Just keep them tightly closed and stored in a cool, dark place like a bathroom cabinet.
          • Rapid effects - There is an immediate effect if using sublingual application since the chemical compounds are directly absorbed into the bloodstream.


          • Taste - Some people dislike the strong cannabis topicals flavor that both the oils and the tinctures have. Since tinctures are alcohol based, they can have a very strong alcohol taste that users can find unappealing.

          There you have it. Oils and tinctures are the healthiest way to consume weed. What do you think about these various methods? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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