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Portable vaporizers have been a wonderful addition to the cannabis community, providing a discreet and user-friendly experience in a small device. Built from the same desktop version as vaporizers, portable vapes both use convection or conduction methods and are a fantastic way to get high. Many people often have a difficult time choosing the best portable vape pen because not only is there a variety to choose from, certain options may be better for your specific reason for consumption. Here’s a quick guide to the best portable vaporizers and how to choose the best one for you!

How do vapes work?

Portable vaporizers are battery-powered and can come in many shapes and sizes. Vapes function from a conduction or convection heating process. Conduction is when a hot plate directly heats up your cannabis, while convection involves hot air that circulates to heat things up evenly. 

Are vaporizers worth it?

Many have turned to vaping as a health-conscious alternative to smoking due to its cleaner taste and easy way to smoke without being noticed. The smoke that produces from a vaporizer is a lot smoother on the lungs and cuts out the ash and tar particles from a normal burning process. 

Which portable vaporizer is the best?

Depending on whether you prefer a dry herb or a wax/concentrate, there is a vast selection of portable vaporizers to accommodate your needs. If you’re new to vaping or in an area where it is more difficult to get your hands on concentrates, try dry herb. There is an herb chamber to pack your weed into and make sure to read the user manual on your device to ensure you’re heating up your portable vaporizer properly. For concentrates, the process is pretty straightforward as well where you fasten the bottom of the concentrate cartridge into your portable vaporizer device. 

Best portable vaporizers for dry herb

kind pen orion

Orion Kind Pen

With its sleek, matte black design, the Orion Kind Pen is discreet enough to take with you wherever you need to go! Taking only 30 seconds to fully heat up, this small but powerful device reaches an ideal temperature of 320-420°F. This dry herb portable vaporizer can also carry up to half a gram and has a safety shut-off feature after six minutes. Packaged with a USB charger and cleaning brush, this pen is made to last!

khan dry herb vaporizer

Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer

With an aerospace aluminum body and an isolated air path, this dry herb portable vaporizer features an LED screen displaying temperature settings from 302-464°F. This device has a unique, gold plated nickel design of a snake that also provides a sturdy grip. Another spec to mention is the thick, pyrex glass mouthpiece which really allows for smooth toking. With a pretty deep herb chamber and able to hold half a gram of your favorite weed, this one is a crowd favorite for a reason.

Best portable vaporizers for oil cartridges

kind pen discreet

Kind Pen Discreet

The Kind Pen Discreet says it all - it looks like a refillable lighter and extremely portable. If you want to avoid those nasty looks in public from those that are less approving of cannabis, this portable vaporizer is for you. This 2-in-1 device features both a battery and refillable ceramic cartridge, and its chip-resistant exterior makes it a great traveling essential! 


Vertex Vape Pen

Our customers rave about the Vertex Vape Pen saying it’s “definitely one of the best buys out there”. Works with all cartridges and comes varying voltage options and a pre-heat option. Many love this  portable vape pen because of its compact design and ability to carry around easily. The device comes equipped with a USB attachment which makes charging easy if you’re on the go. You really can’t go wrong with this pen and for the great price we offer, you should get one for a friend too!


Kind Pen V2

If you want a portable vaporizer that can house both dry herb and oil cartridges, this is for you! Switch things up whenever with the ability to use ground material, concentrates, and e-liquids. One customer says, “this portable and discreet vape pen is just what I need” and we couldn’t agree more. This is a great option for those that like to dabble in a bit of everything but can’t carry around multiple smoking devices. If you are a busy bee and on-the-go or just can’t be bothered to clutter yourself with more than one vaporizer, this hybrid portable vaporizer will definitely be your go-to. The Kind Pen V2 comes with a skillet, packing tools, silicon storing jar and charger. You’ll be equipped for anything with this vape pen and your friends are sure to be impressed too!

There are many portable vaporizers to choose from and it can become overwhelming to choose the best one for you. Remember why you’re thinking about getting a portable vape pen and then go from there. If you’re looking to use a vape pen for discretion during public use, definitely try portable vaporizers for concentrates to truly mask the earthy smell we know and love. If you want to take a more health-conscious approach, try dry herb vaporizers! If you’re indecisive and just want a multi-faceted device, try a hybrid portable vaporizer and live the best of both worlds. What do you prefer: dry herb or concentrate portable vaporizers?

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