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When the weekend comes around, many people look forward to settling down on the couch, rolling a joint, and turning on a binge-worthy series. We don’t all just want to watch silly comedies when we’re high! From animations and comedies to reality shows and dark, trippy series, some T.V. shows seem like they were made with stoners in mind, while others that top the list may surprise you. This curated list spans a variety of genres and will help you during those times when you just can’t decide on something to watch (like once you’re a few bong rips deep).

What to watch on Netflix when you’re stoned

Trippy shows to watch high

Black Mirror

Whether you’re baked out of your mind or completely sober, prepare to be mind blown. The technology-based psychological thriller explores some of our deepest fears via new technologies that may sound great on the surface but have a much darker side. Each stand alone episode will keep your mind spinning long after your high fades away. Just when you think it can’t get any better, Black Mirror hits you with shocking plot twists, out of the box story lines, and stellar acting by the likes of Bryce Dallas Howard, Jon Hamm, and other famous stars. If you want to skip around, some of the best episodes are White Bear, Nosedive, USS Callister, Jan Junipero, Hang the DJ, and Black Museum.


Did the Roman Catholic Church help the Nazi’s? Was the U.S. moon landing staged? Did the American government know that the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor? These are just a few questions explored in this eye-opening series highlighting some of the world’s most discussed conspiracy theories and also a few you’ve probably never heard of. Each 45 minute episode features interviews with historians and scientists alongside actual footage and photos.

American Horror Story

Currently filming their 10th season, each season American Horror Story is loosely based on different unsettling tales from the country’s history with quite a few infamous murderers you may recognize like Tate Langdon, Pogo The Clown, and HH Holmes. Featuring nearly the exact same cast of actors taking on different roles, each season is very unique from the next and centered around the Lost Colony of Roanoke, a creepy traveling circus, a haunted hotel, the apocalypse, a cult, an 80’s summer camp, and more. If it’s a scare you’re looking for, Murder House, Asylum, Freak Show, and Hotel are the seasons to start with.

Bonus picks: The Twilight Zone (original or the reboot), Locke and Key

Entertaining adult cartoons

Rick and Morty

Pack another bowl and take a huge hit because you’re in for a wild ride across the multiverse. Rick, an alcoholic scientist takes his grandchildren Morty and Summer on fun-filled adventures that nearly always go wrong. If you look past the catchy one liners and vibrant colors, you’ll notice that the animated series has some profound and outright philosophical moments that dive into topics like the human condition, moral relativism, and the reason for existence. If you had to Google any of that, don’t worry, there’s also a bunch of fart jokes thrown in there too. Check out our Rick and Morty themed glass bongs, and rolling trays that are perfect for those long T.V. marathons.

South Park

This stoner classic just finished its 23rd season (available on Hulu and Amazon Prime) and is still as hilarious and explicitly nasty as ever. Watch as Stan, Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, and the rest of the gang get themselves into all kinds of trouble. South Park is also full of weed jokes galore. Remember that annoying towel who was always stoned and that time Randy tried to be a weed farmer? It’s tough to dig through so much material, so start with these episodes: Butter's Very Own Episode, Scott Tenorman Must Die, Black Friday, Krazy Kripples, and Medicinal Fried Chicken.

Bob’s Burgers

A comedy about a greasy fast food joint? What more could a pot smoker want? This witty and very relatable series follows the Belcher family–Bob, Linda, and their quirky children Tina, Gene, and Louise–as they struggle to keep their restaurant afloat. The nonstop hamburger references will give you a few ideas of how to appease the munchies while you giggle into the wee hours. Bob’s Burgers has a huge following and is gearing up for its 10th season.

Bonus picks: F is for Family, Adventure Time, Big Mouth

Captivating docuseries'

Night on Earth

The footage of nature documentaries are always stunning and even more fun to watch when you’re blazed. Night on Earth is a brand new Netflix series that uses the latest cinematic technologies to film everything that goes on at night in the wilderness. The show takes viewers to the African Savanna, ocean depths, and even follows urban animals like monkeys living amongst humans in cities. The rare nighttime footage of predators doing their thing is absolutely mesmerizing to watch. 

Murder Mountain

If you know anything about marijuana, then you must have at least heard about Humboldt County, California. Even if it doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve definitely smoked weed that came out of this cannabis cultivation hot spot, where farmers have been growing pot since the 1960s. Murder Mountain follows the disappearance of Garret Rodriguez, who was hired for short-term work on a farm during the harvest season and never heard from again. It also intertwines interviews with legal and illegal marijuana growers who share the hardships they have faced before and after legalization.

Bonus picks: Wild Wild Country, Evil Genius, Planet Earth I and II

Best funny shows to watch high

Trailer Park Boys

Set in Canada’s Sunnyvale Trailer Park, the show’s three main characters are a bunch of insubordinate hillbillies who always seem to end up behind bars. Instead of finding jobs, the three men spend their time chasing Bigfoot, smoking weed, and scheming up new ways to make some quick cash. The cult favorite became so popular over the years that they partnered with Netflix for a handful of spin offs and specials and are currently filming a 13th season.

Da Ali G Show

Sacha Baron Cohen’s fictitious characters Ali G, Borat, and Bruno, three journalists who are so over the top it’s hard to keep a straight face. For each episode, now available for free on YouTube, Cohen takes on one of these personas and asks ridiculous questions during interviews with politicians, celebrities, and other well-known people who aren’t in on the joke which later caused quite the controversy. Da Ali G Show has episodes featuring a DEA special agent, a former U.S. secretary of state, a pastor, multiple British politicians, and even a segment with President Donald Trump.

Bonus picks: Parks and Recreation, Broad City, Workaholics

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