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The legalization of hemp and the subsequent rise of cannabidiol (CBD) has been a game changer for the cannabis industry. Also trending are cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter, crumble, budder, and oil, all of which also come in CBD form. Though often touted for its health benefits, CBD wax can be used and enjoyed by recreational users and medical patients alike. This CBD wax guide will get you started on your journey.

CBD wax guide

What is CBD wax?

Cannabis wax, sometimes also called butane hash oil or honey oil, is a potent concentrate that is typically extracted from marijuana plants, though CBD wax is made using hemp. CBD is extracted from the plant material using a solvent such as butane or propane to collect the highly concentrated and very potent resin. The end result is an amber or yellow sticky wax, hence its name. CBD wax can be used in a variety of ways, most commonly as CBD dabs. Taking CBD dabs requires an e-rig, dab pen (also called a wax vape), or a traditional tabletop dab rig.

How do CBD dabs make you feel?

The non-psychoactive cannabinoid is sought after by medical patients and recreational users alike for its many health benefits. Some of the most common uses of CBD dabs are for sleep issues, anxiety, stress, depression, nausea, and pain relief, though there are many other therapeutic uses for CBD. If you’ve tried other CBD products before and know what it feels like, you will experience intensified effects with CBD dabs due to its potency. Most users feel a strong sense of relaxation, calmness, and relief. If you’re wondering if CBD makes you high, the answer is no. CBD alone does not have an intoxicating or mind altering effect like its famous brother THC. However, some CBD products include THC and if this is the case, you will feel a little bit high, though this is often very slight. Be sure to read your CBD label and check for THC content.

How long does a CBD dab last?

If you have any experience smoking marijuana, you’ll know that the effects are nearly immediate. You’ll be able to get the benefits of cannabis immediately, however its effects won’t last as long as other methods of consumption. CBD edibles for instance can take an hour or longer to begin working but its effects can last for many hours depending on the dose. CBD dabs will start to wane within roughly one to two hours. Concentrates are the most potent form of cannabis, so THC and CBD dabs should be taken with care. It’s best to start out slow because a little goes a very long way when it comes to CBD wax. The average dose is only about the size of half a grain of rice or the head of a ballpoint pen.

How to take CBD dabs

After procuring your CBD wax of choice, you will also need a smoking device. It’s always useful to have a dab tool to manipulate the CBD wax easily. CBD dabs require vaporization, which calls for much higher temperatures than smoking a joint or lighting a bowl. To take CBD dabs, you’ll need one of the following devices:

  • Dab rig - This is the original way to dab concentrates and is still loved by hardcore 710 enthusiasts. Tabletop dab rigs require a scorch torch, nail, and a carb cap. Dab rigs need to be filled with water just like a bong. Heat up the nail, drop in your CBD wax, and cover it with a carb cap for convection and airflow. We love the mini Grappa Dab Rig that’s easy to pass and take along on the go.
  • E-rig/Portable dab rig - E-rigs are similar to dab rigs, except they have an internal heat source, which means a precise temperature every single time. These smoking devices are either battery powered or have a plug and often have a water chamber like a normal dab rig. Check out the award winning KandyPens Oura e-rig.
  • Dab pen/wax vape - Dab pens are discreet, portable, and simple to use, so it’s no wonder they’re so popular. These pocket-sized vaporizers often have a shorter battery life, fewer customizations available, and produce less vapor than an e-rig or dab rig, but it makes up for it with convenience. Try the insane looking Storz N Bickel Plenty Vape that can be used for dabbing concentrates or for dry herb.

Now that you know all about CBD wax and dabs, it’s time to give it a go! Visit our online smoke shop for e-rigs, dab pens, vaporizers, dab tools, wax storage containers, torches, cool carb caps, dab mats, and more!

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