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How to use and best products to buy.

Tryin'a get torched? If you're using a dab rig to get there, you're going to need an actual torch to light the way. Why? Because you can't simply use a lighter with a dab rig; you won't get the nail to the right temp, plus your hand will hurt like hell from holding down the button. A torch is used to safely, efficiently heat the nail to the perfect temperature before using your dab tool to scoop in the wax and covering the nail with a carb cap for the perfect dab.

How to Use a Torch

Butane torches are pretty easy and intuitive to use. You simply...

  1. Unlock the safety latch by flipping it to the "off" side
  2. Press down on the trigger of the torch
  3. Adjust the size of the flame based on your preference (whether you like cooler or hotter dabs)
  4. Heat your dab nail for 1-3 minutes 
  5. Relock the safety latch

How to Refill a Torch

The best thing about torches is that they are easy to refill and reuse. Here's how!

  1. Buy a refill canister. Make sure that you buy good quality butane to refill your torch!
  2. Flip the torch upside down
  3. Fit the nozzle of the butane canister into the hole at the bottom of the lighter and press firmly
  4. Voila! You're done

We have a fine selection of torches that will help you heat things up quickly. Besides lighting your dab rig, you can also use these to make killer creme brulees to eat after dabbing, so it's honestly a win-win situation in every way.