Best CBD for Sleep and Anxiety

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best cbd for anxiety
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Do you often have trouble sleeping or suffer from anxiety yet not wanting to use weed to alleviate those symptoms? Whether you are unable to consume THC or prefer CBD as an alternative, finding the perfect solution to your insomnia woes or bouts with anxiety are essential to leading a healthy and fulfilling life. Here are some of the best CBD for sleep and anxiety that you can try and see which works best for you. 

Original Hemp - Daily Dose Capsules for sleep

original hemp daily capsules

One of the easiest ways to take CBD is through capsules like the Original Hemp - Daily Dose Capsules. Choose each daily capsule based on what you are trying to achieve, like: get more energy, encourage sleep, alleviate stress or provide relief in physical ailments. Considered to be the most travel-friendly CBD capsules and made from full spectrum hemp extract, these come in single serve packaging as the perfect on-the-go partner for you day or night. You can also purchase Original Hemp Capsules - 750 mg that comes with a 60-capsule amount of 750mg active cannabinoids per bottle.

CBD Living Calming Assorted Gummies

CBD living calming gummies

If you need a fast-acting remedy during your time of need, try CBD Living Calming Assorted Gummies to help ease your mind and get you to the good place quickly. With 10mg of CBD in each gummy, choose from regular or vegan with all natural non-GMO ingredients so you can trust what you’re consuming. These calming CBD gummies come in a 10-count or a 30-count and in a variety of flavors so feel free to mix it up and see what you like! This gluten-free, ten-calorie gummy is as good as it gets when trying to put only clean things into your body but still benefit from the effects of CBD too.

VESL Oils Vegan CBD Gummies - 750 mg

VESL Oil vegan CBD gummies

Need some soul-soothing gummies to put you to bed and keep you asleep all night? VESL Oils Vegan CBD Gummies are another winner with 25mg of CBD per gummy making it a pretty potent amount if you consume quite a few. This all natural and organic CBD gummy will have you feeling no trace of anxiousness and can get you pretty sleepy in no time, acting in a natural way to let your body know it is time for some rest. VESL is a family-owned brand so you know that the quality is high and no one is skipping corners! Gotta love supporting small businesses and you won’t regret it with the high quality products you’ll be getting.

Original Hemp - Tincture

original hemp tinctures

Are gummies not your vibe? Try something like the Original Hemp - Tincture instead, another fast-acting formula that will help you relinquish those anxious thoughts and put that mind at ease so you can catch some zzz’s. CBD tinctures are a great solution when wanting to incorporate more or less CBD into your routine, and we highly suggest using tinctures to microdose since it is so easy to administer customized doses. Choose between flavors like Fresh Berry or Vanilla Dream and get it poppin with just a few drops!

VESL Oils CBD/CBG Bath Bomb - 100 mg

VESL Oils CBD/CBG Bath Bomb

One of the best ways to wind down and relax regardless if there’s CBD in it is a good bath bomb! VESL Oils CBD/CBG Bath Bomb is a 100mg bath bomb that will have your body fully relaxed and ready to enjoy the night. Choose between different vibes like Continuum, Dark Matter, and Retrograde that is infused with aloe vera, coconut milk and peptides to get your skin to its best. Also infused with grapefruit, rosemary, and lavender, each bath bomb should take about 15-25 minutes to dissolve so let it do its thing while you light some candles and prepare some other self care solutions like a mask and some ice cream!

CBD Living Calming Loose Leaf Tea - 12.5 mg

CBD Living Calming Loose Leaf Tea

CBD Living Calming Loose Leaf Tea is an excellent way to ensure you are winding down the day right with a spicy cup of tea that has 12.5mg of CBD to ease yourself into your bedtime routine. Easily brew up a cup or two of the tea of your choice, like chai turmeric, matcha or passion green - the flavors are wonderful! With a total of 250mg Nano CBD in a packet, CBD loose leaf tea is a simple method to incorporate CBD into your life. Whether you prefer to drink tea to wake up in the morning or to wind down at night, this CBD loose leaf tea is a game changer and makes it easier to drink with an expansive variety of flavors.

Using CBD for sleep and anxiety

Although it is not the go-to answer to your problems and will not solve long-term issues you might be having, using CBD for sleep and anxiety is a very safe way to find relief and relaxation. The best CBD for sleep and anxiety contain natural ingredients that will promote better health overall and not just a quick fix. The above CBD products are sourced from high quality brands who use trustworthy manufacturers in creating valuable products that work. Check out more buy CBD online for other brands that can help with energy, focus, and more.

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