Best Heady Glass Bongs, Pipes, and Bowls

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Heady glass bongs, pipes, and bowls
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Ready to add another exclusive heady glass bong to your collection? There’s no better time than now! For those who are short on dough at the moment (we totally understand), you can always elevate your smoking arsenal with a small piece that doesn’t break the bank like a heady glass pipe or bong bowl. We’ve listed the best heady glass bongs, pipes, and bowls that you can pick up right now!

What is heady glass?

In the 420 and 710 communities, heady glass refers to any glassware that is crafted by an artist as a one-of-a-kind or limited edition piece. Oftentimes, the creative and artistic nature of heady glass bongs, pipes, bowls, and dab rigs take precedence over functionality, though this is not always the case, especially when the artist is a stoner themselves. Each heady glass bong is hand blown with care and features unique designs. Heady glass is considered art and you will definitely want to show it off and have it displayed in your home

Heady glass bongs

Glass Flower Perc Terrarium

Plant parents, get ready to add even more greenery to your home with the Glass Flower Perc Terrarium heady glass bong designed by Chaiah Sullivan at Unparalleled Glass! Sullivan has made a few cactus and plant-inspired water bongs, but this one is exquisite. Handcrafted with high-quality borosilicate glass, this cool bong resembles a blooming cactus plant complete with flower buds and spines both inside and outside for a multi-dimensional design. Hidden in one of the pink flowers is a slide and matching flower poker. This 9-inch heady glass bong is one you won’t be able to take your eyes off of.

Glass Flower Perc Terrarium

Avocadope Mini Rig

Swap the avocado toast with the Avocadope Mini Rig for the wake and bake of your dreams. Though it’s just 6-inches tall, this mini bong is tediously designed with multiple avocados, each with textured skin and a creamy center. This American made heady glass bong was designed and hand blown by the artists at the acclaimed Empire Glassworks. Pack the included avocado glass bowl or swap it out with a banger if you prefer concentrates. This mini bong is just as versatile as the fruit itself.

Avocadope Mini Rig


Don’t mess with the insane Mesaron bong made by glass artist Kyle from Kyru Glass in Michigan. This unique water bong looks like it crawled right out of a sci-fi movie and might just turn around and bite if you take too hard of a bong rip. From the curved spine-lined tail that holds the mouthpiece to the textured skin and bulging eyes, this heady glass bong is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s so detailed and well-made that you may just want to keep it as a sculpture and only give it a hit or two on special occasions.

Mesaron Bong

Heady glass pipes

Butterfly Steamroller

Made by Scott and Ryan Bennet of Cherry Glass, the Butterfly Steamroller is an exquisite piece of art that looks extremely delicate, but can hold up to normal use. What sets this heady glass pipe apart from the rest is the separate matching base, which adds depth and completes the experience. All steamroller pipes have a carb on the opposite end of the mouthpiece for full control over the airflow. When this transparent hand pipe is filled with smoke, it almost looks like the butterfly is floating on some plants over a pond.

Butterfly Steamroller

Mr. Voorhees Le Sommeil

Art lovers will enjoy the inspiration behind the Mr. Voorhees Le Sommeil hand pipe that is made in the U.S. by Chameleon Glass. If this heady glass pipe is giving you quirky surrealist vibes, you’re on the right track. Inspired by the famous Catalan surrealist painter, Salvador Dalí, the pipe was crafted to resemble his painting, Le Sommeil. From the brown colored glass to the drooping facial details, this hand pipe is a great conversation piece.

Mr. Voorhees Le Sommeil Hand Pipe

Heady glass bowls

Marine Animal Bowls

Glass artist Kyle Geise from Easy G Glass dreamed up an underwater-themed collection of Marine Animal Bowls and you’ll be tempted to get them all. Each of the 7 unique designs feature an ocean animal such as a shark, blue whale, seahorse, manatee, and a squid attached to a coastal backdrop. These heady glass bowls are compatible with any water bong with a 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm female joint. Featuring a mix of colorful opaque and transparent heat-safe glass, these unique smoking bowls will spice up any boring bong.

Seahorse Marine Animal Bowl

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