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cheap bongs 2020 guide
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2020 has been a strange year to say the least and with many people working from home, filling their schedules with Zoom calls, and spending long hours indoors with their kids or roommates (same thing right?) cannabis users have been reaching for the bud a little more than usual. Most stoners will agree that a table top bong is the best way to smoke when at home. Even with the convenience of vaporizers, classic weed bongs have lasted the test of time since they produce unparalleled vapor quality (and quantity) that other smoking pieces can’t imitate. With everything that’s going on right now, it’s time to ditch that homemade bong and upgrade to a high-end water pipe that you’ll appreciate for years to come because you deserve it!

Marley Natural Wood Water Pipe

Marley Natural Wood Water Pipe

From coffee tables to sunglasses, everything seems to look a whole lot classier when a beautiful wood grain is involved. This Bob Marley bong is a high-end piece that combines ethically-sourced black walnut wood with heat-resistant borosilicate glass for a luxurious look. What makes this water bong special is that it can unscrew into three separate pieces for cleaning, transporting, and discreet storage. The Marley Natural Wood Water Pipe includes a five-hole diffused downstem and a built-in ice pinch for fresh, flavorful, and silky smooth tokes that Bob would approve of.

Grav Black Accent Coil Showerhead Perc Bong

Grav Black Accent Coil Showerhead Water Pipe

Since percolator bongs have added internal water features which take a longer time to design and create, they are typically more expensive than basic bong styles. Because of the added expense, many people wonder are percolator bongs worth it? The answer is yes! Besides all the cool looking bubbles when used, percolators like the showerhead and coil percs in the Grav Black Accent Water Pipe filter out hot ash and diffuse the vapor for comfortable rips. The 12-inch water bong is made from transparent glass with black accents and a funnel shaped smoking bowl that’s ready to be used right out of the box.

Amanita Celtus MoldyCreations Bong

Amanita Cletus Bong

If you’re looking for a piece that is totally unique and a little bit on the weird side, the Amanita Cletus Bong is for you. This wacky beaker bong is straight out of a dark fairytale dreamt up from the mind of glass artist Joe Rowles, better known as MoldyCreations. Each water pipe is completely different from the next since he blows the glass and hand paints each piece when ordered. Be careful of this one-eyed mushroom monster because you might just lose a finger the next time you’re getting baked. If you’re into his work, check out the other macabre water pipe by MoldyCreations, the Psycho Bong.

Marley Naturals Smoked Water Pipe

Marley Natural Smoked Water Pipe

All of the products in the Marley Natural line are elegant and well-designed and the Smoked Water Pipe is no exception. Handblown from a unique grayish-blue colored glass, this Bob Marley bong has a sleek look with pops of gold and even a hidden lion motif on the bottom. The diffused downstem and splash guard combine for powerful, clean hits, common of a beaker bong. At 13 inches tall, this piece is big enough for making huge plumes, yet still a good size for sharing, plus it has a reinforced base for added stability when you’re passing it around the bonfire.

Empire Glass Panda Mini Bong

Empire Glass Panda Nano Rig

There may only be a few thousand giant pandas left in the world, but many people have fallen in love with these cuddly dark eyed bears. At just 6.5 inches, this mini bong honors the playful giant pandas of China with an intricately crafted scene of a mama and her cubs climbing through a bamboo grove and even has a yin and yang symbol thrown in the mix. Its small size makes it a great piece for travel, plus it comes with a matching glass bowl and a banger so you can switch between dry herb or your favorite concentrates. The Empire Glass Panda Nano Rig isn’t just a powerful weed bong, it’s also a work of art you can be proud to show off.

Empire Glass Galactic Flagship Water Pipe

Empire Glass Galactic Flagship Water Pipe

Hold onto the armrest because you’re about to blast off to another universe! The Galactic Flagship Water Pipe will take you real high, real quick, with its straight-shooter style and honeycomb percolator for milky rips. Sharing your journey to the stars with others is simple thanks to the two exterior rockets that act as handholds and the small nine-inch size that makes taking over the pilot’s seat easy. This weed bong comes with a matching galaxy bowl with swirling moons and planets that brings the whole piece together.

Grav Jane West Beaker

Grav Jane West Beaker

The Grav Jane West Beaker is an elegant bong designed by cannabis activist and entrepreneur Jane West, that produces potent, direct hits. Crafted in either a light jade color or a milky white with a bowl to match, it’s easy to imagine a genie escaping from this chic beaker bong each time you take a hit. Expect a 10-inch water pipe with smooth curves that’s just as fun to use alone as it is to share with friends. The shape of this luxury bong allows for lots of water filtration and interior space for the smoke to accumulate so you can get giant rips, plus the design makes it simple to clean.

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