Best Cheap Bongs Under $100 Guide

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Many of us have already gotten our stimulus checks and although it’s tempting to blow it on all things Mary Jane, it’s time to adult hard and be clever about your spendings at the moment. However, you can adult and still make self-care purchases every now and then, right? If anything, putting your well-being first is a key part of the art of adulting, which is why we’ve rounded up a list of the best bongs under $100, so you can de-stress and stay motivated! Make sure to add your favorites to the cart, these like other essentials are going fast!

Best Cheap Beaker Bongs

If you’re looking for a bong that’s durable, easy to use, and even simpler to clean, beaker bongs are the best bang bang for your buck. These bad boys have a sturdy and wide base that will hold up even for the clumsiest of stoners. Plus they are crazy easy to clean compared to other types of water bongs and will get you faded fast.

The Color Tip Beaker

big beaker bong

For a little over $50, the Color Tip Beaker is a simple yet excellent choice! Standing 14 inches, this beaker bong provides huge hits and is table stable as expected. A pop of color accents its transparent borosilicate glass build making this bong ideal for a refreshingly simple aesthetic. Although this is a pretty cheap bong, it has some higher-end features like its percolated downstem for enhanced smoke diffusion and built-in ice catcher to keep your hits frosty.

Chromoly Beaker

chromoly beaker bong

The bong of the future, without the heavy price tag! The Chromoly Beaker is a cheap bong that doesn’t sacrifice on quality. At 13 inches tall this glass water bong is beautifully crafted with heat-stable borosilicate glass with a semi-transparent glossy veneer to get the chrome vibes flowing. Customers rave that the beautiful design combined with ultra heavy hits makes it feel much more expensive than it is. Costing a little over $60, you’ll be telling your friends to grab one too!

Iridescent Bong

iridescent beaker bong

An absolute all-around favorite, the Iridescent Bong is a stunner and delivers a powerful performance. At 13 inches tall, this cheap beaker bong will have you thanking yourself later for hitting the purchase button because honey, this is a steal! For a little less than $100, this bong is affordable yet feels like you should’ve paid more. The percolated downstem increases diffusion and gives a cleaner inhale and if you like your hits ice-cold, you’ll get good use out of the 3-pinch ice catcher too. This bong is an absolute beaut!

Cool Bongs for Sale

If you prefer to have a bong that’s visually more striking, here are a few options that will definitely kick start the conversation during smoke sessions! 

Mini Mushroom Bong

mushroom bong

Take a trip to the moon with the Mini Mushroom Bong! Standing at 7.5 inches tall this cheap bong will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland and have you wanting to get lit ASAP. This bong’s mushroom heads are ergonomically designed to dual as handles for improved grip. Use this affordable bong as a statement piece in your living room, your guests, and all the other hungry caterpillars will most definitely want to partake. And for less than $50 you’ll be tempted to get one for every room!

Chalice Bong

chalice bong

Smoke your ganja in style with the Chalice Bong, this one may look small at 6 inches but it packs some serious heat! With a fixed diffused downstem for percolated pulls, this cheap mini bong is a miniature masterpiece that you can take with you on the go. It’s pretty sturdy and fairly easy to clean so you can definitely expect this portable bong to keep up with all of your crazy adventures and misadventures! Costing just a little over $50 you might have to make the chalice part of your daily ritual!

Mini Skull Bubbler

skull bong

Technically this is a bubbler but with this price tag and functionality, the Mini Skull Bubbler had to make an appearance on this list. Only costing a little over $30, this cheap bubbler bong is so affordable it will blow your mind how it hits so well. It may only be 4.5 inches tall but this mini bubbler is a top contender against other water pipes. The transparency of the skull body makes it that much cooler so you can see the smoke building up, and not to mention how easy it is to clean when you can see everything! 

Many think you have to spend a ton of money on a quality bong but that’s far from the truth. This list of glass bongs for sale most definitely proves that and you won’t be disappointed. Which bong is your favorite and why?

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