Bob Marley Day: How to Celebrate the Legend

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Every year on February 6th, music fans celebrate the birthday and life of reggae legend Robert Nesta Marley. Most well-known as simply just Bob, the lyrical genius would have turned 75 years old this year. Growing up in the poverty stricken government housing of Trench Town, Bob would later influence the world as we know it spreading a message of peace, love, and social justice. Within his short lifetime, he popularized reggae music, rastafarianism, and cannabis use and advocated for social reform in his home country of Jamaica. Bob Marley ultimately became an icon and hero for each of these causes even after his death. Bob sang from the heart about his real life experiences and dreams for the future, which connected with so many listeners. It’s no wonder that his music continues to live on well beyond his passing.

How to Honor the Reggae Legend on Bob Marley Day

Experience Reggae Month

While some parts of the world are celebrating Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year, February is all about reggae music in Jamaica. The annual month-long festivity celebrates the island’s musical history and culture, while specifically highlighting Bob Marley and Dennis Brown who were both born in this month. Around 40,000 music fans from across the globe flock to Kingston for Reggae Month’s jam packed calendar of events, concerts, lectures, and special activities. Highlights of the celebration include:

  • Remembering Dennis Brown - On his birthday, February 1st, there is always a memorial celebration in National Heroes Park.
  • Bob Marley Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations - Held at the Bob Marley Museum, this spectacular event sees the space come to life with traditional nyabingi drumming and live music.
  • JaRIA Honour Awards - Jamaica’s version of the Grammy Awards recognizes those who have contributed to the local music scene.
  • Jamaica Jamaica! Exhibition - After touring the world, the well-loved art exhibition finally returns home to the National Gallery of Jamaica. The exhibition gives visitors a look into the local street culture, music scene, and pop culture, which has helped influence and create the reggae genre. You’ll be able to see the exhibit until June 2020.
  • Reggae Wednesdays - This free concert series is held outdoors in Emancipation Park each week throughout February and showcases a range of well-known local artists spanning from the traditional reggae style we know and love to modern takes on the genre.
  • JaRIA Open University - What musical genres gave rise to reggae? How did it become so popular? If you’re dying to learn the answers to these questions and more, this weekly lecture series discusses all things reggae music.

Rasta Drumming Bob Marley Day

Experiment with a Jamaican cannabis strain

Aside from his music, one of the first things people think of when mentioning Bob Marley is weed. Though he only smoked for religious purposes, one of his most famous records and arguably the greatest reggae album of all time, Catch a Fire, features him front and center with a giant spliff, helping to popularize marijuana. Looking to dip your toes in the world of Jamaican ganja? Give these cannabis strains a try:

  • Bob Marley - Pack a bowl of this sativa and you’ll feel right at home belting the lyrics "One love, one heart. Let’s get together and feel all right." Smokers experience an energetic cerebral and physical high that’s popular amongst creatives because of its uplifting effects.
  • Marley’s Collie - This hybrid is a cross between Maple Leaf Indica and an unknown indigenous Jamaican strain. Collie is a slang term for weed in Jamaica and this particular bud is known best for its potent THC levels that can reach 28%.
  • Lamb’s Bread - Supposedly one of Bob’s strains of choice, Lamb’s Bread is one of the most energizing sativas out there (so don’t light up before bed) and is often used to lower stress levels and inspire creativity.

Blast the Bob Marley classics

Whether it’s “Three Little Birds” or “Is This Love”, everyone has their favorite Bob Marley songs that they can recite all the lyrics to. Music just sounds so much better when you’re blazed, so turn up the volume, light up a fat one, and kick back with some mellow tunes and inspiring lyrics. 

Stream the Reggae Classics playlist for all the timeless hits or start personalizing your own ultimate smoking playlist with these essential Bob Marley songs:

  • “No Woman, No Cry”
  • “Redemption Song”
  • “Buffalo Soldier”
  • “Natural Mystic”
  • “Kaya”
  • “Pimper’s Paradise”

During his live concerts, Bob put on a great show that must have been magical to be a part of. For an extra special experience, choose from one of the many Bob Marley YouTube videos live in concert so you can feel like you’re right there in the front row.

Light up with a rasta-inspired smoking accessory

If you’re in need of some smoking accessories and want to show off your love for reggae, these are for you:

Bob Marley Rolling Papers

Yes, the Bob Marley name is now on everything from headphones to drinks, but nothing seems more fitting than his very own line of eco-friendly rolling papers. These unbleached hemp papers are completely organic and come in either king size or 1 Œ.

Bob Marley Rolling Papers

Rasta Rolling Bundle

This exclusive bundle is great for beginners to rolling and also those that have perfected the art and want a new reggae inspired set of accessories. Complete with hemp wraps, rolling papers, a mini rolling tray, 4-piece grinder, and the Stoner On The Go Kit, the Rasta Rolling Bundle ensures that every little thing is gonna be alright. The one hitter fits in a discreet metal tin and is perfect for sneaky tokes anywhere you please. It comes with a mini grinder, five pipe screens, and an ultra-portable one hitter to match.

Rasta Rolling Bundle

Reggae music began as a way to give a voice to underrepresented groups in Jamaica and is now appreciated internationally thanks to Bob’s powerful messages. Happy Bob Marley Day!

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