7 Best Stoner Gifts

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Yoda Bowl Christmas Lights

Choosing the perfect gift for someone is always a challenging task and it’s no wonder that picking a present for a cannabis enthusiast is no exception, especially if you aren’t a smoker yourself. Not only do you want the gift to match the person’s personality and style, you also want to make sure it’s something they’ll actually use. Shopping for a smoker this holiday season? We’ve listed a few of the best stoner gifts broken down by categories to get you started.

What do you get stoners for the holidays?

These days, it isn’t just the hippies or college kids who smoke weed. Cannabis is now ingrained in mainstream culture and is a growing industry that has demolished old-school stereotypes. This can make getting a gift for the stoner in your life quite difficult, particularly if they already have everything (we’ll get to that later).

Best stoner gifts for the pop culture obsessed

There are tons of pop culture gifts out there and they are bound to be a supporter of something or another. Whether they are into all things  Star Wars, a hard core gamer, or a  Rick and Morty fanatic, we have a smoking accessory to match their interests beyond weed.

Yoshi Bong

Every stoner will probably already have a bong (or two), but do they have a handblown  Yoshi Bong? Probably not. This cute seven-inch water pipe in the shape of Mario’s favorite green friend produces smooth filtered hits and is still the perfect size to take on the go. The bong is just as cool to look at on the table as it is to hit since smokers fill Yoshi’s belly with water and inhale through his mouth.

Bat Bowl

If the person already owns a bong, why not gift them with a unique accessory like the  Bat Bowl? Superhero enthusiasts will have a blast smoking with the Dark Knight himself. At 14 mm, the bowl fits most bongs and is crafted from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The piece is perfect for sharing or long smoking sessions since it packs deep.

Portal Gun Pipe

Smoking out of Rick’s portal gun may just be a dream come true for any fan of the hit series about a genius alcoholic scientist and his grandson. Smokers can take huge hits from the seven-inch  Portal Gun Pipe without having to worry about being transported to another universe (or worse). The coolest part is that the detailed glass pipe glows neon green in the dark just like when it’s used in the show.

Yoshi Bong

Best gifts for the bougie stoner

Who said stoners can’t be bougie? Like we mentioned earlier, stoners come from all walks of life. If you’ve got a friend who’s into $20 avocado toast, hot yoga, and gets their weed at high-end dispensaries that look like the Apple store, then these are the perfect gifts.

Louis Vuibong

This classy bong was made for that friend who’s always on trend even when it comes to smoking. The cream white  Louis Vuibong features gold accents, a built-in ice catcher, percolated downstem, and an extra thick mouthpiece. They will be super excited to show off the sophisticated look and giant rips this bong can produce.

Puffco Peak

If your bougie smoker is all about the 710 life, help them take their dabbing to the next level with a high-tech portable dab rig like the  Puffco Peak. This sleek and sophisticated piece comes with a carrying case and heats up in just 20 seconds, making dabbing quick and convenient. Multiple heat settings and session mode lets the smoker take large or small hits depending on their mood. Dab pens are often thought of as the most discreet option, however smart rigs create much more potent rips and since they reach higher temperatures, it’s possible to smoke wax, budder, crumble, and other types of concentrates beyond oils.

Puffco Peak portable dab rig

Best stoner gifts for the comedian in your life

You know the smoker we’re talking about; the one that’s always cracking jokes at the worst time and making you laugh until you can’t breathe. They’ll have a huge smile on their face when they unwrap one of these hilarious, yet high-quality gifts.

Eggplant Pipe

When done right, an emoji can express much more than words. Gift your friend the beautifully crafted  Eggplant Pipe and they won’t need an explanation. This piece proves that bigger isn’t always better because at five and a half inches long, the eggplant can be discreetly hidden in a small purse or drawer, yet still packs a powerful hit.

Raw Challenge Cone

Do you think your friend is ready to take on the ultimate stoner challenge? Give them the  Raw Challenge Cone and the joke will be on them. Raw is one of the most well respected rolling paper brands out there with many different sizes to choose from including the largest pre-rolled cone on the market, the Challenge Cone. The insane two-foot long cone packs a ridiculous amount of herb, so they’ll probably need a few friends (to be honest, more like 20 friends). 

Eggplant Pipe

Best gifts for the stoner that already has everything

Stocking stuffers are always a good bet if you can’t decide exactly what to get. Choose a bunch of essential items needed for smoking so you know they’re going to use them. Specialty  rolling papers,  lighters,  grinders, and  rolling trays are all affordable options that are part of a stoner’s arsenal. If you know that they prefer smoking from a bong or dab rig, then think about getting them an accessory like a second smoking  bowl, new  quartz banger or an upgraded titanium nail to spice up the glassware they already own.

For more smoker gifts and holiday inspiration, check out the  Everything For 420 online store.

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