Rolling - Roll Your Own with Top Brand Names

Rolling is a classic and time-honored way to smoke. That’s because rolling your own puts you in control. From herb to papers to tips and even rolling accessories, you get to put your spin on each join, blunt, or cone you make! carries a selection of the finest rolling papers in your favorite brands like Zig Zag, High Hemp, Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers, and all natural and organic Raw. We also have all the accessories you need. So whether you’re a pro or a noob, you can get rolling in style!

Rolling papers are made from a variety of materials including rice, hemp, and other natural fibers. The gum strip used to seal rolling papers is made naturally from the sap of the acacia tree which grows in semi-desert regions in Africa. Rolling papers come in different sizes which are measured by width and length. This allows you to roll the perfect sized smoke for any occasion. The larger the paper, the more herb you can fit. Whether you want a short, fat blunt or a long, thing, perfectly rolled joint, we’ve got the right product for you.

If you’re looking to add more flavor to your smoking experience, consider blunts or flavored wraps. Blunts are made from tobacco paper. They were originally made by hollowing out a Phillies Blunt cigar and refilling it with herb, hence the name, “blunt.” If you’re looking for a fruitier flavor, we also carry High Hemp, Juicy and XXL Blunt wraps in flavors like mango, blueberry, grape, honey, and more.

If you don’t know how to roll, we have a variety of products to get you started. We stock pre-rolled papers and cones with tips. These product are made so you can simply fill it, twist it, and light it up.

If you’re ready to take your rolling experience to the next level, see our selection of rolling supplies. We’ve got rolling mats, trays, tips for making the perfect joint. We also have carry blunt holders, so you don’t burn your fingers while getting the last out of your smoke.

Whether you’re new to rolling and want to start with a user-friendly pre-roll or cone, or you’re a rolling expert looking for the finest papers and supplies to upgrade your rolling experience, look no further than Every product on our website is $4.20 because we believe all smokers deserve to get the products they want for a reasonable price.