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Let's Get Rolling

Let the good times roll with these papers, trays, filters, and more!

Rock n’ roll, the Rolling Stones, rollie polies, Rolls Royces, D20s, toilet paper… all the best things in life seem to just roll with it. Maybe that’s why rolling papers are a time-honored way to get smoking, and the art of rolling the perfect joint or blunt is no laughing matter. Besides impressing your friends, the ability to roll a great joint, blunt, or cone puts you in control of your experience. From papers to tips and even rolling accessories, you get to put your spin on each join, blunt, or cone you make. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, we have all the papers, trays, grinders, and other accessories you need to get rolling. Here’s all you need to know to get started: 

Rolling Papers

  • Hemp rolling papers are generally thicker and sturdier than other types of papers, and also environmentally friendly. They don't affect the flavor of smoke much, plus you can say that everything you’re smoking came from the same plant.
  • Rice papers are popular because of how slowly they burn. If you like to take your time and enjoy your smoke, rice papers may be for you.
  • Flax papers are renowned for their almost flavorless effects, so if you truly enjoy the taste of your herb and don’t want to taint it, these are perfect.
  • Cellulose papers are made from plant cells, and are completely transparent. This looks pretty awesome as you smoke it, plus they’re made from natural materials.
  • Tobacco papers are mostly used for rolling blunts. For a long time smokers would simply snip through a cigar shell and repack it with herb, but nowadays you can buy ready-to-roll blunt wraps without making unnecessary waste.

Rolling papers size

  • Thick vs Thin: Thicker papers are great for beginners who are still learning to roll. However, they burn faster than thinner papers, so most experienced smokers prefer the slow-burning thin papers. We carry a variety of ultra-thin papers as well as thicker ones.
  • Width: The four most common rolling paper sizes are single wide, 1¼ wide, 1½ wide, and king-sized. The bigger the paper, the bigger the joint, so think about how many people you’ll be smoking with while you shop for these. 

Other rolling options

  • Prerolled Cones: These are ultra-convenient because they are already prepped to pack when you buy them. Some higher end rolling products such as the 24K Gold Shine Cone come pre-rolled so that you can simply pack and smoke without risking an accidental screw-up.
  • Disposable Filters & Tips for joints have mostly been made out of cardboard or sturdy paper, but you can also find them in other natural materials such as cotton and corn husk.
  • Reusable Filters & Tips now come in many effective and dope looking reusable options, which also helps save a few trees. You can find these in glass, silicone, or even wood.
  • Glass Blunts: Another cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to light up with less waste. With a glass blunt, you won’t waste anymore time and money buying blunt wraps, plus they’re extremely easy to pack. Simply twist the stem and ash these like a real blunt.

Rolling Accessories

  • Grinders: If you’re always rolling on the go, consider a mini grinder. If you like having full control of your trichomes, a 4-part grinder with a kiefcatcher would be your best bet. Check out our full collection of grinders to find the perfect one for your needs.
  • Trays: These help you keep your ground up herb in place and serve as a handy surface to roll your joint or blunt. They also come in a range of fun designs so you can choose one that speaks to your personality.
  • Blunt Cutters: These make it quick and easy to split a blunt wrap so that it’s ready to pack with herb pronto.
  • Rolling tools actually roll the joint for you so you can get even, perfectly packed joints every time

We hope this handy guide has given you all the know-how you need to get rolling your way. So whether you're a blunt dude or a joint gal, whether you prefer cones or pins, whether you're a rolling freshman or a super senior, we got the best rolling supplies for you below, starting at just $4.20!

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