Must Have Rolling Tray and Grinder Sets

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cool rolling tray sets

Rolling trays and grinders are an essential part of every smoker’s arsenal.

Trays keep things organized, clean, and makes sure you aren’t wasting any herb. It’s amazing how much weed accidentally falls out of your blunts when rolling! 

For the smoothest toke and less sticky fingers, you’ll also need a grinder (but you probably already know that). There are a variety of options when it comes to grinders such as jar, mini, travel size, or four-piece styles, and they are usually made out of wood, plastic, or metal. No matter which type of grinder you choose, they’re all sure to crumble up your bud quickly for an even, smooth burn and easy mixing and rolling.

Whether you’re the go-to blunt roller for your crew or a complete newbie to the rolling game, having the right tools makes the entire experience more enjoyable. Here are a few matching rolling tray and grinder sets that are sure to make a statement.

Rick and Morty 

Time to get riggity riggity wrecked, son! Can’t get enough of the animated series Rick and Morty? Neither can we. Pair one of our two RNM inspired  metal rolling trays  with this sweet grinder featuring everyone’s favorite alcoholic scientist. Choose from the tray showcasing all of the gang getting baked, or Pickle Rick with a bong professing his self love. Now all you need to do is invite the crew over for the chillest night in the multiverse. 

rick and morty rolling tray

Raw Black Out

Every rolling enthusiast knows about the Raw brand and has definitely used one of their products at some point. The Spanish company has been making high-quality all natural unrefined rolling papers for hundreds of years and has grown a huge following around the world. Show off your joint rolling expertise with the black and red  Raw rolling tray and matching four-part  black out grinder. The 11 inch metal tray features the well-known Raw logo and twine design. It is easy to clean and has a raised lip to catch any herb that falls out while rolling. If you’re looking for the full package, add on the  Raw rolling papers,  Raw cork lighter,  pre-rolled cone papers, or the metal  herb storage tin so you can keep your weed safe.

raw rolling tray

Rasta Dubs 

You don’t have to wait until 4:20 in the afternoon to start feeling irie with this  marijuana leaf rolling tray and  rasta grinder. The four-piece 50mm grinder has a sleek design with three chambers including a kief catcher and comes with a small spatula so you don’t have to let any trichomes go to waste. Easily carry and store the ultra mini metal tray in your backpack or the smallest of drawers so you can pull it out whenever duty calls. The red, yellow, and green design will make you wish you were lighting up on the beaches of Jamaica.

rasta dubs rolling tray

Call of Doobie

Call up the homies and channel your inner Alex Mason with this hilarious Call of Doobie: Smoke Ops bundle honoring one of the best-selling first person shooters of all time. Gamers will love the iconic imagery with pistols swapped out for a lighter and a huge bag of weed. If that doesn’t get you in the mood then I don’t know what will! The  large metal tray goes great with the 52mm  black cut out grinder. The large four-piece grinder is durable and quickly grinds up large quantities of bud, just what you need for those all night gaming sessions. This set is sure to be the highlight of your next smoke out.

call of doobie rolling tray

All In One Kit 

When smoking on the go, nothing beats the convenience and price of the  Rowll All In One Rolling Kit. Though full-sized grinders and trays may be the best option when smoking at home, travel kits like this one are extra discreet and easy to use so you can roll your joints in seconds no matter where you are. The pocket and wallet-friendly kit has everything you need from papers, cardboard filters, a fold out rolling tray with funnel, and a built-in metal grinder strip. The strip has metal pyramids that quickly grind up small quantities of weed. It’s like having five products in one! The kit is also created from eco-friendly paper and has a magnetic closure to safely store your stash for later.

rowll rolling papers

The Green

This all green set featuring marijuana leaves and everyone’s favorite three-digit number is an instant crowd pleaser. Keep all of your smoking essentials organized on the  mini metal tray then stash it in your bag, car, or desk. The 3 oz. ultra lightweight design makes rolling on the go a breeze. Pair it with the all  green 46mm four-piece grinder and you’ll be ready to take your rolling skills to the next level.

everything for 420 set

Grand Dank Auto 

Turn on your gaming console and get to rolling with this awesome  GTA inspired set featuring iconic criminals Carl, Mike, and Trevor holding a giant bong, lighter, and bag of bud. With the 40mm revolver grinder and tray in hand you just might be ready for the big heist, or at least getting blazed with your buddies. The three-piece grinder includes a screen and lower compartment to catch your kief so you can add just the right amount. Pull out this set to roll your joints in style, but leave the carjacking, police chases, and shootouts to the pros.

grand dank auto rolling tray

Whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift for a friend or just want to elevate your rolling game, we’ve got you covered. Anyone living the 420 lifestyle deserves one of these sweet  rolling tray and  grinder  sets to complete their collection. And the best part is, these products start at less than $5! For more rolling trays and grinders check out our huge selection at Everything For 420 and get to rolling!



What is the rolling tray and grinder set for?

If you're into smoking joints and rolling blunts, you might be wondering what a rolling tray and grinder set for. Everything 420 provides stoners with great options to build their own rolling tray and grinder set for rolling their own Joints and Blunts!

How to choose the right rolling tray and grinder set?

When looking into a rolling tray and grinder set for yourself, you might be wondering which ones to get? Rolling trays can say something about you and your personality, we have rick and morty trays, and other cool rolling trays to fit your mood and style!

Rolling tray and grinder set is it convenient?

If you're an avid joint smoker, rolling tray and grinder set for convenience is crucial! Break up your herb with some of our fantastic grinders, then use the tray so nothing spills over and you have all of your supplies and herb in one place!

What material is best for rolling tray and grinder set?

The material you use with a rolling tray and grinder set for is totally up to you. Everything 420 carries plastic and metal grinders, as well as plastic and metal rolling trays. Both Metal and Plastic are super durable materials that can be trusted to hold and grind your bud for easy rolling!

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