Yoshi Bong - 7"

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The Yoshi Bong is an ideal piece for Nintendo fans. Standing at a solid 7” tall with a 14mm joint, he’s sure to get some attention while sitting on display at your home. At that size, this bong is portable enough to take between locations, just be sure to exercise caution as you would with your Game Boy or Nintendo Switch.

The Specs

  • A 7” tall glass lizard bong that looks like Super Mario’s trusty, reptilian stead
  • The mouthpiece is located on Yoshi's mouth, making every hit like a romantic encounter with this handsome lizard
  • Includes a 14mm bowl for dry herb
  • Includes a built in downstem
  • Added water goes all the way down to Yoshi's feet, keeping the piece steady and him well hydrated
  • The 14mm joint fits proper quartz bangers or nails for dabbing


The Story

Mario first met Yoshi after rescuing him from captivity in Super Mario World back in 1990. After defeating Bowser and his punk-ass kids, Mario and Yoshi returned to the real world and went to a Prince concert while he was performing the Nude Tour. After the show, Mario and Yoshi stopped at local bar for a night cap where they met a couple glass artists. It’s rumored this design comes from one of the artist’s recollection of that evening.

Why you should get it

Though not everyone can pull off amazing speed runs in the Mario series, we all still love this Nintendo icon.

What happens if you don’t

Princess Peach gets abducted again, but Mario finds himself too strained to go it alone. He hires a PI to find the right castle the first time around and skip all the bullshit.