4 Ways to Celebrate April 20th (4/20)

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It’s that magical time of year again, celebrated by stoners across the globe. While this number is intrinsically linked to two different times every day, April 20th is a holy 24-hour period for potheads to blaze all day, if it’s in the cards.

There’s still a bit of myth surrounding the origination of the term – a topic we covered in a blog early February of this year. The accurate history is that "four-twenty" was a code used by students at San Rafael High School during the 70s who called themselves the “Waldos.” Because of the group’s ties with the Grateful Dead, the term “420” would spread throughout the country and eventually, the world.

Pretty amazing considering we have the Internet today and all that’s managed to catch on in recent years is dumb shit like #yolo and eating Tide Pods.

So what does one do to celebrate 4/20?

There’s no official guidebook on the kinds festivities to engage on this day. Activities vary but the common denominator involves doing something where getting stoned is the main ingredient to the recipe. Still, many people spend their day as they usually would, just getting more high than usual.

If you look around the web, you’ll find an array of shitty suggestions, funny suggestions, and practical recommendations from all kinds of sources. In the same vein, we’ve come up with a few of our own ideas we’d like pitch to make your day as dope as possible.

1. Buy new gear

weed rolling tray

If you’re familiar with our site, you probably saw this coming. If you're a first-time visitor, the idea is simple: every item we sell is precisely $4.20. We carry everything from slick hand pipes, simple bongs or bubblers, stuff for dabbing, as well as several other inexpensive and useful products.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about adding to your collection? Perhaps you screwed up and need to apologize but a text just won't do? And of course, everyone has that one dopey friend who fucks your shit up or mistaken walks off with a bowl or lighter.

If you’re in the market for something new, need a replacement for a damaged or missing item, or need a creative way to apologize, check out our stuff. Treat yourself because, well, as the kids say, YOLO!

2. Get out and attend an event

cannabis events

There’s nothing stopping you from staying home, chilling, and taking the plunge into a series on Netflix you’ve been working through for a time. If you don’t get a chance to chill as often as you'd like, by all means, seize the opportunity to get baked and lose yourself in a show. Too, it’s an Iron Banner week, if that flavor of FPS is your thing.

However, if you’re a homebody, this is a great opportunity to explore the vast world outside your living room. The trick is, finding something to do that’s worth leaving the safety of your home.

If you’re looking to further your career, you could scan through LinkedIn to see if there’s worth doing, so long as you function professionally while stoned. Google+ is still a thing (I just checked) and there’s a slim chance you can find something on there. However, Facebook is probably the way to go.

Despite Facebook’s current, villainous status, it does have the potential for good. The occasional invites from friends and perfect strangers for local events may or may not hold the answer. Apparently, there’s nothing to do on the day of 420 for me, which may be the case for you as well. In these cases, I typically wander around areas where I see other humans until I hear music - if I have enough cash for a cover charge, then that's where I end up.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

I’m borrowing this idea from the High Times blog I plugged in early, with specific focus on this slide. If you’re in a state that’s down with herb, that’s cool. But for 20 states in the US where it’s criminalized, getting caught with bud means you’re in for some trouble, especially in states where lawmakers erroneously stick to antiquated laws, based on weed’s classification as a Schedule I drug.

This is being written in Indiana, about a mile from the Michigan state line where the fuzz has somewhat eased up on ruing lives over Mary Jane. Funny, because while only a short distance away, where I sit, a little bit of bud here could mean a felony, especially if you have any priors.

So, here’s a couple suggestions:

  • If you’re along one of the many border areas where a neighbor has marijuana legalized, play it safe and hop over the state line to get wild. Also, if your closest option is a medical state, consider establishing a residence nearby where you can hold a medical card. While I’m not going to describe how, it’s easy with a bit of research and a little help from Craigslist (no joke).
  • Plan a trip in advance. You could carpool with some friends but if you’re looking for a brief adventure by yourself or just a couple people, book a flight a couple months prior to your intended departure. I use Kayak (if I can’t get a local flight from Allegiant Air) simply because it organizes their prices against competitors the best.

4. Explore the outdoors in your local area

man working outside

... close enough.

When you were a child, didn’t you love exploring the outdoors? Somewhere along the lines in the life, some of us lose that whimsical side and spend too much time around the familiar. Then again, some of us were always this way, opting to play Sega instead of playing outside.

The nice part is, it’s not too late to rediscover nature - you'll be pleased to know most of it is still there. One of the best ways to reignite that childlike-curiosity is to go somewhere you’ve never been and just take in the sights, smells, and sounds. Or, you know, do like the kid above and get your game on in the grass.

Obviously, don’t trespass (especially, if you’re in a “red state” like me) because that means police intervention or gunfire from a startled property owner. Instead, go to a park you’ve never visited to walk, observe, and smoke.

If you’re in pot-friendly state, take your bowl or vape along for the adventure. If not, rolling a joint is the easiest way to bring along some green fun and the most disposable if someone happens to catch you with the Devil’s Grass, you sinner.

Go forth and 420

It goes without saying, there’s plenty of other things to do. This year, April 20th falls on a Friday, so you’re sure to find something to do in your area. If not, venture off the beaten path and have a good time getting some fresh air and enjoying Mother Nature.  If you're buying new goodies from us, don't forget to use the coupon code 420WEEK for a free item when you buy five items.

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