The Why & How of Stashing Your Weed

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The benefits and importance of properly storing your stash

As a child, there was always a certain pride you’d take in hiding spots. Maybe you had the best hiding place when you played hide and seek? Maybe you stashed your prized possession in a container and only you knew the location? While this was a fun past time as a child, hiding valuables and more specifically, stashing weed, is still something we do as adults.

There is all kinds of information about why children hide things from speculation to more structured studies on underlying social cognition and relation to other behaviors. Interestingly, when we’re older, we hide items for some of the same reasons (with some new additions) where the things we hide are associated with more complex consequences compared to kids who stash rocks under their bed because, you know, rocks are cool when you're a child.

Of all the things you may hide, you hopefully have places and devices to stash your weed for a few reasons. We’re going to briefly look at how and why this is important as well as throw mention some useful items and tips.

Hiding weed for fear of consequences

A lot of times, we hide our marijuana because there’s a negative consequence if we’re caught. For those living at home, parents or homeowners may have a beef with it, even when you’re of legal age – their perception of morality may be skewed, but considering the lasting impacts of smoking too much, too young, it’s for the best.

As an adult, the repercussions range in severity. On the mild end of the spectrum, some friends or roommates do shitty things, like take “just a little” from your supply. You could have a lover who is somewhere between ally that doesn’t smoke simply because they "don't like it" to a full-blown, herb fearmonger. Perhaps, the most severe ramifications occur when you’re caught by an authority in one of the 21 states where it’s illegal meaning arrest, lots of court dates, and usually some bullshit plea agreement or jail time.

Hiding weed has been and will continue to be important for many of us. However, properly storing your herb is important no matter where you live.

Properly storing your herb

There are a lot of options on the market, ranging in terms of aesthetic and functionality. Here are a few tips for storing your stash.

Preventing mold – If you’re the kind of smoker who literally burns through bud in no time flat, mold probably won’t affect you. However, if you store quantities that takes a while to consume, growing mold is possibility. When storing your supply, make sure it's as air tight as possible to prevent smell as well as water vapor from entering the container. Also, always store everything above freezing but below 75° F to reduce the likelihood mold will form from air that inevitably enters the container.

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Store in glass at home – If you’re not on the move, glass is ideal for storing moderate supplies of herb. Glass doesn’t allow the aromas to permeate the container, often (but not always) eliminating the smell, depending on the quality of the seal. This goes both ways as it prevents many microscopic undesirables from entering the container, ultimately keeping your supplies fresher.

Use silicone for dabs – When you pick any kind of concentrate, you’re best off to immediately put it into some kind of silicone container. These small containers tend to prevent smells from escaping, keep the concentrate from drying out, and allow for easy extraction compared to other materials where most forms – especially waxes – will stick to non-silicone surfaces.

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Get something software for on-the-go – If you have (or are) a creative girlfriend, they sometimes make little pouches out of clothing like a creepy bird vest acquired at a second hand store. For everyone else, you’ll need to find something else to prevent damage to whatever you might carry. Something like the Lil’ Zip Pouch we sell is great as a catch-all for baggies of weed that tend to spill plus, it keeps things from breaking. The only down side is that these don’t mask much of the smell.

Metal containers are decent for short-term storage – Metal containers are good since they’re typically light, making them portable however, they can dent and scratch if you’re not careful. Items like the Cheech and Chong Round Stashbox don’t seal as well as glass so these are best if you go through your stash quickly.

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