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Perfect in Pink Dabber Set

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The Perfect in Pink Dabber Set is perfectly pink combination of items pulled together to provide you with two complete dabbing rigs featuring all the tools your heart desires. In addition to the pink dab rig, you get a bonus complete Nectar Collector set with all the pieces you need to smoke dabs. For anyone who appreciate an ensemble of pink, this collection looks like it could have fallen out of a Victoria’s Secrets catalog.

What you get

With the Lady Dabber Set, you receive the following items with each set:

  • Pink-Tinted Dab Rig (set exclusive) - Standing at 7” with a 14mm female joint, built in ash catcher under the bowl joint and features a UFO diffuser for equal spread of smoke and superior cooling 
  • 14mm Male Herb Bowl - Large heavy duty herb bowl
  • 14mm Quartz Banger- To ignite whatever kind of concentrate you heart desires
  • Torch - Adorable Pink Neon Torch with matte finish
  • High Quality Metal Dab Tool - to break apart and apply your chosen concentrate
  • Silicone Container - A small pink silicone container that holds a single kind of concentrate
  • Rolling Tray - An adorable 5" x7" pink metal tray for keeping all your dab items together or rolling bud
  • Nectar Collector - A set featuring a percolating chamber, glass mouthpiece, titanium tip, quartz tip and keck clip to keep it all together

Why you should get it

If this were Victoria’s Secret, you’d basically get the same amount of fabric used for a sock at the same price point.

What will happen if you don’t

Every time someone passes this deal over, somewhere in the world a little girl’s Barbie doll loses one of its limbs.

    USA FlagAll products are shipped discreetly from USAUSA Flag Trust badges, Shopify secure, No-Hassle Returns, credit cards icons