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Neon Torch

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Refillable torch lighter with adjustable flame. Various colors.

The Neon Torch is a functional, inexpensive way to heat your bangers and nails to the required temperature needed for concentrates to work their magic. Each torch has an adjustable switch to increase the amount of butane flowing through the device. All five colors (we have: green, blue, pink, yellow, and orange) are refillable with a standard butane refill canister.

The Good

Neon colors have a special place in the hearts of country music fans as well as most people with fond memories of the 90s. The early 90s offered kids a slew of colorful products to shield them from the poor economy and other epidemics spawned during the Reagan administration. Maybe you found solace during 1995 while in a bar illuminated by neon lights after losing a lover while listening to John Michael Montgomery. Even if neither of these applies to you, these torches are great for heating bangers and nails for dabbing. Plus, they’re easy to see.

The Bad

These don’t glow in the dark and even as adults, glow in the dark items are still fun.

The Ugly

Though Nixon was originally credited by starting the “War on Drugs,” the Reagan era made it much worse.