Collection: Cheap Dab Rigs Under $100

Check out our collection cheap dab rigs for sale, including our mini, silicone, recycler and glass dab rigs for sale!

Best Dab Rigs for less than a Benjamin

What can you buy with that $100? A couple of video games you’ll get bored of pretty soon, 20 greasy burgers that will go straight to your arteries, a nice pair of jeans you’ll spill red wine on after a couple months… or you could get yourself a high quality dab rig that will last you a long time and bring you endless hours of fun, relaxation, and enjoyment, and still have some extra left in your pocket at the end of the day. Our collection of unique dab rigs under 100 has awesome options for every dabbing preference, every personality and style, and yes, every budget. We handpick all of our products to make sure that you’re only getting the best quality!

Types of Cheap Dab Rigs for Sale

You can find almost any style of dab rig in this section. Why? Because we believe you deserve the best dab rigs no matter what budget you’re working with, and we want to bring you the highest quality rigs at the lowest prices. Whether you are looking for a glass dab rig, silicone dab rig, portable dab rig, enail dab rig or recycler dab rig here is a curated list that will help you narrow down what you are looking for:

  • Percolator Dab Rigs - Want to experience awesomely chuggy and bubbly hits that filter, diffuse, and cool your vapors to the perfect temperature? Dab rigs with percolators (like the Double Barrel Dab Rig) accomplish this by creating lots of holes where smoke and vapors bubble through, creating perfectly cool and smooth rips.
  • Recycler Dab Rigs: Some of the craziest looking dab oil rigs are actually recyclers. They look so complex because they have two (or more) chambers, connected with tubes that form a circuit. As water and vapors make the rounds, your hits are filtered and cooled. Plus, recycler dab rigs are a lot of fun to watch in action.
  • Perc-Recycler Dab Rigs: If you want your dab rig hits to reach extreme levels of smoothness, freshness, and coolness, perc-recycler dab rigs combine all the perks of percs with the benefits of a recycler.
  • Glass Dab Rigs - Made from high quality borosilicate glass which is used in laboratories and high-end restaurants our glass dab rigs are extremely durable and can take the heat required for dabs.
  • Silicone Dab Rigs - Silicone dab rigs are one of the most affordable options available if you're looking to start dabbing on a budget. They are also great for travel, you can stuff your rig in your bag without worrying that it might shatter on the way to your friend's place for the sesh.
  • Enail Dab Rig - If you're afraid of butane torches you're not alone, they can be pretty intimidating but these e-rigs allow you to set the temperature making it much easier to heat up your concentrates. Enail dab kits are generally more expensive but you may be able to cop a steal in our online store if you're lucky to snag one of these before they run out!

Buy Cheap Dab Rigs for Sale Online

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