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What is a good Cyber Monday sale gift for my…


There’s no better place to snatch up a great deal than during the Cyber Monday Bong sales. You know what that means. It’s time to surprise him with a luxury percolator bong that would otherwise be out of your budget (no need to let him in on that little secret). For the ultimate “wow” factor, gift him the 24-inch tall Sestina Bong that will test his limits. Available in black, blue, or green, this huge bong features a wide base, three-pinch ice catcher, a fixed downstem, and six honeycomb percolators for extreme bubbling and aeration. An 18 mm cone-shaped bong bowl is included so he can take a rip and test it out right after opening the box.


Are things getting serious? Time to make it EF420 official with a shiny new bong! She’ll fall in love with the mix of transparent and opaque glass, dual jellyfish percolators, and curved design of the Colored Double Barrel Bong. Standing at 12 inches tall, this water bong isn’t too small or too much to handle and the two percs ensure that each hit is smooth, filtered, and comfortable on the throat. The real challenge is deciding which of the five available colors match best with her personal aesthetic or home decor.

Smoking buddies

Thank your friends for always supplying your smoke sessions with an affordable gift that’s useful and still looks expensive. It’s always a bummer when a bong bowl gets too dirty, lost, or cracked right when you’re trying to light up. That’s why it's always a good idea to have at least one backup bowl on hand (your friends will thank you). There are several cool bong bowls that are part of the Cyber Monday bong deals this year including the Vader Bowl, Yoda Bowl, Mario Bowl, and the Medusa Bowl, all of which are less than $10 with the discount code so you have no excuse!


What can you get for someone who lives and breathes the 420 lifestyle and seems to own everything? A Micro Nectar Collector and dab mat of course. This combo is perfect for those that partake in cannabis concentrates and seem to have it all. The Micro Nectar Collector set consists of a bubbler chamber, titanium tip, quartz tip, mouthpiece, keck clip, and a glass concentrate dish. The hybrid rolling tray with dab mat creates the perfect flat and heat-resistant work space to put the nectar collector into action. Both are lightweight and portable so he can carry it in his backpack and dab on the go.


It’s tough being the stoner sister of the family and even harder getting her the perfect gift. Reward her for taking one for the team with a cool bong that has a ton of features, matches her style, and functions like a dream. The obvious choice to win her favor is the Chariot 2 Tone Percolator Bong. Available in jade green or opaque black, this percolator bong has a fixed downstem with a matching bong bowl, splash guard, inline perc, thick mouthpiece, and central jellyfish perc. Blown from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, this is one bong every 420 enthusiast would love to own.


Let’s not forget that moms need time to unwind too, so don’t forget to pick something up for your leading lady during the Cyber Monday bong sales. The Deep Sea Diver Bong produces silky smooth rips and has a gorgeous silhouette that she’ll love. At 12 inches tall, it’s large enough for a seasoned toker, but still small enough to hide away in the cupboard when the cousins come over for dinner. This percolator bong features a wide beaker base, splash guard, and a matrix percolator. The included bong bowl can also be swapped out for a banger if she wants to try something a little more potent.


Everyone loves cannabis, even dads, so don’t feel weird about gifting your old man some new gear. He’s seen it all, trust us. Get him a retro inspired water bong like a Szong or Psychedelic Silicone Beaker Bong so he can reminisce about the good ole days. The Szong gives a basic bong a super unique look with a curvy neck design that keeps dirty water down, even when taking the hardest of bong rips. The Psychedelic Silicone Beaker Bong is made from heat-safe silicone that is nearly indestructible, so there’s one less thing for him to worry about. The drop-proof beaker bong is available in two old-school designs, tie dye or swirl.


Is your shipping discreet?

While browsing the Cyber Monday bong sales for a gift, you may have thought, “what if their roommates or parents get the mail before them and I get my boyfriend or sister in trouble?” Luckily, you don’t need to worry. Every order is shipped discreetly from Dallas, Texas in a plain looking box that won’t draw attention or suspicion. We’ve even gone as far as using an unassuming business name on the shipping label and your credit card statements so no one needs to know what you’re up to, plus it makes for a great surprise (just tell them to open their gift when they’re alone). On the outside, it’s just a basic box, but on the inside it’s a stoner’s dreamland. Our shipping is also super quick and reliable. It’ll be on their doorstep within 2 to 7 days and usually gets packaged the very same day the order is placed.

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