The Bub to Bud Box - Monthly subscription


Is the subscription box profitable?

Everything 420 tries to give you the best deal we possible can each month with an affordable subscription box! We might not make a lot of money off our subscription box, but that's because we care about you! Out box is made out of love and top quality products, in hopes that you'll be back for more!

Can the subscription box be used as a gift?

The subscription box can be a great gift for any stoner friend! The box is pre packaged like a gift already, all you have to do is pass it along! The subscription box comes with tons of great gifts that any stoner would absolutely love!

Why is the Subscription box so popular?

The subscription box is one of our top sellers on Everything 420! The reason being, we send you a subscription box each month for the low cost of $42.00. The subscription box comes with tons of cool stoner favorites like pipes, bongs, grinders, and much more! Each month is different!

Are there any restrictions when buying a Subscription box?

There's not too much to it when buying the Everything 420 subscription box. Place your order and each month you'll get delivered a new subscription box full of stoner goodies! You do have to be 21+ to order our subscription box.