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Zaza Weed Strain Review

June 01, 2021 3 min read

Zaza weed strain

After a long week of work most of us just want to post up in our sacred space and get high to relax and unwind. We’ve already recommended what cannabis strains are best for you but let’s get down to a specific strain that will have you wanting to smoke on the zaza cuz it goes straight to the matha - literally. Learn all about the special zaza strain in this full Zaza weed strain review so you know how to handle this gas. Early reader tip: this strain is not for beginner users, so if you want to level up keep reading!

What is Zaza weed strain?

Zaza is an indica-dominant hybrid weed strain that is comprised of Blue Dream and Rare Dankness #1. Known to be a heavy body high, Zaza has fruity notes like blueberry and lemon in combination with diesel and pine for an earthy yet aromatic smell. Both parent strains provide a nice high on its own so combining its powers just produces a mega nug of greatness.

It has to be mentioned that zaza weed is also a slang term that is used when someone is referring to really strong and good weed. When 21 Savage says, “smokin’ on zaza, this came out the garden with Adam and Eve” we doubt he was talking about the actual strain but Zaza weed is that good that it's been coined into a popular term.

What does Zaza weed look like?

Zaza weed actually looks pretty luxurious as grape-shaped green nugs with light orange pistils with a coating of white crystal trichomes, or that frost on weed that we all know and love to see. With its fruity yet earthy taste it is absolutely the best of both worlds and the Zaza weed strain seems to have pulled off the genetic weed lottery.

Is Zaza weed good?

With Blue Dream being a sativa strain, a euphoric and happy high starts to creep in and the good thoughts coming rolling through, while the indica effects of Rare Dankness #1 settle in over time and promote a nice and relaxing sleep. 

On average there is usually a 19-21% THC content in most Zaza weed strains, but since Zaza weed is an indica-dominant strain you’ll be experiencing couch-lock effects in no time so it is advised to use this strain in the nighttime before bed or when you plan to stay in one place for a longer period of time. This is not a strain to bring to a party if you plan on trying to drive home after!

Zaza weed for anxiety

Since Zaza weed promotes euphoria and relaxation, many chronic users of this strain use it to calm their anxiety, stress, or cases of insomnia. Sometimes indica strains can feel heavy on the mind and body, often causing a “weed hangover” the next day in feeling slower and fatigued both mentally and physically. The Zaza weed strain actually stimulates your mind in a calming way so as to not overwork it but also keep it moving, while it attaches to your CB2 receptors and tells your body to take a break, kick back and relax!

Zaza weed for depression

Anxiety and depression can coincide with one another but it should be stated that Zaza weed is also great for those experiencing depression as well. Those in a depressive state can feel free to smoke this strain at night and try therapeutic exercises to look forward to another new day. Zaza weed can really enhance a user’s thinking positively with its euphoric effects so practicing words of affirmation while smoking this strain can promote a wonderful sleep that gets those endorphins flowing and looking forward to a new start. 

Zaza weed for loss of appetite

If you need to have more cases of the munchies, Zaza weed has got you covered in that department too! Promoting an appetite is one of its side effects so make sure to read up on best munchie snacks for 420 to plan ahead and really take advantage of all the food you’re about to crave. Choose between pizza hot dogs, bacon egg and cheese stuffed waffles...need we say more?

Zaza weed strain review

Overall, Zaza weed seems to never disappoint, with users experiencing relaxation, euphoria and uplifting mood, increase in appetite and promotes a good sleep. All in all, Zaza weed is pretty fire, is a beautiful display of Mary Jane and helps to give you all the good feelings while taking away the negative vibes. All you need is a good five minutes with a Zaza joint and you’ll be feeling its euphoric effects in no time. Make sure to buy rolling papers and rolling trays ahead of time so all you need to do is pick up some of this magic to rock and roll!

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