Best Munchies Snacks For 420

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420 munchies snacks
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It is no secret that when participating in 420 activities, munchies must be part of the agenda - there is no negotiating! Let’s be real, a good smoke sesh is 50% actually smoking and the other 50% is munching. To make sure you have a full-proof and incredible 420, here are the best munchies snacks for 420 that you must try. And since we are all experienced quarantine stoners, this list goes beyond hitting up your local 7-11 for some M&Ms, let’s chef it up for some munchies madness!

Smores Cookies 

smores cookies

No one really needs a rhyme or reason to make Smores Cookies but if there should be any event to whip up these babies it is for 420. The ooey goodness of marshmallows and melting chocolate with graham crackers is not really hard to sell! If you’re in the baking mood you must treat yourself and fellow stoner friends to this ultimate munchies cookie. Don’t like s’mores style snacks? Substitute with something equally as rich like nutella!

Oreos Popcorn

oreos popcorn

For the next movie marathon set yourself up nicely with some Oreos Popcorn. All you really need is some popcorn and some oreos but feel free to add in anything else to elevate this cookies and cream concoction. If you’re not an oreos fan, substitute with crushed snickers or your favorite chocolate candy. If you’re more savory than sweet, try this Parmesan Rosemary Popcorn recipe to activate those adult taste buds.

Bacon Wrapped Brown Sugar Smokies

bacon wrapped smokies

Everyone knows that bacon and brown sugar is a phenomenal combo, so Bacon Wrapped Brown Sugar Smokies is pretty much a no brainer. Pair this with your favorite BBQ sauce and you have the finger food munchies of your dreams! If you don’t have smokies get creative and wrap pretty much whatever you have on hand. Pro tip: the higher you are, the more you’ll enjoy every munchies meal you make so remember to double up on those bong rips!

Sheet Pan Nachos

sheet pan nachos

This dish can be made by anyone regardless of their culinary skills, and the more you add the better it will be! Sheet Pan Nachos is a go to when you have a group of smokers hungry and ready for a snackdown. Kick up the spice with some jalapenos or make it meatless and add in any substituts you desire. There’s really no way you can mess this up so put your favorite apron on and fake it til you make it in the kitchen with this simplified munchies meal that really can’t be beat.

Pizza Hot Dogs

pizza hot dog

For the times you are unable to choose between a classic hot dog or personal pan pizza, here comes the Pizza Hot Dog for the munchies win! Combine your favorite meals into one and you have the best greased up munchies meal that will make you full for hours and ready to smoke another joint. For the moments you are a bit too high and need to sober yourself a bit, this is the meal that will bring you back to life.

Fried PB&J With Banana In Cereal Crust Sandwich

fried pb&j with banana in cereal crusted sandwich

To put a proper spin on a classic kid’s meal, the Fried PB&J With Bananas in Cereal Crusted Sandwich is what stoners dream of. With a few additions to the typical peanut butter and jelly sandwich, completely transform this easy meal into a munchies madness you’ll enjoy with each and every bite. Substitute the cinnamon cereal for any type of cereal you desire and let your munchies creativity flow!

Bacon Egg and Cheese Stuffed Waffles

bacon and egg cheese stuffed waffles

f you want to start your 420 off strong, wake and bake your way to making Bacon Egg and Cheese Stuffed Waffles - what a treat! Put a true stoner spin on the classic bacon and eggs breakfast platter by combining your favorite breakfast foods into one. You’ve never seen a waffle sandwich switch up like this so have yourself a nice bowl packed and maybe make this before you light up so you can set yourself up for munchies success! 

There are tried and true munchies recipes that we know and love, but the best munchies for 420 have a special twist and require some thought and creativity. These snack gems contain all the elements a stoner needs to make their smoke sesh that much better. The best munchies snacks go beyond a packaged candy box, so start thinking about your favorite snacks and how to combine them into one epic munchies meal! You can’t go wrong by buying a bong online and planning out ahead of time what munchies snacks to pair with it for your next smoke sesh. Whatever you do, remember to turn off the oven when you’re done!

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