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What Cannabis Strains Are Best For You?

February 17, 2020 5 min read

best marijuana strains

Whether you’re new to the cannabis community or a self-proclaimed cannabis connoisseur, choosing the right marijuana strain can highly enhance your experience. There are a variety of reasons for consuming Mary Jane, so knowing which marijuana strains work best for your purpose is essential. Before you go out and buy every popular strain you come across, check out this reference guide, so you can quickly find the best strain for you!

If you’ve ever been to a dispensary, you’ve probably seen the words sativa, indica, and even hybrid. These are the three main categories when referring to marijuana strains. Let’s break each down:


Often known for producing a “mind high”, you should feel an energizing effect that can also help stimulate creativity and overall productivity. This type of weed can be smoked during the daytime since most people can still be active afterward.


Known for producing a “body high”, you should feel very relaxed and almost lethargic. In fact, most people tend to choose indica strains to combat insomnia or even nausea. Be advised that this type of marijuana gives you a much heavier high than sativa, so it is best to consume indica strains at night or when trying to relax and wind down.


As the name suggests, hybrids are a cross of indica and sativa strains. You will come across sativa-dominant or indica-dominant strains and this just means that specific hybrid strain is predominantly more of one over the other. Hybrids are great when trying to mix strains and find a happy-medium balance. For some, sativa strains could make you too jumpy or paranoid because of its awakening effects, and indica can produce a sort of “weed hangover” because of its heavy body effects. 


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Which strain is best for me?

There’s no straight answer when identifying what strains are best for a specific individual. It really depends on the person’s tolerance to cannabis, what type of adverse reactions they might have had in the past, etc. The most useful information we can provide is the best strains for the reason you’re smoking in the first place. Whether you have pain and anxiety, need a creativity boost or just trying to sleep after a long workday - there is a strain for everything!

Best strains for pain

Marijuana is hands down one of the best holistic approaches to easing your physical aches and pains. Pharmaceuticals have so many chemicals that could potentially cause other health issues, which is why many have made the switch to reefer instead.

If you’re looking for a good daytime strain, try the sativa-dominant Sour Diesel. This strain should take your mind off the pain you’re experiencing and give you an impressive mental high while uplifting your mood. If you’d like to wind down and really numb your painful sensations,  White Widow will definitely do the trick. This is an indica-dominant strain that will release tension in your body and allow you to fall asleep easily.

Best strains for sickness

It may seem counterproductive to smoke when you’re feeling ill, but consuming marijuana might actually help alleviate your symptoms. If you have a cold, it is probably best to not consume cannabis via smoking, but you could use tinctures or

Best strains for migraines

If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know that you’d do pretty much anything to alleviate the agonizing throbbing pain that comes with it. CBD comes in handy when needing to alleviate your body for a bit, so if you’re new to CBD, be sure to check out 6 ways to consume CBD for a quick rundown. CBD is effective for reducing inflammation and tremendously helps with migraines in particular. ACDC is a popular sativa-dominant strain that is commonly used for migraines as it also contains high levels of CBD. This strain can also help reduce stress and anxiety which is a huge benefit to you and those around you, too.

Sour Tsunami is another popular suggestion since it also has high CBD content but is considered a 1:1 ratio (same amounts THC and CBD). CBD is effective for reducing inflammation and tremendously helps with migraines in particular.

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Best strains for anxiety

We’ve all had those debilitating days where we can barely get out of bed and just want to hide in a hole (aka our beds). It’s not easy breaking this habit, but it is possible, especially with a little help from Mr. Green. There are a few strains already mentioned that can help with anxiety but for the most part, the best strains provide a relaxed, euphoric high. Blue OG does just that - comprised of Blueberry, Blue Moonshine, and OG Kush, this is the perfect strain to lift yourself up and feeling good.

Best strains for arousal

Did you know that cannabis can potentially help stimulate arousal? Marijuana can be helpful to you in the bedroom since it creates a calming, relaxing effect. Check out how weed can improve your sex life, and try these strains:

Atomic Northern Lights

Although an indica-dominant hybrid, it is uplifting and has been known to increase arousal.

Ultimate Train Wreck

Ultimate Train Wreck: a sativa strain, this sweet and citrusy option helps not only arousal but focus as well.

Sour Dream

A hybrid of Blue Dream and Sour Diesel, this earthy strain is known for causing a euphoric effect. You’ll probably get a case of the giggles but it’s sure to set the mood.

Best strains for creativity

Creatives get high to be inspired and in the mood to fuel their minds and work. This goes back to looking for those strains that provide a euphoric high, like AK-47. This strain offers a long-lasting and uplifting high that can help one focus on the important tasks at hand. This strain has been said to give users the ability to map out their creative thoughts more effectively, enhancing the creative brainstorming process over those not smoking this strain. Durban Poison is also a crowd favorite, and dubbed as one of the most energizing strains around! Pair this strain with a cup of coffee and you’re ready to take on the day like you’re Beyonce. This strain is also popular when creating concentrates due to its oversized resin glands, meaning you can toke it up with one of our vape pens!


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Again, choosing the right strain for you will be a matter of trial and error - I mean, I doubt anyone is complaining about having to try out different strains of weed, but it can take a while to find what works best for you. The best thing to do is to identify why you are choosing to consume cannabis. From there, you are able to define the symptoms you currently have and move in the direction you’d like. Remember, if you go to a dispensary do not be afraid to ask anyone for help because they are very knowledgeable and can give you tons of insight in real-time. Describe to your budtender what kind of high you are looking for and watch them work their magic as they curate a special list of ganja just for you. 

What’s your favorite strain and why?

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