What’s a zip of weed?

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What’s a zip of weed?
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As a 420 enthusiast it is essential to know slang terminology when it comes to purchasing and smoking legal herbs, but where do you even start as a newbie? The 420 veterans that have been around the block typically have hands-on experience with needing to ensure a safe way to secure the bag, so coming up with slang words is a simple yet efficient way to get the job done. For new or occasional legal herb users, knowing what a dime bag or a dub is probably the most useful term that will be used throughout their dispensary visit. But knowing what a zip of weed is? That will need more explaining, but expanding your 420 vocabularies will come in handy someday, promise! Learn more about what is a zip of weed is and how much to get your hands on a zip. 

What’s a zip of weed?

In short, the zip of weed meaning is when a stoner refers to an ounce of legal herbs. An ounce of dry legal herbs means that there are 28 zip of weed in grams which is quite a lot! However, for the everyday user, it is most efficient to buy a zip of weed to avoid taking every other day's trips to the dispensary unnecessarily. The zip of weed meaning is a punny term that makes a ton of sense once the origins of this slang name are explained. 

Where does the term zip come from?

What’s a zip of weed and how was this name thought out, you ask? Well before dispensaries came about and became available to the everyday recreational user, dealers would sell ounces of dry legal herbs to their customers and be able to fill up a sandwich ziploc bag. Shorten it to zip and anyone on a legal dry herb high will make the connection and see how the name stuck and became popular to this day. Decades ago, it was not as safe to buy legal dry herbs nor was it as widely available, so buying a zip of weed was a way to keep large purchases discreet. 

How much is a zip of weed?

So what’s a zip of weed going to cost you? Depending on the state a zip of weed is purchased in and whether it is through a dispensary or through a “friend”, a zip of weed can cost anywhere between $150 to over $300 for top shelf bud. Buying in bulk will definitely cut the price point down as compared to purchasing an eighth or even a gram of one strain, so daily users should consider this when managing their budget for bud.

Also consider that buying legal dry herbs in bulk means rolling your own joints if the bud will not be used in a bong or pipe. Most users that like to smoke joints have no problem with rolling their own and often prefer to roll their own for personal customization, but that does add time to the preparation process and something to consider if time is of the essence when it comes to a smoke break. Preparing joints ahead of a smoke sesh solves any time constraint issues so as long as you are a prepared stoner, buying in bulk will just mean for you in the long run. 

Zip of weed in grams


Knowing the correct terminology for the common amounts of legal dry herbs that are bought is a good way to understand just how much bud is bought and how long you can expect it to last. Whether buying for someone who smokes once or twice a month vs purchasing a zip of weed for a house that smokes on the regular, this cannabis weight chart will be useful to anyone who needs a quick reference of how many grams in a zip.

  • 1/28 of an ounce = 1 gram (“dime bag”). This amount is usually referred to as a gram or a dime bag, it is often the amount found in pre-rolled joints that are sold at the dispensary. A half gram is half of a gram which can be a nice baby pre-rolled joint for quick smoke sessions.
  • 1/14 of an ounce = 2 grams (“dub). Often called a dub, this amount of legal dry herbs means that someone is buying two grams of bud. Brushing up on fractions really comes in handy for the average bud connoisseur, right?
  • 1/8 of an ounce = 3.5 grams (“eighth). An eighth is the next step up from two dime baggies, and for the average user this amount can last for about a week or two if hitting a bong or pipe a couple times a week. 
  • 1/4 of an ounce = 7 grams (“quarter”). If smoking once a day or multiple times a day in small amounts, this amount is called a quarter and will last any user a few days at the very least. To new users, any amount they see like this will look like a lot but for everyday users it will probably get them by for a few days out of the week or on a long weekend. 
  • 1/2 of an ounce = 14 grams (“half ounce”). Purchasing a half ounce and over means the person is either a serious smoker, loves the strain and wants to make sure they have it on hand at all times, or is buying for a group. A half ounce can last hourly stoners up to a week, and regular users at least a month. 14 grams might not seem like a lot in weight but when it comes to legal dry herbs it weighs out to be quite a few nugs.
  • 1 ounce = 28 grams (“zip”). A zip of weed in grams is enough to fill an entire ziploc bag which is a dream for everyday users and an overwhelming amount to newbies. While it is always a good idea to buy in bulk, there are many reasons why users prefer to buy in smaller amounts that goes beyond the final cost. Sometimes, users prefer to have a variety and tend to get a higher tolerance when smoking the same strain. By switching it up it allows for a different type of high so smoking does not become mundane and repetitive. 
  • Zip of weed meaning


    Now that you know how much to ask for the next trip you take to reload your stash, any user has a better idea of what category they’ll be in when it comes to buying legal dry herbs. Are you an occasional smoker and don’t want all the inventory a zip of weed comes with? An eighth might be nice so that it lasts you a while but available whenever you need it. Are you the type that loves a certain strain and smokes regularly? A half ounce to an ounce can really stretch your dollars further than an eighth ever could. And if you are one of those stoners that smokes your stash at once, buying an ounce might tempt you to overdo it but try to pace yourself since it’s not going anywhere!

    Before you run off and buy a zip of weed near you, make sure you have the right accessories and enough  rolling supplies to sustain your smoke sessions. Have any questions regarding your shipment?  EF420 FAQs answer all you need to know. If you’re extra nosey we encourage you to brush up on our  EF420 story and become a part of the family! With sweepstakes going on to win epic prizes, your online cannabis accessories purchase will get you a free entry so what are you waiting for? Treat yourself and shoot your shot at our latest giveaways. 

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