Cookies Cartridges Real vs Fake Guide

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Cookies Cartridges Real vs Fake Guide
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Legal herb vapes have increased in popularity over the past several years, thanks to its portable and discrete functionality that allows any user to take a vape pen with them on the fly. With sales soaring throughout brick-and-mortar dispensaries and online websites, it has become much more frequent that counterfeit versions of reputable brands are bought without any knowledge that it is a knock-off. So how can you tell if you just bought fake cookies carts or if you just got your hands on the real deal for a sweet price? There are a few ways to do your due diligence in spotting fake cookies carts and with some brief knowledge of what to look for in identifying real cookies carts vs fake - you and your stoner homies will never be fooled. Whether you have fallen victim to buying knock-off cookies cartridges or you are just a mere fan of cookies brand cartridges, these hacks will have even the top cartridge connoisseurs taking notes before purchasing. 

How do I know if my cart is real or fake?

How do I know if my cart is real or fake?

There are various differences when identifying a real cookies carts vs fake, but when it comes to knowing the differences between any real cartridge and a fake cartridge is essential. Here is a quick list to keep in mind when looking to purchase any cartridge cart. Since you can’t try it before you buy, make sure you inspect it properly and look for any red flags that are mentioned below. 

  • Purchase from authorized retailers. Especially when it comes to cookies cartridges, only verified authorized retailers will sell the real thing. Check out the official sellers list online through the Cookies/Grenco Science website as that will provide the most accurate information.
  • Confirm the correct packaging details. Fake cookies carts will not have certain requirements that the official cookies cartridges require, so that is always a telling sign. Meticulously inspecting each cookies brand cartridges that you intend to buy just might save you from a sneaky seller one day.
  • Check ingredients. Finding the proper ingredients list on the official cookies cartridges website will help determine this a lot quicker, and anything that strays from the exact ingredients list is most likely a fake.
  • Verify regulations requirements and manufacturer dates. Every official cookies brand cartridges will contain a date of manufacturing and packaging, lot or batch number, expiration date, and government warning labels. Knowing the correct icons that should be on each cartridge is helpful but looking for key information on the packaging like manufacturing details is a telling sign if it is a cookies carts fake or real. 

  • Are cookies carts legit?

    Are cookies carts legit?

    Once you know what to look for, coming across fake cookies carts can be easy to spot. Cookies carts are indeed real when sold by legitimate retailers and knowing simple specifics about cookies brand cartridges will be the difference between getting scammed or getting your hands on the real deal. There are a few details about cookies cartridges that can be kept in mind, and anything that strays from this is a definite fake cookies carts and should not be bought or used. 

    Cookies brand cartridges only sell half grams

    If you happen to come across a real cookies carts vs fake situation, the most telling sign of a cookies carts fake is if a cartridge is more than a half gram. There are fake cookies carts that have one gram of concentrate, and if you see this you will know in an instant not to buy. The more the merrier does not apply. 

    Real cookies carts vs fake packaging

    The real cookies brand cartridges will have enclosed packaging that does not display the cartridge, whereas a fake cookies carts typically has the cartridge shown from the outside. Real cookies cartridges will always have full exterior packaging instead of a little display window that fake cookies carts might feature. Again, take note of the packaging details and the manufacturer and government regulation requirements that must be shown, most knock off versions will not take the time to put this on the packaging much less have the correct information on there regarding lot and batch numbers.

    Cookies brand cartridges near you

    Cookies brand cartridges near you

    Check out your local dispensary and inquire if they sell cookies cartridges. Asking local retailers to further verify that they are an official retailers is not a problem either, so don’t be afraid to ask as many companies are happy to provide proof that they are legit if they are, in fact, legit. If you need new concentrate essentials, be sure to grab some vape pens and other smoke supplies before you pick up some cookies cartridges. Every $4.20 purchased on our website gets an automatic entry to the EF420 sweepstakes for some epic prizes! All you have to do is treat yourself. A win-win, don’t you think?

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