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Top 10 search results mistakes from cannabis users 1
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Top 10 search results mistakes from cannabis users

Stoners can really get a bad rap under the stigma surrounding Mary Jane and how “lazy” it can make a person. On the contrary, there are many things a stoner can be but being lazy is typically not one of them if they are a true stoner and have integrated smoking bomgs into their daily routine they do not let some ganja slow them down in their plans. Whether you are a non-smoker trying to figure out what goes through the mind of a stoner, or you are a stoner looking to psychoanalyze other stoners - you’ve come to the right place! A list of internet searches can give some pretty good insight as to how a person thinks and what their mind is currently wondering about. Whether it is about how to clean bomngs or how to clear big bomgs, there are quite a few searches a stoner can look up that will take them down the rabbit hole of Google. Now is the time to grab your weed bomg and other smoking accessories to go down spiral with us to fly by all the search result mistakes from cannabis users.  

Misspelling the word weed bomg

Obviously, when you are a bit under the influence of cannabis you are prone to not being as sharp as you would be sober (unless you are completely tolerant and work better while stoned which actually exists). All the ways of misspelling the word bong are both creative yet understandable, but funny nonetheless. Misspellings like bonh, bkngs, bonng, are all common mistakes that can be made when trying to google something related to smoking. While we all know what cannabis users are trying to search for, it is still a funny and common way to bond over all the different variations of misspelling bongs.

Not storing cannabis properly

Since Google is at our disposal, we can virtually ask it anything and have instant results at our fingertips. So out of all the ways to figure out how to properly store cannabis, most of us somehow still mess it up? It is a common mistake but it is important to correct this as it can directly affect the quality of your supply. If you tend to take weed bomg rips daily then you are most likely going through your supply instantly and do not have to worry too much about its freshness considering the longevity of your stash will not last long.
Top 10 search results mistakes from cannabis users 2

Not owning a grinder

Grinders are one of the most essential smoking accessories every stoner should have in their collection. Whether it is a cheap plastic one or an expensive medical-grade metal device, grinders make all the difference when it comes to a quality smoke sesh. Especially when it comes to lighting up mini bonh or small bonh it is crucial to have finely grounded cannabis to use or the toking experience will not be a great one. Without using a grinder, cannabis users can expect to smoke stems and waste more of their supply considering more will have to be used to fill up a bowl if not already shredded. Weed bomg truly rely on evenly grounded weed in order to have a smooth smoke throughout. This also helps tremendously in group sessions because it makes it easier for stoners to light up the corner of a finely shredded bowl of cannabis as compared to lumpy nugs and an uneven light. 

How to not look stoned

Why are stoners still having red eyes as a dead giveaway when eye drops exist? Seriously, it takes five to ten seconds to apply some eye drops into each eye and let it sit before carrying on throughout the day. Doing this before getting high will prevent you from getting red in the eyes and looking ridiculously stoned when there is no need to. Some of the top search result mistakes a cannabis user can make is not properly looking up how to not look stoned. It will probably take five minutes to do and will save you some embarrassment in case you run into a professional colleague or your mom’s best friend at the store - you know it will happen at some point if it has not already.

How to find cannabis out of town

As a tourist, it can become very difficult to know exactly how to score some ganja if you are unable to visit a dispensary nearby. Without local hookups it will be up to you to determine who and where is safe to light up, but using common sense and attracting Big Stoner Energy can go a long way and be potentially worth the while!

Common questions stoners think about

Now that you have an idea of how a cannabis user’s mind works, there are always some pretty shocking questions that you come across when searching google but also intriguing enough to jot down and ask a friend later on. Here are a few questions to ask the next group you get high with so everyone’s mind can be blown. 

What does color taste like? 

Seriously, do you think an orange would taste like the color orange? Would yellow taste like a lemon with a sour taste or would it have more of a softer approach to your taste buds considering it is a soft color? Being high really elevates your mind to think about the small and intricate things that most would never stop to consider thinking about in normal reality. This question can go much deeper and beyond the ROYGBIV palette, and a few hits from biongs will put your mind in the right space to dive right into it! 
Top 10 search results mistakes from cannabis users 3

What is your strongest sense?

Sometimes when smoking there can be a sense of elevation in senses, or even just one or two but nonetheless you feel different and more in tune with your mind, body and spirit. For the most part, a sense of smell will probably fly out the door since stoners definitely deal with different levels of smell sensories and especially when stoned. Ripping from mini bomgs or even just a waterbottle bing can have an effect on your sense of smell so this is a fun question to ask a stoner who knows one of their senses is shot, thinking of this question might make stoners feel extra grateful to have the senses they do. One thing that is heightened for stoners is taste, for some paranoid stoners it might be sound. The list goes on and you might find yourself really vibing with the answers.

Weird words for stoners

Have you ever pronounced a word over and over and it starts to sound really odd? Or have you always felt a certain word was just weird and does not sound right? When ripping kong glass weed bomg it is easy to get caught up on how weird words sound. But did you know that there are actually weird words that look as weird as it sounds and most definitely do not know these words even exist. Words like gardyloo, snickersnee, bumfuzzle - we are not making these up, try to type them out and it will not autocorrect to something else! If you truly think about it, stoner slang in itself is pretty weird, like gnarly or doozy. If you have not figured it out by now, it is totally a thing to get ridiculously high off of weed bomg s and contemplate if you even truly know the English language. True life answer: you probably do not. 

How to meet other stoners

It might seem easy to meet other cannabis users and while it is, it can be a daunting task for others who might not be in the best social shape to interact. There are many social platforms where you can connect with other stoners, and there are also meet ups in communities created by the cannabis industry to get users to engage and interact when possible. The infamous 4/20 holiday has been great for many cannabis users that want to get out and celebrate their love of weed with others that share the same feeling. Internet stoners tend to look up website for stoners that might get them closer to chat rooms, or taking them to Reddit forums is also a great way to get the stoner vibes flowing and learn a thing or two. The one thing stoners have in common is that they are usually very laid back and down to vibe for a good time, so as long as you are there are plenty of friends to meet and bond over your long of bonngs with!

How to clean a gnarly weed bomg

One thing every stoner needs to know is that clean weed bomg make for happy stoners because clean b ongs lack bacteria and leftover residue that causes health issues. Whether you might have a portable bomg, small bomg, or mini weed bomg, it is essential to keep everything clean and maintain these pieces for life longevity. Some nbongs can have difficult parts to get to, so having the proper bbongs cleaning solution is crucial to giving your hardware a good clean. Small bomgs and mini bomgs can be the easiest to clean or the most difficult so having the right tools is a good way to get the job done fast and efficiently to avoid headaches. Then feel free to reward yourself with some nice and fresh b ong rips, it will feel like a brand new bonfgs!

How to find a stoner girlfriend or boyfriend

If it wasn’t love at first weed bomg, is it even real? Jokes aside, there is nothing more special than two people finding love in a stoner place. Someone to share your bo gs collection with, smoke a joint with, and even clean your bonggs hardware with! If that sounds like a dream to you, you can do the following to attract your next partner that shares the same love for ganja:

  • Try friends of friends. Expanding outside of your immediate circle and seeking (non creepy) interest in friends of friends will probably do nothing but positive things for you! Best case scenario you find yourself a stoner partner for life, or you find a stoner friend for life too. As long as you are not invasive about meeting others you should be fine, it is as simple as asking a friend of a friend if they want to bpngs rips with you and see what the vibes are from there.
  • Attend stoner festivals and outings. If you are in an area where cannabis festivals and other get togethers are hosted, you should have a pretty easy time finding yourself a new partner or stoner friend in the crowd! There are always fun ways to meet people at these events and where the weed is smoking the vibes are for sure flowing. 

Best bomg for stoners

There are many mistakes a stoner can make, but finding the best bomgs is not one of them. Stoners always have a talent for finding the plug for weed, smoking accessories and anything else they need. So while stoners are not the best at being sharp spelling wise or searching on the internet, the top 10 search results mistakes from cannabis users can be all over the place similar to a stoner’s mind! The top search results will yield funny, confusing, and overall understandable content because no one understands a stoner like a true stoner. For all the different ways that a stoner can misspell bomgs, is a hidden talent from that stoner that is yet to be discovered. Stoners are like onions and need to peel back the layers to truly understand the core of it, and what better way to do that then by taking a ton of bing rips to set the right tone. While stoners might be looked down upon and a lot of myths involve laziness, stupidness, etc. it is actually quite the opposite with a stoner’s mind being pretty inquisitive. Try to search for yourself!

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