What Is A Dab Pen?

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What Is A Dab Pen
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When most people imagine dabbing, they think about the labor that goes into creating the dab experience like the butane torch, putting the wax directly on the banger and knowing the right temperature settings for a perfect dab. The list goes on and on, but dabbing does not have to be so difficult with not even one dab tool you are thinking you need. This is where dab pens come into play, and most wonder what are dab vape pens anyway? If you are looking for a discreet and quick way to light up some cannabis concentrates then wax pens are right up your alley. Learn about what is a dab pen and how to use a dab pen so you can stay stacked with the  best dab pen now that you’re about to be in the know. 

What is a dab pen

First things first, to answer the main question: what exactly is a dab pen? Also known as a wax pen, a dab pen is a portable device and kind of like a combination of a vape pen and a dab rig. It is usually thicker than a vape pen but looks similar in build, and only holds cannabis concentrates. A dab pen is actually incredible when you think of its build since it basically has a self heating coil system that does not require it to be accompanied by a blow torch or dab nail. 

The easiest part about using a dab pen is that the concentrate loads right into the pen and just needs to wait the allotted amount of seconds before it heats up almost instantly and is ready to puff away. 

Dab pen parts

There are only a few parts to a dab pen and the most essential is a heating coil that does what it obviously says it does - heat it up! Dual coil vapes are known to heat up wax quicker so less waiting time is necessary. Heating up your cannabis oil quickly is a tricky process but if you have a good coil and atomizer system you will be good to go and ready to dab within seconds. 

The battery is another important part of the wax pen because it is what powers the pen to heat to a high temperature and offers convenient vaping in the first place. A great battery life is a huge plus when owning your own dab pens as you will quickly realize how important it is to keep powered up for as long as possible. 

The mouthpiece of a dab pen can be important and sometimes interchangeable! A great mouthpiece will be comfortable to inhale and fits perfectly onto your device while holding well to heat. Smoking out of a good mouthpiece makes a difference because getting a good inhale from the high heat of a dab is crucial to the elements of a perfect dab. A lot of mouthpieces can also help with filtration as well and limiting the toxins found in some dabs but are eliminated once filtered through the entire dab process. 


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What is a dab pen high like

Now that you kind of have an idea of what is in a dab pen, you can imagine the magic that goes on once you get past the first few inhales. Most wax pens give off an instant high because the concentrate is always much more potent and higher in THC than typical flower pens. The best wax pen will get you high anywhere from the first to third hit, even for experienced dabbers. Just load your favorite concentrate into the portable device, press the power button and you are ready to float to the clouds. 

Hitting from a dab pen provides flavorful clouds of the cannabis plant but does not necessarily eliminate the wonderful smell of ganja that we all know and love. Since wax pens are pretty much pure THC, you will be able to smoke discreetly but there will still be a marijuana-like aroma post dabbing. The good news is, you can quickly tuck away your dab pens as soon as you are done using it as most wax pens cool themselves down and are pretty low maintenance. 

How to use a dab pen

In case you need a broken down, step-by-step tutorial on how to use a dab pen - here it is! Knowing about the heating chamber and heating element of vape pens are important because you will want to know what are the best heat settings for your perfect dab. Knowing how to use a dab pen is very easy to learn and once you get the hang of it you can learn more about the different aspects of a dab pen and what you should look for when shopping for one of your own!

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Best dab pen

There are a lot of ways to dab, whether it is through a dab rig, an e rig, or a dab pen if you prefer discretion and portability. If you’re looking for the best coilless wax pen or the best device for smoking shatter, you will want to look at the following features of a wax pen so you know what you are getting yourself into. Pay attention to the following features of a wax pen:

  • Heat settings
  • Great battery life
  • High quality materials
  • Heating coils

Of course you will want to know more about the heat settings of dab pens because it will basically show what the dab vape pens are capable of. Most vape pens have different temperature settings so that you can even customize your own experience and temperature settings so that everything is already set up for you the second you power on your pens and dab. 

Analyzing the battery attached to the pen style vaporizer is essential as well because you will want to evaluate the battery life before purchasing. Not doing this beforehand you are going into it at your own risk because you will want pens that can withstand multiple sessions or longer sessions that you are looking to use it for. Depending on the smoking experience you are looking for, make sure to look at the battery life so you know whether the battery will work for you. 

Beyond the battery, wax pens should be made from high quality materials and dab pens should omit the need for a dab tool. High quality materials ike a ceramic plate atomizer, dual quartz coils, ceramic coils and more are usually indicators of material that you will want to have in a wax pen. In order to smoke dabs and for the long haul to get your money’s worth, it is extremely easy to quickly check the material list for each wax pen you buy so that you know the difference between a good option and a great option. 

Cartridge dab pens

If you see vape pens with the label cartridge dab pens, that means it is meant for pre-filled cartridges. Created for a convenient experience and knowing exactly how much you are consuming, cartridge dab pens are an easy way to quickly insert into the dab pen and be in business. The convenience of not having to deal with sticky wax is worth it. 

Chamber dab pens

Usually the most common type of vape pens, chamber dab pens, have you easily load up your own wax concentrates so you can mix and combine whatever of your favorite wax concentrate you please! Chamber dab pens are usually the easiest to get a hold of and there are many for different budgets too. Most like to use chamber dab pens because you do not have to worry about having the correct and compatible cartridge dab pens, but to each their own there is no best way to dab and it is all according to preference.

Vape pens

Vape pens and dab pens are very similar but do differ. While the terms can be used interchangeably and most do not realize the difference between the other, a vape pen uses the battery to heat up the concentrate while a dab pen heats up the actual concentrate in a way that provides a more potent high. Dabbing is definitely not for the weak but if you are looking to upgrade your experience from a vape pen high to dab pen high now is your time to shine. 

Vape pens are great for managing your THC intake but dabbing can be good for microdosing too. Depending on your tolerance for marijuana you can start gradually with vape pens and graduate to dab pens when you are ready and able. Doing dabs, again, offers a much more potent experience with pure THC and it is advised to have some sort of weed tolerance prior to dabbing as it can be an overwhelming experience if smoking high THC content like that as a newbie. 

Dab pens

Dab pens are an excellent way to vaporize concentrates for full flavor and maximize THC concentrates. E rigs and dab rigs are great but sometimes you just need discreet and portable devices instead that can withstand enough material with a good battery for excellent dabs. A wax pens offers convenience, easy usability, and just wipe the dab pen clean when you are done with a q tip and all is well. E nails are similar to dab pens but are a bigger setup so consider this an even more portable e rig to keep in your pocket for whenever you want to dab and get high. 

A dab pen is one of the best options to getting high because you only need a dab or two to really get things going in the membrane. For the ultimate mind and body high, people like to take back to back dabs so that it hits the head quickly and the body high follows shortly afterwards. Unlike an edible, taking dabs does not take very long to kick in so you will want to prepare yourself for when you do take dabs. 

Whether you are a first time user or an experienced dab user, dabbing can become a lot if consuming too much in a very little amount of time. When all you have to do is load some concentrates into the pen and start dabbing, it can become very easy to go overboard with the dabs and treat it as if it is a vape pen and you are taking quick hits. Dabbing is a much higher THC content and you will feel it eventually so make sure you know your limits!

Dabbing is an extremely fun experience especially with a group of friends. If you are looking to get your friends into dabbing as well, make sure to grab them a few dab pens so everyone can try together! There is nothing more fun than dabbing with your friends, but the best part is having your own device and not having to share. Dab pens are best kept personalized and for one individual only, so problem solved and rather than having to share your dabs you can just share the experience with a friend while they have their own portable dab pen device! 

Dab pens and wax can be found online and in local dispensaries, so browsing at your favorite online headshop is your best bet to finding the best dab pen deals around. Hitting your local dispensary for the actual goods is the next step, and sometimes dispensaries can even have a designated day of the week where they have certain wax specials so make sure to be aware of that or ask around before buying as it might save you some serious cash in the long run if you are going to be taking dabbing more seriously. Dabbing can add up when you are first getting into it with having to buy the device, the shatter and the necessary dab tools if you are wanting to get into it long term. But it is worth it as dabbing is one of the strongest methods for marijuana consumption, so if you are ready to upgrade your weed sessions and sail to the moon we wish you a wonderful and highly fulfilled ride!

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