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Dab Pens

The how, why, and what to buy for dry herb and wax pens.

I could wax poetic about the joys of dab pens, but then we’d be here all day wouldn’t we? Instead, we’re just going to give you this quick and handy shopper’s guide to dab pens. Whether you’re a dab pen enthusiast or brand new to it, the information below can help you get dabbing your way!

What is a dab pen?
A dab pen is simply a vaporizer pen that has been specifically designed to turn wax concentrates into smooth, fresh tasting vapors and mists. The other kind of vaporizer pen is for dry herbs, but at the end of the day it’s simply a matter of preference. If you enjoy dabbing but want the convenience, portability, and discretion offered by vape pens, you’re in the right place!

How does a dab pen work?
A dab pen simply works by heating your wax up to the ideal temperature to create smooth clouds of delicious vapor. But how does it do the job? It all comes down to a few key parts

  1. The battery - Like the mighty mitochondria to the living cell, the battery is the powerhouse of the dab vape pen. A powerful battery ensures that your vape heats up quickly, and heats your wax up to exactly the right temperature. Many vapers prefer the simplicity and easy use 510 batteries because of the convenience and ease of pre-filled cartridges.
  2. The coil(s) - The coils are simply the parts of the vaporizer that heat up. There can either be one or two coils in a vaporizer. Dual-coil vapes usually cost a bit more, but they heat up the wax faster and more evenly so they are worth it to many dab pen vapers. However, single-coil vapes still do the trick, albeit less efficiently. Dual coils also need to be replaced less frequently. The coils are part of a larger part of the vape called an atomizer.

So it’s really quite a simple process - the battery heats up the coils to an optimal temperature to vaporize the wax, you inhale, and enjoy!

Dab Pen Options

  • Chamber dab pens - Chamber dab pens like the Slim Wax Kind Pen are the most common type of dab pens. They basically have a simple chamber that you can easily load up with your own wax concentrates. The great thing about these is that you get to control exactly what goes in, but the downside is that things can get a little messy, and you have to transport your wax separately.
  • Cartridge dab pens - Rather than a chamber to load up wax, dab pens like the Vertex Vape Pen take in pre-filled cartridges (most are disposable, but there are a few refillable options like the Discreet Kind Pen). Think of cartridges as the coffee pods of the dabbing world. Their main benefit is convenience: You don’t have to deal with sticky wax, you can easily carry cartridges with you, and you simply just click them in and go.
  • 510 batteries - These are batteries that work very similarly cartridge dab pens. You can insert the cartridges directly into the battery, insert a 510 thread, and vape away. These are usually shorter and smaller than other styles of vape, and they look almost exactly like lighters, so they offer extra discretion.

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