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Super Mario Torch Dab Tool

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The Super Mario Torch Dab Tool is the perfect item for a Nintendo lover who also enjoys concentrates. Mario seems to share the affinity for dabbing, as seen at the top of the tool holding a torch. The stainless-steel handle is enhanced by ergonomic gripping portions at different areas of the handle.

The Good

Mario taking to dabbing shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. There’s been speculation for years about his grip on reality since some of just don’t buy the story about the innocent plumber who fell into a psychedelic world to find himself battling minions of a giant, fire-breathing turtle to save a princess he’s never met, all the while eating funky mushrooms for strength. For evidence, refer to the end of Super Mario 2 where his adventure leading to the final battle with Wart was, in fact, all a dream. This tool will come in handy for distributing concentrates for your dabbing needs with its sharp end and Mario’s obvious enthusiasm.

The Bad

The torch Mario is holding is just a decoration.

The Ugly

If you see a giant, mean turtle in real life, take a few moments to process the phenomenon before trying to figure out how to submerge it lava.