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Valentine Stoner Gift Guide

February 02, 2021 4 min read

stoner gifts for bae

The year is 2021, and while times are looking up from the past 365 days - we still have a long way to go in getting back to a new normal. With Valentine’s Day approaching and love is in the air, quarantine couples are wondering what to do for their cuddle buddies during this strange time. But have no fear, the ultimate Valentine Stoner Gift Guide is here to steer you in the right direction, stoner style! Sure, girls love flowers but we’re not talking about roses here. Is there anything more romantic than your partner gifting new stoner essentials? Here are must-have Valentine stoner gifts every cannabis cutie should be getting on V-Day, there are even options for the budget babes! Prepare to knock the socks off your boo with these thoughtful ideas to make Valentine’s Day truly special and extra stoney. 

Valentine’s Day Gift Box Ideas

Since Valentine’s Day is a pretty intimate holiday, staying in is the way to go! And guess what that means? The stoner ideas are flowing and all you need is some smoking supplies to make the magic happen. Beyond the typical netflix and chill moments that are perfect for stoner couples, here are few things to put together and make V-Day a night to remember...or not based on how much weed is involved. 

Easy Butter Maker

easy cannabutter maker

The perfect Valentine’s Day date night is not possible without the Easy Butter Maker, an essential for anyone that wants to make cannabis edibles! Woo your V-Day bae and tell them you plan on throwing down in the kitchen together, then whip this out and mention edibles is on the menu. Your biggest decision will be what to make and the options are endless! In about ten minutes this will produce high quality cannabutter to infuse in your baked goods and food creations. With a carrying bag included you can quickly pack this up and take it to bae’s house so the fun doesn’t have to stop.

From the Bottom of My Heart Bong

from the bottom of my heart bong

From the Bottom of My Heart Bong is one way to say I love you without even having to say it out loud. This beautifully crafted 9-inch small glass bong is the perfect gift for the stoner of few words that prefers to express it non-verbally. With a wide base this glass bong can sit on its own while you and your bae sit and admire it post smoke sesh. Nothing screams I love you more than a gorgeous heart-shaped bong and a platinum weed strain to go with it! 

Louie G Vouibong Bong

Louie Vouibong bong

If you want to put the boo in bougie, the Louie G Vouibong Bong is an excellent choice. With a percolated downstem surrounded by a luxurious gold and cream design, your bad and bougie babe will be ecstatic by this Valentine’s Day gift. This is better than a LV bag anyway because you can smoke and toke to get your actual money’s worth! Your smoke setup will be looking like a gold mine with this designer bong in the collection. 

V Syndicate 420 Pink Metal Rolling Tray

pink metal rolling tray

Want to put a quick Valentine’s gift bag together? Start with the V Syndicate Pink Metal Rolling Tray that is giving all of the heart and weed vibes you need to pass off for a V-Day gift. Pack some rolling papers or other $4.20 store steals along with some top-shelf weed to truly give your bae an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

Heart Bowl

heart bowl

Got your smoke setup but just need a little addition to spice things up a bit? The Heart Bowl is a quick way to show that love is on your mind and so is a fat bong rip. A beautifully crafted heart made of soft pink glass, this 14mm male bowl will sweep your sweetie off their feet and send them to the moon with just a few tokes! 

V Syndicate Sharp Shred Alice Mushroom Grinder

V Syndicate metal grinder

Already have a glass bong picked out and looking for a grinder to match? The V Syndicate Sharp Shred Alice Mushroom Grinder is the two-piece grinder of your stoner bae’s dreams. With a sleek matte black interior, there is a unique design of Alice and her friends on the front of the grinder to keep you entertained while prepping your weed. If you’re about to go down the rabbit hole aka taking major bong rips or smoking a fat joint, Alice and friends are here to pump up the party! V Syndicate makes high quality products that truly stand the test of time, showing your partner your love can last as long (if not longer) than your weed grinder. 

Stoner Subscription Box

stoner subscription box

If you want to show your bae that you’re in it for the long haul, get them the gift that keeps on giving. The EF420 Stoner Subscription Box will make it so that Valentine’s Day stoner style happens every month! If you want to go above and beyond then this is the gift to get. Your boo will be over the moon every month when this package gets delivered it’ll feel like you’re in the honeymoon phase forever! Designed to be ready to toke right out of the box, the weed subscription box is everything you need to tell your stoner babe how you really feel. 

Valentine Stoner Gift Guide will Set the Vibes Right

Valentine’s Day stoner edition is a way to get your creative juices flowing and put together a nice and thoughtful gift in time for the biggest love day of the year. Beyond this Valentine stoner gift guide, you can check out our selection of cool bongs or hit up the $4.20 store to cop a steal. There is something for everyone no matter your budget or relationship situation. Whatever you need to make the day special in your own way, just know that a good piece of glass paired with some finely ground weed says I love you just as much as roses do!

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