Easiest Strains to Grow for Beginners

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best strains to grow
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So you want to do your first home grow? Beyond researching about growing weed indoors vs outdoors, different setups, and what nutrients to use, you’ll need to make a wise decision when choosing your first batch of cannabis seeds. The most common mistake beginners make when growing pot growers is poor seed choice.

How to choose cannabis seeds for your first home grow

The price tag on name brand cannabis seeds from reputable, well-known seed banks is 100% worth the money. Unlike the seeds you find at the bottom of your baggie (nearly all are duds anyway), cannabis seeds from seed banks will always germinate and are feminized. That means your plant will be a female and will create the heavy, resin drenched buds you’re longing after. In the long run these seeds will save you time and money. Most cannabis seeds banks also offer autoflowering strains that have very short vegetative periods for quicker harvests. This means you won’t have to mess with lighting cycles and the plant will automatically flower all on its own after a certain amount of time. Choose from one of the following best cannabis strains for beginners to get the most out of their first home grows.

Blue Dream

This cannabis strain flies out the door at dispensaries due to its balanced cerebral and physical effects that most stoners are looking for. It’s resistant against mildew and root rot, two common issues beginner pot growers often face when just starting out. The Blue Dream strain is a prominent medical variety that is a cross between Blueberry and Haze which produces a nice berry flavor and sweet smell that keep smokers coming back for more. Because of its popularity, Blue Dream autoflower seeds are easy to come by in all regions.

Northern Lights

Created by the world-renowned Dutch seed bank, Sensi Seeds, the prominent genetics of Northern Lights can be found in tons of other hybrid cannabis strains, making it one of the most famous cannabis strains of all time. It is prized by home growers because it's a dense, small plant that is fast to flower (typically 45-5- days). This indica-dominant strain gives off relaxed and calming effects that medical patients use to treat depression, insomnia, stress, and chronic pain.


Nearly always topping the list for easiest cannabis strains to grow, Cinex seeds are sold by the online marijuana seed bank, Elev8 Seeds, but are also easy to find in stores. Stoners who prefer sativa-dominant strains will enjoy the energetic and productive feeling after smoking this strain. The Cinex strain is known for its high production of flower and is also resistant to mold and mildew. Plus, the average THC level is on the higher side, usually hovering around 22%.

Royal Dwarf

Did you end up turning your closet into a grow room? At just over two feet tall, the Royal Dwarf strain may be just what you need. Don’t let its size fool you. These plants are dense and known to produce roughly 200g/m², but the best part is the extremely short flowering period of around six weeks. This small cannabis plant is a cross between Skunk and Ruderalis, so you can expect creative, motivating indica effects. Buds often have around 13% THC.


In 2014, GG Strains won a number of Cannabis Cups with their Gorilla Glue #4 strain that is still a hit with marijuana cultivators. The Original Gorilla Glue strain is also a great choice for newbie growers, however GG4 has genetics that can’t be beat. This bushy hybrid stays relatively short and will produce a very high yield. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this cannabis strain that typically hovers around 20% THC. The plant’s petite stature also makes GG4 the best choice for growing in compact spaces.

Green Crack

Anyone who loves a potent sativa has probably tried the citrus-scented Green Crack strain. This California cannabis strain is a crowd favorite for daytime tokers and outdoor cultivators alike. However, since it’s a clone, seeds are tough to come by outside of the West Coast. If you can get your hands on some Green Crack seeds, it’s slight indica genetics give the plant a higher yield and a quicker flowering time than other sativa strains.

Other easy cannabis strains to grow for beginner cultivators

  • Royal Jack Automatic
  • Critical
  • OG Kush
  • Super Skunk
  • Super Lemon Haze Automatic
  • Green Crack Punch
  • Critical Kush
  • Tatanka Pure CBD

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