The New Bud to Bud Stoner Subscription Box

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Subscription boxes are booming, especially now while everyone is spending so much more time at home. Who wouldn’t want personally styled outfits, meal kits, wine from around the world, or books delivered right to their doorstep every month, right? Well, potheads can get in on the fun with the brand new stoner subscription box by Everything For 420! The best subscription boxes are the ones that you’re actually going to use and we know you’ll put this one to the test. The new Bud to Bud subscription box is designed to captivate both newbie smokers and seasoned tokers alike with exclusive glassware and lots of smoking essentials that everyone needs on hand. It also makes a great gift for stoners new to the game and who still need to get a full set.

How it works

  1. Sign up! The monthly subscription box costs $42 including shipping and will have a value of at least $150 or more. That’s over three times the savings! The first 420 subscribers will receive an extra gift in their first box.
  2. Boxes are shipped in discreet packaging straight to your door at the beginning of each month, so make sure to stock up on your favorite strain before then. The first box will be shipped on March 1, 2021!
  3. Light up and test out your new glass. The Bud to Bud weed subscription box is designed to be ready to toke right out of the box.

At EF420, we make everything simple. That’s why there is no commitment once you sign up. You can cancel your next Bud to Bud box at any time before the next box is shipped.

What you’ll get in your weed subscription box

Now we can’t spill all the tea without ruining the surprise, however we can say that each box will include at least two glass pieces like bongs, bubblers, smoking pipes and dab rigs. Each mystery subscription box will also be filled with a few surprise essentials like rolling papers, cool glass bowls, herb grinders, blunt wraps, bangers, or rolling trays. These could be EF420 exclusives or best selling products from popular brands like V Syndicate, Raw, or Grav. You may also find a few snacks packed in there for when the munchies hit so you don’t need to walk to the gas station at two in the morning. You’re welcome.

The Bud to Bud box is one of the best subscription boxes for men (we know you have less options than the ladies), however each box is designed to be gender neutral with smoking accessories and water bongs that everyone will love.

Bud to Bud stoner subscription box

Why sign up for the stoner subscription box over buying online

Let us introduce you to Guy Everstone and Spike Leaf. They once got so high they lost track of time and missed the exclusive EF420 product launch they were waiting for. When they finally got up off the couch, everything was sold out and they forgot the pizza in the oven, which was burnt to a crisp. Spike Leaf looked around the room for rolling papers and came up empty. There wasn’t even a bong bowl for their wake and bake. Luckily they signed up for the Bud to Bud weed subscription box and now they don’t have to worry about staying supplied and pay just a fraction of the price. Don’t let this happen to you!

  • Get more bong for your buck - Score amazing pieces at least $150 for just $42. That’s a lot cheaper than buying each product online.
  • Try something new - Never owned a glass bubbler? Want to test out different rolling paper brands? We got you.
  • Never leave the couch - Social distancing was never easier since products are delivered right to your door.
  • Stay supplied - It’s okay if you lose your Clipper lighter or rolling papers. More are on the way and you’ll always be ready to light up at a moment’s notice.

If you have any recommendations on what to include in the next box, we’d love to hear them. Check our Instagram page, email blasts, and upcoming blogs for surveys where you can share your suggestions.

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