Stoner Dating Apps: How to Find Other Single Potheads

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dating apps for stoners
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Dating can be hard enough as it is, but if you’re looking for someone that loves ganja just as much as you do, you may not know where to start looking beyond your pool of friends. Not everyone is fine with smoking pot, and not only is it bothersome to keep asking potential dates if they smoke weed, some people still believe in stoner stereotypes and won’t give you the time of day. If you’re deep into the 420 lifestyle and these scenarios have happened to you on normal dating apps, you’ll definitely want to find a partner that appreciates bud just like you. Instead of using the typical dating apps and websites like Match, OkCupid, Grindr, or Tinder, create a profile on one of these dating websites made specifically for single stoners.

420 Singles

This app’s functionality is similar to Tinder with left/right swiping on profiles and a private messaging function. 420 Singles has a free basic plan or a premium plan for $10.49 that allows you to skip the matching process and message anyone you please, which can come in handy. This 420 dating app has over one thousand ratings in the App Store and is one of the more popular options for singles looking for quick hookups, but you’ll also come across potheads in search of more meaningful relationships.

High There!

If you’re looking for love, but wouldn’t mind also finding some new smoking buddies or information about local cannabis events, High There! is the stoner dating app for you. This one has the most users and is often cited as the best 420 dating site. It calls itself a social network rather than a dating app since it doesn’t have any matchmaking technology like most dating websites. That means you’ll have to pick and choose from profiles and reach out to users on your own to see if sparks fly. Some users are singles looking for a relationship, but since this site is not just about dating, many people might just be searching for friends to share a joint with. Who knows, new friends to smoke with may actually be just what you really need.

My 420 Mate

This stoner dating app has mixed reviews from users. To start out, anyone who signs up will get 65 credits for free with in-app purchases available if you need more. My 420 Mate boasts users in over 80 countries and every one of the 50 states. Cannabis is front and center on this 420 dating site, which lists your preferred method of consumption, favorite cannabis type, and reasons for toking right on your profile. Like some of the other marijuana dating sites, this one can also be used to link up with other cannabis enthusiasts or to find smoking buddies.

Date 420 Friendly

Singles who are all about that 420 lifestyle and are serious about finding their other half may want to dish out the $4.20 per month or $21 per year to use Date 420 Friendly. This matchmaking website has no app, however since it isn’t free to join, you’ll see less fake or inactive profiles. Everyone who signs up smokes pot, so there’s absolutely no judgement within this online community. In addition to viewing other dating profiles, subscribers also have access to a marijuana event directory, games, and even cannabis job offers, which makes for a more wholesome experience.

Highly Devoted

For a tailored dating experience, you can get personalized matches, though it will cost you. Highly Devoted is one of the more pricey options on the list, but the individualized attention you receive after submitting the initial questionnaire may be worth it for some. With the hefty price tag, you know you’ll be getting serious matches that aren’t low on dough. This cannabis matchmaking service was started by cannabis consultant and life coach Molly Peckler and has been featured on Vice, Forbes, the New York Times, and more.

420 Friends

Here users have the option to create robust profiles with everything from the basic “what I’m looking for in a match” to more interesting information like “best first date” or relationship style. You can choose to use a normal view similar to OkCupid or other traditional dating websites or switch to a Tinder style swipe format called Spark. Everyone starts out on 420 Friends with some free credits, however you’ll have to do an in-app purchase if you need more.

Other places to meet single stoners

  • Cannabis events like Dope Cup, High Life Music Festival, or one of the many High Times Cannabis Cup events. There’s tons, so it won’t be hard to find one near you!
  • Social High - This is more of a site to find stoner friends, but who knows what could happen.
  • If you’re into gaming, join the Stoned Gamer League and you might just hit it off with someone online or at one of their in-person esports events.

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Will these applications help me find my friends?

These applications can definitely help you find some stoner friends! Everyone gets lonely once in a while, try one of these great applications to find some other 420 friendly buddies to light it up with!

How long have these applications been around?

Some of these applications have been around for quite some time. Look around these different applications to find one that fits your needs, if you're looking for a partner or a stoner friend, there's an application just for you!

Can I trust people who use these applications just like me?

Like any online dating service or application, you should be careful yet optimistic when findind someone online. Although most stoners are friendly and trustworthy, be careful when using applications and sharing personal things.

Many like-minded people use these applications?

If you're a stoner looking for other like-minded stoners to hang with, why not give one of these applications a try! These applications are great for stoners looking for love, friendship, even just a little smoke sesh!

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