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Stoned Gamer League: Where eSports and Marijuana Meet

December 15, 2020 4 min read

stoner gamer league

A place where you can get high and play video games with a bunch of other like minded people? I don’t think anyone would turn that down. Stoned Gamer League (SGL) has taken two classic pastimes that were destined to be together and built a global community taking weekend stoned gaming from the couch to the big leagues. Cannabis and gaming are two huge industries that are absolutely flourishing, especially during the pandemic. Founder and entrepreneur, Zeus Tipado is the mastermind behind the very first cannabis eSports league and yes, you have to be blazed in order to compete.

All players are required to be baked and prove it through Proof of Elevation (POE), a special requirement to enter any tournament (pretty much the opposite of all other sports). POE is verified for online events by live streaming or privately submitting a video on social media of their pre-game smoke sesh and saying the words, “This is my POE, stay high, play high.” Unlike your typical roster, the eAthlete’s online profiles showcase their video games of choice, number of tournament wins, as well their preferred method of cannabis consumption.

Esports player dabbing at SGL


Stoned Gamer League Los Angeles eSports Arena

With cannabis legalization sweeping the country, there are more and more opportunities for marijuana enthusiasts of all sorts to express themselves openly and California has always been the leader of the pack. SGL has taken full advantage with their amazing new venue in Los Angeles where professional gamers can legally get high and compete. The eSports arena, a cannabis center and gaming venue where SGL tournaments and events are held, was ready to open its doors this year, but the inauguration has been pushed back due to the pandemic, so stay tuned!

Even though in-person eSports tournaments and many live sporting events were postponed in 2020, there is nothing like cheering on your favorite team when they score a goal, land an unbelievable combo, or win the days-long Fortnite tournament aptly called Bongnite. “I love the atmosphere of the tournament. Everyone we’ve played against has been super chill and Zeus is great at hyping these tournaments up. He makes them super fun” saysArmageddon team captain, Nik. Online and in-person cannabis events rally hundreds of eAthletes and spectators who are ready to light up and watch the competition unfold. Past Stoned Gamer League tournaments include classic video games to play high like Mortal Kombat, Apex Legends, PUBG, Call of Duty, Rocket League, Street Fighter, Tekken, and League of Legends, alongside some newcomers like Hyper Scape and Skater XL.

Stoned Gamer League Rocket League Tournament

Rocket League Grand Finale, December 19, 2020

The last SGL tournament of the year is the highly anticipated Rocket League finals that you can watch live on the SGL Twitch page. What started in 2018 as an invitation only three-person squad tournament will culminate on December 19th in the grand finale. One of four squads will be crowned the winner, these are: Off The Scene from the USA, Collapz Crew based in Denmark, The Hoop Squad out of the USA, and Armageddon from the Netherlands. Two semi-final matches will be played best-of-five to determine who will move on to the championship match, which is best-of-seven.

There are a wide range of strategies and approaches when it comes to the final four. AGW is the team captain of The Hoop Squad and already has an SGL Rocket League tournament win under his belt. “Don't tell anybody, but our style is inspired by real basketball. The similarities you can draw from the hardwood and Rocket League is pretty amazing. It's what drew us all together, so we will always keep a healthy balance of soccer and hoops in our approach.” Some teams are going for a more laid back approach and are planning on just having a blast and going with the flow. The team captain of Armageddon, Nik encouraged his team to do just that. “We haven’t really trained ever, our first time playing as a team was the last competition. We do smoke every day though, so I guess our key to training is building up a tolerance with some nice fat dabs. Our strategy is to show up and have some fun, there’s no point in playing games if you aren’t having a good time.

Stoned Gamer League Arena

Become an eAthlete with the Stoned Gamer League

If this sounds like the perfect community for you, you can get ready to pack a bowl because SGL is currently looking for new players to join one of their 16 professional eSports teams. Anyone of any skill level is welcome to join. AGW explains how he got involved with the Stoned Gamer League “I didn't know it, but I was a stoned gamer long before I found my home here at the SGL. I first found the league at an event called Compassesh several years back and immediately knew I was going to have to get involved, but somehow lost touch. I happened to find Zeus streaming on Twitch a couple years later and all the memories came crashing back. I've been going to the Underground Sessions and playing in the online tournaments ever since…” 

If you’re looking for some new smoking accessories so you can light up before watching (or competing in) the Stoned Gamer League at home, visit our online headshop. You’ll find silicone bongs, cheap dab rigs, weed vaporizers, e-rigs, cool rolling trays, bong bowl pieces, rolling papers, glass pipes, and more.

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