Cute Rolling Tray Gift Sets

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cute rolling trays
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Somehow, every single year, the holidays creep upon us and suddenly we are scrambling around to get our loved ones a thoughtful yet practical gift. There is nothing better than getting your closest stoner friends the ideal smoking accessories and supplies to carry them through the holidays in a high and jolly mood. Here are a few ideas on how to make cute rolling tray gift sets and you don’t have to shovel out too many coins!

What is in a rolling tray gift set?

A gift set usually contains a variety of items that are similar or can be of use in conjunction with the other. The essentials surrounding a rolling tray gift set includes but not limited to:

  • Rolling tray
  • Rolling papers
  • Weed Grinder>
  • Lighters

Of course if you are feeling extra generous and have enough cash to spend, include a few nugs for your stoner friend to enjoy right upon opening the gift set - you can even throw in a cheap weed ashtray too!

Cool weed rolling trays

Choose one of the following rolling trays to begin creating your gift set and go from there. Keep in mind whether you will be creating a theme or a general gift set to match any aesthetic. Either way we know you will have fun doing this so get creative!

V Syndicate Smoke Sesh Metal Rolling Tray

v syndicate metal rolling tray

Classic video game enthusiasts will love the V Syndicate Smoke Sesh Metal Rolling Tray, a seven-inch Super Mario rolling tray that will have any gamer ready to toke and play. With raised edges and a smooth surface it is incredibly easy to roll a few joints in a little amount of time. This is the type of metal tray to really set the vibes and everyone has that little voice in their head screaming “It’s-a me, Mario!” This cool rolling tray is a no-brainer.

V Syndicate High Def Wooden Rolling Tray With Side Storage

v syndicate high def rolling tray with side storage

Boost any stoner’s rolling tray game up a notch with the V Syndicate High Def Wooden Rolling Tray With Side Storage. Although on the pricier side, this 11.5-inch Alice in Wonderland rolling tray really delivers in quality and sets the scene for the rest of your gift set! Consider it like the good old days of making a gift basket - this tray is the basket and is begging for the best munchies to be added to the mix! Roll your weed, hold your munchies and even rest your blunt when needed! With many different characters and designs available, you are sure to find the perfect pick.

EF420 Medium Glass Rolling Tray

EF420 glass rolling tray

Looking for something simple but still aesthetically pleasing? The EF420 Medium Glass Rolling Tray is an excellent choice in both design and price point. At 6.5 inches and made of shatter-resistant glass, this cool rolling tray feels like more than you paid for and is extremely versatile. With beveled edges to easily handle your weed, when not in use this glass rolling tray can be kept on a table or shelf as decor. Keep it classy but still show you know what time it is!

V Syndicate Red Hamsa Shatter Resistant Glass Rolling Tray

hamsa glass rolling tray

If you have a spiritual friend that loves to keep the good energy flowing, the V Syndicate Red Hamsa Shatter Resistant Glass Rolling Tray is an excellent addition to the home. A beautiful deep red with the Hamsa hand design to give protective energy, there is no doubt that anyone who uses this glass rolling tray will feel the positive vibes throughout. Made of high quality and shatter-resistant glass, this weed rolling tray can be multi-purposeful in so many ways - oh the possibilities!

Rowll All In One Rolling Kit

Rowll all-in-one rolling kit

A smaller (yet still thoughtful) gift set could be the Rowll All In One Rolling Kit, which is a five-in-one weed rolling kit that has a built-in grinder! This would be a great stocking stuffer or for someone who does not care for a rolling tray setup any bigger than this. With rolling papers and filters included, just supply the weed and operations are a go!

Complete rolling tray gift set

Once you choose the type of weed rolling tray, time to pack the other essentials like rolling papers and lighters. A rolling tray is also never complete without a cool weed grinder to save the day. Rolling trays and grinders are an essential part of preparing for a good smoke sesh so these details are extra important!

Playing around with themed weed grinders and rolling trays can create something no one has ever seen before. Your stoner friends will think you are the ultimate homie for being so considerate and upgrading their smoke setup. Now let’s just hope they are on the same vibes you are and return the favor! Nothing like matching rolling tray gift sets to kick off a new year new stoner attitude. 

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