Best Video Games To Play High

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There are many pastime activities to relish while high, but there are few more enjoyable than playing video games when stoned. When you allow yourself to catapult into a virtual world moments after the ganja hits, you’ve set yourself up for a highly rewarding experience. Roll a joint and light up as we give you some of the best video games to play when you’re high. 

Is indica or sativa better for video games?

In order to set up your perfect video gaming experience, you must get yourself equipped with some dank bud that’s sure to set the mood. There’s no straight answer to what strains are best since it depends on your preference, however, there are a few factors to consider. If you’re relaxing after a long day and trying to play a few games before going to bed, probably an indica strain would work best. You will probably experience a lot heavier high, so consider this if you are trying to play a game that requires more mental effort and attention. 

If you’re looking for a focused type of gaming experience, try White Widow. A balanced sativa-dominant hybrid, you won’t lose concentration yet still enjoy your head high. Green Crack and Super Silver Haze are also great options where you can enjoy your gaming journey without having to be so present. Overall, you can’t really go wrong with a sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid strain - you’ll be laser-focused and ready to take on your alternate reality! 

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What are the best video games to play while high?

Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR2 is a fantastic escape to the Wild West era that displays surreal surroundings during this time period. Arthur Morgan travels through some incredible, realistic-looking terrain that you’ll be able to fully appreciate when you’re stoned AF. The cool part of this game is an old-school camera available for specific missions. You’ll be able to capture the beautiful landscapes you come across, almost like you’re actually there!

Awkward Dimension Redux

This video game was inspired by the creator’s dreams. You’ll travel through various dimensions of exquisite beaches, or through lush, scenic views that make you feel like a microscopic organism in a much bigger world. Vanish from reality into this virtual world at your leisure - the best part of this game is that the concept is not about winning or losing, but just existing. This is the perfect video game to sink yourself into after a nice bong rip and mid-munchies!

The Witcher 3

Immerse yourself into this game and truly feel the experience as if it is happening in realtime. From the realistic sound effects to the angelic natural light shining through the trees, you have the ability to soak in every detail of the environment. Unlike typical video games, there are workarounds with this game. Usually, there is a specific mission and time limit to achieving certain levels in a game. In The Witcher 3, you can roam and wander for hours and explore everything this game has to offer and on your terms. Check out this guy that spent over 1800 hours playing The Witcher 3 - his character still exists and is not finished with the game yet! The options are endless with this one, so carve out some time and get ready for one of the best virtual rides of your cannabis-filled life. 

Stardew Valley

Another game to play leisurely is Stardew Valley, where you’ll be thrown into a country-like setting. Your responsibilities in this game are to take care of the family farm, and you can do this however you wish. Grow money-making crops and generate revenue, or tend to your flower gardens and care for the farm animals. The main reason stoners love this game is because there is no pressure to follow a specific set of rules. Like some of the video games previously mentioned, you can wander aimlessly through this game and create a life of your choosing. If only the real world could be this carefree, but for now this can be your favorite escape.


Explore a world under the sea in Abzu, a video game that fully emerges you underwater for a calming and thought-provoking experience. There are some easy-level puzzles to solve while you explore, but most are completely in awe of the graphics and surrealism this game delivers. Unwind after a long day and literally submerge yourself into this underground world. Enjoy!

Many gamers prefer a certain kind of video game, whether it be driving fast cars or in mortal combat defending your (virtual) life. If you’re not so much into video games and prefer live interaction, check out this list of best board games to play while high. This list is mostly comprised of calm, relaxing environments that are sure to stimulate your senses but in the comfort of your own home. One of the benefits of video gaming is being able to interact with the outside world and create your own virtual world, right in the comfort of your own space. What’s your favorite video game to play high and why? 

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